151st Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Lalaji Maharaj | 3rd Feb 2024 | 5.30 PM IST | Daaji | Kanha

151st Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Lalaji Maharaj | 3rd Feb 2024 | 5.30 PM IST | Daaji | Kanha

Are you excited to be a part of the momentous 151st Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Lalaji Maharaj? Join us on the 3rd of February 2024 at 5.30 PM IST, as we commemorate the extraordinary life and teachings of this revered spiritual leader. Hosted by Daaji, the event promises to be an enlightening and transformative experience. Get ready to delve into the profound wisdom of Lalaji Maharaj, as we gather together in the divine presence of Kanha. Get ready for an evening of inspiration and spiritual rejuvenation. It’s time to be immersed in the timeless teachings that continue to guide and empower us. Mark your calendars and prepare to embark on this transformative journey. Your presence will make this celebration even more special.


Are you ready to join the 151rd Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Lalaji Maharaj? This auspicious occasion, in conjunction with the 125th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Babuji Maharaj, promises to be a remarkable event filled with spirituality, meditation, and enlightenment. On February 3rd, 2024, at 5.30 PM IST, you have the opportunity to be part of these extraordinary celebrations hosted by Daaji, the global guide of Heartfulness Meditation. Let’s dive into the details and explore all the ways you can engage and participate in this grand event.

Join the 125th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Babuji Maharaj and 151st birth anniversary of Lalaji Maharaj

The 151st Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Lalaji Maharaj will coincide with the 125th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Babuji Maharaj, creating a powerful synergy of love and spiritual wisdom. These celebrations serve as a beautiful reminder of the lives and teachings of these great spiritual personalities, and offer us a chance to come together as a global community to honor their legacies.

Two batches available on different dates for the celebrations

To ensure maximum participation and convenience, the celebrations will be organized in two batches on separate dates. The first batch will be hosted on February 3rd, 2024, at 5.30 PM IST, and the second batch will take place on a later date. Whether you choose to attend the first or second batch, both will offer an equally enriching and transformative experience.

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The 151st Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Lalaji Maharaj, alongside the 125th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Babuji Maharaj, present a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the realms of spirituality and meditation. By participating in these celebrations and engaging with the various resources, books, and initiatives offered by the Heartfulness Institute, you can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner growth. Let us come together as a global community and honor the teachings and wisdom of these spiritual luminaries.


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