The Only Time You Have for Planning for the Future Is Now | Deep Listening With Jon Kabat-Zinn

The Only Time You Have for Planning for the Future Is Now | Deep Listening With Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Foreign [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] So something I struggle with is Um being mindful being in the present Moment kind of going with the flow Accepting what is Along with all right I want to grow I Want to be better let me think about my Future let me shape it in a way that is In alignment with who I am I would love to know your thoughts on Planning for the future or thinking About the future but from a Mindful and Truth from like a pure mindset how would That work oh Well when is the only time you have for Planning the future no no okay so Already you're ahead of the curve if you Know that Because you can then drop in And rather than Fabricate a future You can let what wants to emerge come Out of Deep listening head of inquiry out of Love so I I asked the question I framed That question before which is what would You maybe I framed it slightly Differently what would you love so much You'd pay to do it Hmm

What what would be your contribution Going forward That you love so much You wouldn't have to find somebody to Make it happen you'd find a way to make It happen And if it came out of your Pores of your skin and your bones for a Time Well that's the price of admission or of Creativity of Do you hear what I'm saying that that That's a meditation practice And if you don't know If nothing comes to you It's very likely that many things will Come to you and over time Some kind of uniquely powerful things Might come to you some of it is you see Will won't come out of like happiness It'll come out of suffering Deep suffering I mean Katie is a prime example So even the suffering is is not Extraneous it's it's part of the Unfolding of Pure possibility of pure potential So When I say that what crosses through Your heart Right I just I just thought of finding My truth and continuing to do what I Love what brings me joy did you say Continue to do what you love yeah so

You're already doing what you love Partially not full-time let's say but You have an intuition about what that is And how it might evolve and unfold yep You go girl There still working on it what's that is There something's there here not there Here Yeah you see the separation if you say It's there to work on there's me and Then there's the thing that that's out There to work on my future my when it All comes together for me why don't you Bring it in it's here it's gonna if it's Gonna come it's gonna come from in here Right it might come in the form of an Intuition it might come in the form of An Insight it might come in the form of A longing Hmm But it requires Deep listening Deep listening and also patience You have to be willing to wait there's a Beautiful line from the daote Ching About having the patience to wait for The mud to settle by itself Which of course is a metaphor for the Mind Just do you have the patience to wait For the mind to clarify by itself so one Way to do that of course is to have a Formal meditation practice That you give yourself over to on a

Regular basis not necessarily for long Periods of time although it's good to do That and also good to go on Retreat and See Train with a lot of different teachers Maybe and even a lot different Traditions but to just Let what wants to emerge emerge because The mind and the harder open And if you investigate we'll do that in The next sitting if you investigate your Awareness since as I said we didn't get Any training in it in school one of the Things that you can look at Is one well first of all is it yours And second of all is like where's the Center of your awareness And where is the periphery of your Awareness is there a boundary to your Awareness And these things this is inquiry too This is investigation it's not like There's a right answer but when you Investigate then You you you're cultivating a certain Kind of intimacy with the full Dimensionality of your own Humanity Foreign Yes thank you okay and good luck too I Mean How many people are interested in Actually making a further contribution Before you uh offer up your last breath Anybody

Okay so this is like powerful it's Really really important and it's really Important To reflect on it and to let it come out Of uh this sort of deep not knowing Rather than not a thought because Thought will betray you every single Time unless you're willing to question It every single time and then some of Your Genius really takes the form of Fantastic thinking So it's not there's nothing against Thinking but when thinking and awareness Are like Create the kind of different dimensions Of the same container than you and of Course the heart then you're way ahead Of the curve way ahead of the curve and That's where in some sense and the Word Was used a lot I'm in the things I went To this week you know weekend Um Imagination Creativity where do they come from A lot of it comes out of Silence A lot of it comes from not knowing Not having an agenda Getting out of your own way


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