Andy Puddicombe – Founder of Headspace

Founder of the meditation app Headspace, Andy Puddicombe has become one of the most famous mindfulness experts in the UK. He was originally trained as a Buddhist monk and has over ten years experience in the field of meditation.

In 2010 Puddicombe and his co-founder Rich Pierson launched Headspace, delivering a variety of mindfulness exercises through their app. Today the company has users in 190 countries and their annual revenue is $100 million.


Headspace is an incredibly successful meditation app with over 54 million downloads and more than 600 corporate partners who offer it as part of their wellness benefits. Its founders are Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson, and the company is based in London with offices across the UK.

The company’s focus is on making mindfulness practices more accessible for the general public and on providing scientifically-based content. It has partnered with thousands of companies, such as Google and Linkedin, to help them encourage employees to meditate.

It has a range of different meditations to choose from, with each offering its own style of mindfulness and unique benefits. Some of these include guided meditations, audio-based ‘Sleepcasts’ and ‘Move’ sessions.

There’s also a focus section, where you can choose to practice breathing exercises, yoga or meditations that are designed to improve your concentration. You can also connect with your ‘Buddies’ on the app, who will offer encouragement and support.

You can also track your meditations with monthly check-ins to see how your practice is going, and the app will help you make sense of any feelings of anxiety or stress that might be affecting your daily life. You can even share your progress with friends and family via the ‘Buddies’ tab.

The app’s introductory meditations are designed for people who are new to meditation or who may be reluctant to try it. Each ten-minute meditation is designed to introduce the concept of mindfulness in a way that’s easy to understand.

It offers a variety of meditations to help with a wide range of health issues, including depression, PTSD and insomnia. These range from short, quick meditations to more complex techniques that teach mindfulness skills like body scanning and noting.

They’re all accompanied by soothing music and calming soundscapes. There are also audio-focused ‘Sleepcasts’, with sounds such as rain and ocean waves, which you can listen to before going to sleep.

These ‘Sleepcasts’ are perfect for people who struggle to sleep or have night terrors. They’re designed to help you settle down and get to sleep quickly, without waking up too early.

There are also ‘Move’ sessions, which feature a range of yoga, cardio and other low-impact exercise. These are ideal for people who want to stay fit while focusing on their mental health.

The ‘Sleepcasts’ section is one of the app’s best features, with everything from calming soundscapes to sleep music to help you unwind before bed. The app also includes ‘Nighttime SOS’, which has a mix of sleep audios that are especially helpful for those who wake up with racing thoughts or have nightmares.

‘Sleep Radio’ is another excellent feature, with non-stop mixes of the most popular sleep audios. The app is adding new ones regularly, and you can easily switch between the various sleep-boosting sounds to find the one that suits your needs.

In addition to meditation, Headspace offers ‘Sleepcasts’ that can be played while you’re watching TV, reading or doing other things. These short, five-minute meditations can be a great way to relax and unwind before going to bed.

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