125th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Babuji Maharaj | 30 April 2024 | 6 PM IST | Daaji | Kanha

125th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Babuji Maharaj | 30 April 2024 | 6 PM IST | Daaji | Kanha

As I eagerly anticipate the grand 125th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Babuji Maharaj on 30th April 2024 at 6 PM IST, hosted by Daaji and Kanha, I am thrilled to be part of this auspicious occasion honoring the life and legacy of such a revered spiritual leader.


Howdy folks! I’m excited to share all the juicy details about the upcoming 125th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Pujya Babuji Maharaj, happening on April 30, 2024, at 6 PM IST, led by none other than Daaji, the spiritual guide of Heartfulness Meditation. Get ready to groove and meditate with thousands of like-minded souls as we honor the legacy of Babuji Maharaj in a grand celebration full of love, peace, and spiritual growth.

A Joyous Celebration of Love and Light

The 125th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Babuji Maharaj is a special event that brings together people from all walks of life to commemorate the teachings and wisdom of this revered spiritual leader. It’s a time for reflection, gratitude, and connection as we delve into the essence of Heartfulness Meditation and its transformative power.

The Schedule: Batch I and Batch II Sessions

  1. Batch I sessions are slated for April 29, April 30, and May 1, with specific timings designed to accommodate participants from around the globe.
  2. Batch II sessions will follow on May 4, May 5, and May 6, offering a unique opportunity for those who missed the earlier dates to join in the celebration.

Engage Online: Book Your Free Meditation Session

Want to dive deeper into the world of Heartfulness Meditation? You can easily book a free meditation session online to kickstart your journey towards inner peace and self-discovery. Embrace the tranquility and guidance that Daaji and the Heartfulness Institute offer to seekers worldwide.

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For a seamless meditation experience and access to a treasure trove of resources, be sure to download the Heartfulness App. Immerse yourself in guided meditation sessions, insightful articles, and community forums to connect with fellow practitioners around the globe.

Spread Love and Knowledge: Grab Your Favorite Books

Looking to expand your spiritual library? Check out the wide array of books related to meditation, yoga, and mindfulness available for purchase. Dive into the wisdom of ancient practices and modern insights to deepen your understanding of the self and the universe.

Green Initiatives: Supporting Tree Conservation in India

Did you know that the Heartfulness Institute is actively involved in conserving native tree species in India? By participating in our events and activities, you contribute to sustainable environmental practices and the preservation of our planet’s natural heritage.


As we gear up for the grand celebration of Babuji Maharaj’s 125th Birth Anniversary, let’s come together in unity and harmony to honor his teachings and legacy. Let the spirit of love, light, and meditation guide us towards a brighter future filled with compassion, peace, and inner transformation.


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