Guided Meditation by Rhonda Magee

Guided Meditation by Rhonda Magee

Guided Meditation by Rhonda Magee

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Thank you [Music] [Laughter] But Rhonda thank you so much for joining Us and welcome Oh my goodness it is uh as always just An honor and a and a joy to see you hey Soren over there and a joy to see Everybody here as your as your kind of Joint joining the numbers have kind of Started to slow down but no they're People still signing on So thank you very much for opening this Up for us today storm Because Yeah so uh I would love to just share a Few A few reflections On my meditation practice I feel I feel lucky and fortunate right now to Be in a period where things are kind of Stable enough And spacious enough That I feel Good about taking A regular What I call the margin in the morning For peace for centering for journaling So I try to give myself about an hour For that It's not a full hour of meditation Necessarily Um

You know the time that I meditate can Range from about You know 15 20 minutes until about an Hour Um 45 minutes And in addition in that period I'm often Reading you know Books that are inspiring my practice at The moment And so there are you know and then I'm Also um I also take time to to do a bit Of movement So it's just sort of that what I'm Trying to give myself is a dedicated Again I call it the margin and I and I Like to do another dedicated period at The end of the day maybe not quite as Long But I do kind of like to book in my day With practice And Um you know So I think it's a it's it's not always Possible for us to have quite as much Time Uh so I don't want to suggest that I Feel like you know if you can't have an Hour in the morning you're you're doomed No I think that if we can have whatever We can set aside and regularly commit to As all the research says it's more Important that we have that regularity Right so if it's five minutes every day

That you can count on maybe book it in Five minutes in the morning and five Minutes before you you know prepare Yourself for sleep That regularity seems and seems to be True for me too in my own experience to Be more important than necessarily the Length of time Um So I'd love to With that bit of an introduction just Invite us to practice together if that's Okay So I'm going to ring the bell And offer a lightly guided meditation Aimed at centering us Grounding us In Awareness of the body And its relationship to the Earth So Please allow the sound of the Bell to Support you In Pausing settling And to the degree it's it feels Supportive following along the guidance That I'll offer Foreign As we settle into These moments of formal meditation Becoming aware of the body in the Posture that you have chosen For many of us it's a seated posture but

Whatever Feels Grounding and supportive For You In This Moment the invitation is to allow your Attention to rest on The points of contact Between the body And the support beneath your chair Cushion Bed Beneath all of that the floor With the Earth Perhaps taking one or two deeper than Usual breaths for you And on the out breath just allowing Yourself to rest just a little bit more Deeply On the sensations of being Supported Held In this place At this time Just resting In this posture And as we allow the body to come to rest We might notice That even in this moment of relative Stillness As we sense the gentle Sensations of breathing perhaps of Rising and falling in the belly region Or perhaps noticing The sensations of the beating heart In various ways we may become aware

Of these organs within us that continue In motion Breath the beating heart Again just resting In awareness Of the body Supporting itself Perhaps allowing attention to rest on The sensations of the breath for the Next few moments picking up on the In-breath or the out breath Wherever you happen to find yourself Right now And continuing to follow along From this place of More centered gathered attending Having focused on the sensations of Breathing Now the invitation might be to Simply Expand the aperture of awareness So that we can both experience the Sensations of breathing But perhaps Allow the Feeling of the body as a whole Kind of exchange places with the focus Of breathing allowing breathing to kind Of recede and open up to the sense of The body as a whole Feet on the floor Up through the lower legs A gentle scan Feeling the aliveness In the lower legs the knees

The upper leg and thighs The seat the groin Lower torso Front and back Passing our awareness up now through the Spine The front torso All the way up To the upper regions where Heart the lungs are Supported and as we bring our awareness Up through the Torso Sensing into the posture and allowing Ourselves just a little bit more to Rest In The Chosen posture and feel the Dignity of the body In This Moment In this seat However you happen to be in this moment Just feel the Dignity of your being Maybe the image of a mountain might Support you and just resting in the Dignity of your body Continuing the scan up now gently Up through The region of the shoulders As you breathe in and breathe out now Down through the arms Upper arms Elbows Lower arms and hands And now reversing attending up through The arms again up through the shoulders And just pausing breathing in and

Breathing out and noticing anywhere Where you might be holding any tension The invitation is to see there might be Something that you can do to relax just A little bit more into your posture Release let go And just enjoy The sense of The ease and Pleasure the pleasant feeling of Breathing and sitting As far as you can Continuing our gentle scan up Through the region of the throat The neck Front and back Aware that this region is N't particularly important for many of Us Has a support for speaking Connecting communicating Up now through the lower jaw up into the Region of the face And as we pass our attention Up through the jaw Oh the multiple bones of the face Let's go up through the prefronto area The eyes the sockets Again here we might check and see if There's some place where we're holding Tension unnecessarily And on the next out breath just relaxing And softening Softening the eyes

Releasing perhaps the Jaws Breathing out perhaps next to the mouth And allowing an extra sense of Relaxation and release Through this part of the face which Again often is holding On Acknowledged tension Bringing love and kindness To the fullness of our experience If you're willing actually Often I will rub my hands together in This way And then bring a gentle Sort of loving touch Wherever you might feel it might be Called for For me it's the region of the face in This moment but it could be the region Of the chest one hand on the chest one Hand just beneath the belly button Or maybe the sense of Holding ourselves in a kind of a hug or A bit of a container Might be of comfort to you in this Moment So just inviting the inner Wisdom of the body to support you if There's a way that adding a little bit Of this intentional touch To your meditation Might be Extra benefit Loving Care The foundation for many of us of our

Meditations this sense that We might be in need of a little bit more Support So bringing this intentionality around Self-care To the fore As we sit And then inviting again The way in which our own touch Neurobiologically profound As a support for Well-being we know that when we Hold the hands of a loved one place a Hand at the back of a love loved one or If that is done to us when we're in need We know how much human touch can be of Benefit Our own touch can similarly be a support So now Continuing on the through the scan Now up through the face and the crown Of the skull Once again checking the posture And as you breathe in and out seeing if You are opening up that chest region so That you can really feel the in-breath And the out breath And then perhaps checking in the quality Of the breath being curious Is it a long breath That you're engaging in right now Relatively shallow Breath or short breath Just out of curiosity just noting the

Quality of the breath as you continue This scan up through the Skull and now the back of the skull Times I imagine almost like a waterfall Back of the skull attending Again we're often so focused on the Prefrontal we're so focused we're Thinking The invitation now see if you can feel Your attention at the crown of the head Now just perhaps feel it going to the Back of the head The amygdala down here lure Region toward the Brain stem where the Brain and Spine Come into communication Now as we continue the scan down through The neck Through The spine Again re Turning down through the Torso Down through the legs to the feet once Again Feeling the connectedness To cushion chair bed ground Birth And resting Gently Becoming aware Of the body not merely being held by the Earth

But in an important sense A representation of An integral part Of this That which we call the environment The body itself Comprised of All of the elements As we breathe in and out we want to Offer A poem that I used I wrote actually to Open My book As a support for this part of the Meditation In honor of The effort we are undertaking to embed Committed practice into our daily lives As a path A way of being That can support us during these Sometimes challenging moments of Our Lives If the path could speak Beneath these words rests the awareness Of generations End of generations And of generations that have come before The awareness that each of us Is a vital part of the Earth That we call home Is of the Wind The rain The fire

And so inherently belongs If the path could speak it would say We must assert that which already exists Deep within us Namely a sense of kinship With all those all those beings Human and more than human With whom we share the Earth If the path could speak it would say We must assert that which already exists Within us namely a sense of kinship With all those with whom we share The Earth On repeat In every language Unceasingly As we breathe in and out Experiencing Ourselves as grounded Connected To this earth That we all share in this moment And in every moment As we breathe Feeling the wind the element the air Element Flowing through our bodies Connecting us as well with the water Element the moisture in the air In and out as we breathe in and out Oxygen carbon dioxide and that water Element as well Apart Of our experience

Of our bodies More than 60 percent The biologists tell us Comprised of water The warmth of our hearts Of our Fierce intentions This Manifestation perhaps of the The element of the Sun The fire element And so as we begin to Bring this meditation to a close Feeling If you're willing this Checking in to sense into the quality of The heart region I sometimes think of the heart region as That place where the sun element the Fire element rests in The invitation to notice the quality of Loving care that you bring the wish for Your own ease well-being the compassion The desire to alleviate our own Suffering that we bring to our practice Seeing if we can imagine opening up the Aperture on the source of that wish Source of our own inner goodness May it radiate through our bodies From wherever we're feeling it down to The feet up through the crown of the Head out through all of the pores just Imagine radiating your basic goodness And ease So that encompasses your whole self

Envelops you in this moment but also Is unobstructed and therefore radiates Outward To touch warm heal and support those Whose Journeys intersect with our own on This day So may we be filled with loving kindness As we close this meditation the Radiating heart as loving kindness May we each and all be well in body and In mind May we be safe From inner and outer dangers May we be truly joyful Easeful And free Thank you so much Rhonda


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