The Power of Meditation & Loving Kindness | Q&A with Jon Kabat-Zinn

The Power of Meditation & Loving Kindness | Q&A with Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Foreign It's spreading around the world in a way That would have been inconceivable 40 Years ago Inconceivable Just the number of medical and papers in The medical and scientific literature is Like went along like this for 15 20 Years at like a sort of minuscule level A few papers here a few papers there and Then starting around 1998 start to go up Up up and now it's going straight up Exponential even if not all of it is the Highest science oh huge amount of it It's like really good and deep people on The Dharma side and the science side Trying to investigate in the deepest of Ways the nature of mind the nature of Being the nature of the mind-body Connection and so forth what what's the Brain got to do with it so to speak And even very short periods of Meditation can actually influence what's Called functional connectivity in vast Regions of The brain So the brain is kind of an organ Of experience That's our organ of experience and it is Designed to change on the basis of Experience and of course that happens Mostly before say the age of 25 or Something like that but not you know They're now teaching mindfulness in

Various universities and neuroscientists Are doing it and Physicians and making The argument that their parents gave us Their children with underdeveloped Brains and we need to take care of those Underdeveloped brains so that by the Time they get out of that sort of hyper Developmental stage of the brain that They still have a brain Okay because between alcohol and drugs And sort of uh date rape and violence on Campus those are all ways of also Feeding the brain But feeding the brain in a way that Destroys it to say nothing at the rest Of the body So there's never been a more interesting Time To actually be involved in meditation Because there's a Confluence of the sort Of all these Dharma streams and science And medicine and the Arts and Technology And we're all inquiring really about the Same thing What does it mean to be human In the form of me yeah because Of course I'm important but what does it Mean in the form of we the way The fact that we're interconnected the Fact that we are uh you know social Beings that we have mirror neurons that Resonate you know and our faces even Resonate with each other and our body Movements and so forth so we are deeply

Deeply interconnected And then when we Separate when we other they're the People I'm in with and the people that They're Other Well that's when we go to war We created the war ourselves right Inside ourselves And then we're the first victim it's Like that autoimmune disease of the Planet where the cause our ignorance Delusion greed hatred and then we're the First victim But we can attenuate that and while We're on the subject notice the words Medicine meditation Sounds a lot alike right Well that's because they are linked at The hip in the deep etymological root So I won't go into that it's in full Catastrophe living but but the point is That We're waking up as a species And just in time Other questions comments microphone Before we um for another period of Yes go ahead Um so I've been practicing for about Four years okay one of the things that I've found that I really enjoy uh are Hearing guided meditations from Different teachers on similar topics and I find that the way something might be

Explained by one teacher over another Opens up something I didn't see before Absolutely I've also found that I may Listen to the same guided meditation at Different points in my life and it has Different meaning absolutely even if you Did it every day of the week for seven Days it would have different meaning Every day okay so something occurred uh While I was here at the conference that I wanted to ask you about in particular One of the guided meditations that I Particularly enjoy is is your heartscape Meditation from from one of your CDs Yeah series three yeah and there are There are four statements in there I Know you you particularly say they're Not mantras but I don't know what else To call them okay okay I've noticed uh Dr Siegel mentioned his Wheel which I listened to the other Night wheel of awareness right and and His for statement Um on meta are are so close to yours Um that I did some other research and Found that Um you know those four statements from Different teachers appear over and over And over again in in very similar forms And I was hoping you could shed some Light on their origin and how we came to Those four seemingly Universal Statements do you remember what they are Yes

Um So uh yours are may I be safe and Protected and free from inner and outer Harm May I be happy and contented May I be healthy and whole to whatever Degree possible wow you're you're good Because you're getting it verbatim and Again listened a lot I have Um and that may I experience ease of Well-being yeah and they are very Meaningful thank you so thank you so Much your name uh Ryan thank you Ryan For that question and I should add I Meant to add this at the beginning I'm From Ohio I was going to ask you where You're at I'm from Ohio home of the of The world champion Cleveland Cavaliers Yes And LeBron and LeBron for the time being He'll yeah he made me leave again listen So thank you very very much first of all From being from Ohio and from Cleveland Uh And for that question and And I'm just touched that you that you Know those phrases verbatim so you've Noticed those in different forms with a Lot of different teachers and you want To know what the source is well I I have An idea what the source is I think I'd Be interested in hearing officially what You what the source is and and kind of How

How those became identified yeah well The source is a teaching from the Historical Buddha called the metasutra The loving kindness Sutra and so and Karen I mean Karen Sharon uh guided at Least one while she was here Sharon Salzburg uh and she's kind of like the Supreme loving kindness teacher you know In that Vapasana tradition also moving very much Into mainstream And There's a certain Uh Logic to it that's just really powerful And it does originate with the Buddha in That form As a practice As far as I know Um but it's like first You Direct loving kindness towards yourself And that you do with those four phrases That you mentioned or the others that Different people use but it's like may I Be safe And free from inner out of harm now But it's not a formula It's like first of all If you've really felt safe you wouldn't Do it You would need to do it Wouldn't you say I mean it's like but we Realize there's a risk even if we feel

Safe in this moment we may not feel safe In the next moment and that's kind of a Dangerous world out there in some ways But we need to take care of ourselves so In a sense this is an effort to remind Ourselves and rebody ourselves that we Need to take that kind of care and the Care in the form of attending and Attending with tenderness so to speak And respect So may I be free from inner and outer Harm To whatever degree possible Excuse me May I be happy and content May I be healthy again to whatever Degree possible so you know on perfect Example at the moment all of us are Healthy to a degree at one point or Another depending on how you define Health And may I live with ease of well-being It's like an invitation for this Timeless moment to be that Not to impose it as an end point but to Open to that as not like Possibility but as the actuality of your Already safe in this moment you're Already whole In This Moment which is The root meaning of the word Health You're already uh Happy in this moment because in some Sense well what is happiness I mean you Know is it only dependent on outside

Causes and conditions or when you are as I said you take your seat in the morning If that's really A Love Affair I mean Where's where's happiness gone you know It's like could be happy even with the Full catastrophe in a certain way Because it's non-dual it's not like I'm Happy and everybody else is miserable or I used to be miserable it's like I'm With things as they are Okay just as they are and the happiness Then is not happy because of this Happened or that happened but the Fundamental beauty of Life expressing Itself in a way that recognizes deep Interconnectedness and so compassion Arises naturally out of that so that's a Whole lot to say but the phrases Incline the mind and heart in that Direction And then you expand it out you know the Whole practice includes going out to the Entire universe May all beings you know may the planet May the entire universe and who's the First beneficiary of this practice you Okay because who knows what the outer Effect is when you're sending loving Kindness to others but it transforms Your heart and that has its own Transformative Non-local Ramifications So I'll leave it at that but thank you

For does that kind of answer your Question it does thank you very much Okay thank you


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