Anapanasati – The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Anapanasati is a meditation practice that focuses attention on the sensations of in and out-breathing. It is a fundamental part of mindfulness and has many benefits. Learn how to practice it for more peace and clarity in your life. This article discusses the four foundations of mindfulness and how you can practice anapanasati.

Meditation on in-breath and out-breath (anapanasati)

Meditation on in-breath and out breath is a powerful tool for developing awareness of the mind. In this practice, the meditator focuses on in-breath and out breath, counting each breath rapidly. This enables the meditator to realize the difference between a long in-breath and out-bre breath. During the meditation, the meditator will experience some distractions, but these will be minimal as the mindfulness becomes stronger.

The goal of meditation on in-breath and out breath is to realize that the breath is the most fundamental thing that exists in the universe. It contains everything an individual needs to be happy and is infused with the wisdom of enlightened beings. This universal breath penetrates each and every cell of our body and is found in all living beings.

Four foundations of mindfulness

The first of Anapanasati’s four foundations is the contemplation of feeling. While the word ‘feeling’ is not meant to imply an emotion, it does refer to the affective tone of experience. Whether pleasant or painful, the sense of feeling sustains latent defilements. A neutral, uninformed feeling, on the other hand, sustains delusion and is a sign of apathy.

The practice of Anapanasati’s Four Foundations is often referred to as “mindfulness training.” The aim of this practice is to improve one’s awareness of thoughts and feelings, so that they can respond wisely and accurately. Mindfulness training allows one to develop clear thinking and choice-making skills that will help them live a successful life.


Anapanasati is a technique in which you focus on the breathing process. This technique can be very beneficial to your mental health. It develops calmness and can help you overcome depression and other conditions that can affect your mood. The meditation takes ten to twenty minutes a day and requires complete concentration.

Anapanasati meditation can help people cope with stress. It teaches us to live in the moment rather than dwelling in the past or dreaming about the future. The study found that subjects in the experiment group had less anxiety than the control group. This difference can be seen by examining the difference in STAI scores between the two groups.

Ways to practice

Anapanasasati is a meditation technique that helps people focus their attention. It requires a high level of concentration and awareness to perform properly. The mind should not be allowed to wander, and the practitioner should not allow the breath to become shallow or choppy. This meditation practice helps people gain a more complete understanding of life.

Anapanasati can be very difficult to do properly, and many practitioners have trouble concentrating. They find it difficult to focus, and thoughts may wander into their minds. When this happens, it is important to ignore them and simply return to the breath.

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