Gisele Bündchen on Studying the Philosophy of Yoga for a More Meaningful Life | With Anderson Cooper

Gisele Bündchen on Studying the Philosophy of Yoga for a More Meaningful Life | With Anderson Cooper

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Foreign [Music] [Applause] You said you had started with yoga did You just did you have a yoga teacher who Also started doing meditation with or Did you just start doing it reading About it and doing it in the beginning I Started with I [Music] My house like I said 5 30 every morning Because I had to work Alcoholics so like I needed to do it really early so I Could do the vipassanas which you know There is Yoga is a philosophy so it's Really like pranayam is a part of the Breeding techniques but then the asanas Are the actual postures and the Meditation is all different aspects of Yoga and so I used to study yoga the the Philosophy of yoga so it was the Breeding techniques and all of those Different things with the yoga teacher That's how I started in the very Beginning and then once I felt like I Knew like I kind of knew enough of how To do it then my practice is by myself Like I practice by myself you can do it Anywhere that's the thing you know you The you don't need any any tools like You know I'm traveling all the time in a Hotel room I can have a tiny little

Space just to do a few be passing a few Asanas and and sit there and do a five Minute meditation it can be in the car It can be my bed it can be in the Airplane it could be anywhere get your Husband to do it as well Um no but he does it he he actually does It he does it and he I don't think he Does it as often as I do because he's Naturally a more grounded person Um I feel like I am very You know my attention goes lots of Different places I'm I'm multitasker and My mind just this very busy mind so I Feel like I need to you know I I notice When I'm like when I need it I'm like I'll stop right now and I just need five Minutes and I'm a different person I'm Telling you it is completely different When I don't do it and then when I when I see myself getting like kind of like Ants in my pants and I feel like a Little bit like I agitated and I can't Really I'm like you know this is a good moment For me to take a you know five minutes And just go Inward and I come out of it Just I don't know if it's because I I Allow myself to breathe deeply and I and I can really feel myself getting back Into my body because I think a lot of Times when the anxiety and all those Things comes like if you notice you're Not breathing you're outside of your

Body everything becomes very hectic and Then if you can just Center yourself Just take that moment is a gift that Costs nothing you know it's a gift it's The biggest gift I think you know that You can just all it takes is the Awareness to say you know this is the This is I'm going to take this five Minutes or two minutes or however long I Have right now to just sit in silence And And breathe you know the the book is Called lessons my path to a meaningful Life for you what what is a meaningful Life A meaningful life If with purpose you know to feel like You have like I think we all have a gift Each one of us I think we all come here With a special gift that is unique to us We are singular we have something that We can offer that nobody else can that Only we have and I think We the is to find whatever that is Within you and use it in service of Others it's not an easy thing to find Um for a lot of people I mean yeah I I Would say so it's not because I think it Takes a lot of asking a self-inquiry you Know it takes a lot of like asking Yourself or sometimes it could be Something that you can have an epiphany And find it I don't know you know I Think it can be different for everyone I

Think some people I have stories of People that that you know they were Completely unconscious of of like how They were living their life and one day Something happened and they woke up and They were like oh my God you know so I Think that can happen or it can be a Process you know that um takes you there But but meditation helped you on that Path to finding was meaningful for you Completely I've always been a person Who's been a seeker of like who am I why Am I here Uh I I grew up in the south of Brazil You know Brazil is a very religious Country Catholic country and my family Very Catholic and I remember asking the Religious teacher excuse me like if God You know if if Jesus says you know like Don't make judgments like you know offer The other cheek basically someone he's Seen when she got for the other like why Is this Ten Commandments like you know It seems kind of like contradiction like I was like that must have gone over well I I actually went to the principal's Office And I didn't really understand why she Sent me to the principal's office I was Like excuse me you didn't give me the Answer still what's the answer to that Question I think I was like 12. so when I left home at 14 to the school of the World I decided that you must have been

Relieved when you left they were like I Was actually an a student okay because You know that was one thing I could Control was my grades I was like I'm Gonna study you know and and have good Grades so I I was a pretty like not Trouble maker in school but um except by Asking questions but I had definitely Questions that weren't answered Um but but you know I think that Self-inquired that Curiosity about life Was this is why I study Buddhism and Taoism and Judaism I mean kavalai and Astrology and numerology I mean I've Been studying all that stuff since I was 14 years old because I was trying to Figure out like someone has to give me An answer of why am I here like it must Be for something I mean so I was you Know pretty curious about discovering What that was and I really came to Believe that we are all special and Unique and we are all here because we Are one and and by each of us Contributing to whatever gift that it is That we have you know some people are Here like to be my amazing mothers and To be like just nourished you know People who give amazing nourishment and Some people are amazing listeners and Some people are amazing with the Earth And some people are amazing because They're going to ask the difficult Questions and and push people to think

To you know to think outside of the box And I think think we are all you know uh One of the things I've struggled with And I've noticed I think I've inherited From my mom is my mom is Never content it's never nothing you Know she wanted to be a mother but when She was she still had this drive to Create things and and I realize as I've Gotten older how much like her I am in That sense of sort of rarely being Content with where I'm at do you feel Content I do but I feel like I'm always putting Pushing myself out of my comfort zone I Would say I'm never comfortable really I Feel like if I feel like I'm comfortable I'm not growing so that's the thing I Have I feel like okay if I'm too Comfortable I'm not ex I'm not expending I'm not challenging myself enough so I'm I'm constantly like looking for things That would challenge me that would kind Of take me out of my comfort zone so so I can grow because I think that's you Know it's like think of a seed you know It's not comfortable to grow you know Like he's got a burst out of that hard Shelf and then go through the Earth and Then Fight her way through to get the to Surface you know it's like birth our Birth you know we come to the I mean It's it's life you know it's like we

Have to overcome the challenges so we Can Be born you know come in the other side You know stronger and and and I think That's why this is why I love life Because it's so like amazing do you look Forward to To aging I mean do you look forward to I Mean I mean I don't know about aging I Mean I Purchase without all the wrinkles but But I love I I I think I'm I I would Definitely say that I'm happier today That I've ever been in my life because Confidence does come with some age and I Think not just confidence I think wisdom You know I think there's things that you You have no way of knowing when you are 14 or 20 years you know what I mean Because you're growing and you're going To those experiences and you have to There's certain things you just have to Live through to kind of know that it's Not gonna kill you you know what I mean If he doesn't kill you it's gonna the Chances are it can make you stronger and I think I like to really think in that Way and I feel like life is such a gift And I and and I'm just I feel like Everything is a positive as long as We're learning from it so whatever it is That's my attitude about life you know What I think it's not about and I think

Only with time we get the opportunity to Experience all those different colors You know the whole rainbow of colors That life you know we don't know what's In storage for us but if we can have an Open heart and just be ready for it and Thankful and grateful for it whatever it Is and just make the best of whatever it Is I think life can be pretty fantastic And I think it's not it's not about Aging I think it's about Growing in wisdom I would say better Better yeah don't you think I think yeah Just just evolving and growing I mean That's I think why we're here right Well the book is lessons my path to a Meaningful life thank you so much thank You thank you guys Thank you


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