The Best Mindfulness Websites

The Mindfulness website is filled with videos, meditations, and events. The featured events cover a variety of topics including deep, soulful meditations. The essential listening section features important things to keep in mind. There are also over 80,000 videos for you to browse through to feel more at peace with yourself. You can watch them online or download them to your smartphone to access at your convenience. A meditation app is also available. These free resources can help you feel more connected to yourself.

Zen Habits

There are many benefits of mindfulness. Meditation is one of the most powerful habits. You can practice it anywhere and immediately experience its benefits. Some people think of meditation as a practice they can only practice with a teacher or at a monastery, but you can also practice it while riding a train, sitting in your car, showering, or walking. The possibilities are endless! This article will share some of the best ways to practice mindfulness.

Leo Babauta is an author and personal change advocate. He has been writing the popular Zen Habits blog for over twelve years. He is a father of six and has conquered many personal change challenges, including quitting smoking. He has become a minimalist, run ultra-marathons, and written four books. He splits his time between California and his native Guam. Learn about his life and what makes him different.


The Calm website is easy to navigate and has an easy to follow navigation path. The website is divided into four main sections, each one offering a different meditation practice. A paid app plan includes ‘today’s daily calm,’ which features a new guided meditation every day. It is also family friendly, with plenty of motivational content. However, it is worth checking out the free version before you commit to a paid subscription.

The free version of the Calm website offers self-check-ins, which gauge your emotional well-being and focus on reasons to be grateful for what you have. Users can also keep track of their moods over time through the daily check-in. The Calm website also offers a wide range of free content, including a collection of guided meditations, relaxing music, and famous sleep stories. However, you can only subscribe to one plan at a time.


If you are looking for a free website that offers guided meditations, you can try Shine, which features well-crafted meditations with a focus on self-care. Founded by a half-Japanese and black woman, Shine has gained wide praise for highlighting the mental health of people of color. They offer yearly and monthly payment plans, as well as a 7-day free trial. The website also has a YouTube channel.

Another popular website with free meditation exercises is My Morning Routine. This website features posters of real-life people who share their morning ritual. Some of the posters are early risers, while others are sleepy-heads. Whatever their routine is, most of them take time to practice mindfulness each day. This may be through meditation or simply enjoying a cup of coffee in front of a window. In short, the website is full of helpful content and will give you the tools you need to practice mindfulness every day.

Elephant Journal

If you’re trying to make the world a better place, start by visiting the Elephant Journal website. This website publishes articles about mindfulness and gratitude, and often links to other related websites. Articles may also contain links to useful vocabulary such as yoga or Buddhist terms. By linking to other sources, your article won’t be lost in a sea of information. Elephant’s content is engaging and can even draw readers into a deeper meditation practice.

Yogi Approved

The Yogi Approved mindfulness website is a great place to find yoga classes and other content that promotes wellness and mindfulness. Yogi Approved offers a variety of yoga classes and videos ranging from beginner to advanced, and they are constantly updated with new content. There are also hundreds of fitness videos and meditations. The website also features live yoga classes, so you can get a taste of what the classes will be like without even leaving your home.

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