Life Unfolding | With Jon Kabat Zinn and Anderson Cooper | Real Meditation Practice

Life Unfolding | With Jon Kabat Zinn and Anderson Cooper | Real Meditation Practice

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Thrilled you're all here and I'm very Happy to be talking to John cabotson a Man who I admire greatly so wonderful Please welcome John cabinet [Applause] So um Could we have the house lights up Without messing up the the The web feed and and so forth and the Filming because it would be nice for us To be able to actually see who we're Talking to so that this is not just kind Of some performance on the stage but Actually uh a collective inquiry so to Speak into the nature of what's probably Most important in our lives so if that's Possible to raise up the house lights However you can manage it that would be Wonderful if you're listening Now I'm not sure heard that you're You're talking to are you talking to I'm Not either I'm talking to the ether okay And look how responsive it is wow this Is an object lesson how we are can be in Relationship to the world and to the Unknown wow you're a master So uh Jules said last night uh that uh You know she asked that question like How often do you meditate you know and And she got into a little thing with Somebody about like you know I meditate More than you meditate you know which is A nice reflection of how people how our Minds work that we sort of kind of make

It into a thing when it's really not a Thing so uh people used to ask me that All the time and I would you know say Well I'm you know carved out two hours In the morning to do my yoga and do my You know meditation practice and I Stopped giving that answer because Really the only answer is I mean it's All meditation I mean if we're willing To be awake and alive there's no moment Uh of that's not available to us to Practice so in a sense the real Meditation practices life unfolding here And now and they're an infinite number Of skillful doors into that room and the Important point isn't to take someone Else's door but to enter into a door That feels like it has authentic City to You so just uh for fun I'll Ring some Bells because I brought them Uh not necessary but you carry with your Bells at all times Uh they they present a certain kind of Problem at airport security it's just The answer is yes So just following the sound Into this the sound if you will of your Own breathing And the feeling of the breath moving in And out of the body And for that matter since we're Multi-sensorial beings the feeling of Being in this room sitting In anticipation of what's yet to unfold

And just dropping into the fact that It's unfolding here now And resting so to speak in Timeless Quality of this moment With full awareness Underneath whatever stream of thought And sounds from far and near might be Happening Eyes opens fine eyes closed fine but Befriending Your own experience A kind of Silence that's Like the Stillness of the ocean Underneath even the most turbulent Surface waves And it's just this It's not like we have to attain some Special State oh this is what it's all About if I could only hold on to this Experience because it's so Transcendent Or whatever No It's not about having some special Experience it's about recognizing that Whatever you're experiencing is already Insanely special And the Very fact that you can Experience anything Is liberative Informative Generative of infinite possibilities That might not have existed the moment Before because you weren't really here For it

Or you insisted in it all be a certain Way my way of course And so in that sense befriending a Silence and a Stillness that's Underneath all the Ambient sound in the Room or the thoughts in your own mind Silence that's available Always infinitely right here If We care and if we Care to remember So it's just this Nothing special And insanely Special Okay so in that spirit this meditation Is not going to ever end and will carry This same moment-to-moment non-reactive Non-judgmental awareness as best we can Without contrivance or forcing or Striving through the entirety of today Through all of the listening the Presenting the conversations the Deep Inquiry within ourselves the wondering Why we came in the first place


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