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If you are a student or want to learn more about psychology, then you will find a number of useful psychological apps very helpful. Some of these apps are MoodPrism, MoodMission, MoodTools, and Intro to Psychology Mastery. If you want to learn more about these apps, keep reading. Below, we’ll cover a few of our favorites. APA Journals – The official app of the American Psychological Association – is a research-heavy portal. It allows you to search through thousands of journal articles, read full-text versions of research papers, and explore the field of psychology. It is free to download, and updates daily.


MoodPrism is an experimental psychological app that provides users with feedback on their overall wellbeing. Users complete surveys at the beginning of the program and at the end of 30 days. Researchers are planning to publish doctoral papers later this year that examine these data. They will compare the results of MoodPrism with data from two other mental health apps and a waitlist control condition. This means that the app’s accuracy is still unproven, but the results are promising.

The MoodPrism psychological app was tested by researchers and developers. A convenience sample of nonclinical users aged 16-52 was recruited to use the app and make notes about their experiences. The researchers provided participants with information about the study and obtained their consent electronically before allowing them to use the app. After testing the app, users were invited to complete a final survey, which took between fifteen and thirty minutes. Overall, the app was rated highly by users.

The app allows users to record their moods in an interactive and colourful way. The app provides users with mental health links and resources tailored to their mood profile. The app also provides feedback on their moods each day, and gives detailed reports after one week and two weeks. MoodPrism’s developer, Dr. Nikki Rickard, says that the app’s goal is to increase people’s awareness of their emotional state, thereby improving their mental health and their overall wellbeing.


The MoodMission psychological app is free to download and is designed for use by anyone, from teenagers to adults. The app uses surveys and other measures to assess depression and anxiety, emotional self-awareness, and mental health literacy. It also features an emotional self-assessment questionnaire. Users can also rate the app’s functionality. It is currently free to download and available on the iTunes App Store.

MoodMission was created by two Australian psychologists, Dr David Bakker and Nikki Rickard. Both are internationally recognised experts in their fields and have extensive experience in developing mobile apps. Their experience will ensure a rigorous evaluation of the MoodMission app. MoodPrism, which is available for iOS and Android, is another app developed by Dr. Bakker and Rickard. Both apps have a proven track record of improving mental health.

The developers of MoodMission have been working on the app for more than a year. David and Nikki are keen to improve public access to effective evidence-based treatments. This app has been developed in collaboration with Spark Digital, an app development company that was behind the highly successful Smiling Mind app. It has over a million downloads so far. These are promising signs for future apps that aim to improve the mental health of the general public.

The app is designed to be simple and elegant, and users can read the scientific theory behind each mission to improve their mood. It includes six surveys that cover emotions and general well-being. The app also features five missions that the user can complete. Each mission contains objections and explains how the activity can improve their mood. Users can rate their level of distress after each mission, and as they progress, they receive higher ranks.


The MoodTools psychological app is a self-help tool for depression that allows you to record and understand your emotions. The app includes a depression symptom questionnaire, thought journal, suicide safety plan, and meditation guides. If you have any type of mental disorder, you can use this app to improve your quality of life. It has been downloaded 500-600 times every day and is on track to reach 200,000 users per year. Although this number is relatively small, it’s worth its weight in gold considering the number of lives saved.

MoodTools’ tools are based on multiple forms of psychotherapy. Users can take a symptom severity test to track their own progress, learn about self-help resources, create a suicide safety plan, and create a thought record. The app is designed by two students at Duke University. They were inspired by Gary Glass and Tim Strauman, two leading psychologists who have created dozens of successful mental health tools.

While this app is a useful self-help tool, it does need to improve in certain areas. It is not designed to replace traditional therapy, but rather serves as an adjunct to it. MoodTools is available for iOS and Android. The app costs $0.99 and works well as a mood diary or journal. If you’re suffering from depression, it’s a great way to keep track of your mood and find help in your area.

Intro to Psychology Mastery

If you’re a current undergraduate student, the Intro to Psychology Mastery app is designed to make the basics of psychology accessible to you anywhere. By utilizing the mobile features of your smartphone, this app provides guidance and instruction for undergraduate psychology students. Industrial and organizational psychologists are responsible for many different aspects of business, from understanding consumer behavior to analyzing employee performance. In addition, they must have a thorough understanding of fundamental psychological principles.

The app can be used on both iOS and Android devices, and is designed to provide maximum learning in the least time. It has over 2,500 practice questions, over 100 flashcards containing psychological terms and concepts, and even a daily tracker. It’s free and can be downloaded for your iOS device. In addition to offering a thorough study guide and a test-taking strategy, the app also provides detailed explanations of the topics covered.

The app also provides access to hundreds of psychology journals. The app is ideal for those who want to research a specific topic or find the latest trends in psychology. You can search through thousands of journal articles, and read full-text articles or summaries. APA Journals is a helpful resource for students who are interested in exploring the latest research in the field. Its daily updates help you stay up to date on the latest developments in the field of psychology.


If you’re having trouble dealing with your mood swings, you may want to check out the MoodFit psychological app. This app can help you track your mood, find out what’s causing it, and even help you find ways to boost it. The app has audio files and articles for people with similar problems. Users can use the app to learn about different factors that can cause low mood and anxiety. The app is free to download and can be helpful if you’re looking for a quick way to improve your mood.

Moodfit is free to download on Android and Apple devices, and it enables you to track your mood by asking you questions about yourself and the things that affect them. Moodfit offers actionable insights and strategies to help you feel better. It has cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) lessons to help you dispute negative and irrational thoughts, and you can even learn about mindfulness in as little as ten minutes a day.

The MoodFit app has an easy-to-use interface that’s easy to navigate. The user can access and update their records at any time, and it provides a comprehensive report of all their activities. The app also includes CBT thought record tools and breathing exercises that provide immediate relief during stressful situations. The app also offers a calming effect, which can help users focus their attention on things other than their moods.


The MoodKit psychological app is an interactive tool to improve mood. Developed by clinical psychologists, it uses cognitive behavioral therapy to improve mood and reduce anxiety. It features 200 activities that help you monitor your mood and identify the causes of your emotions. You can also export your notes and graphs to a central journal. You can customize the journal’s layout to fit your style. You can also set up custom reminders and use Touch ID or AirPrint to print your notes.

MoodKit is a smartphone app that helps people manage their mood and overall wellbeing. It was developed by two clinical psychologists and contains more than 200 exercises that can be customized to achieve a specific goal. You can even create notes and email them to friends and family. MoodKit also features a Facebook community, automatic reminders, and password protection. The app also offers various tips and hints that can help you overcome negative feelings and improve your mood.

The MindJournal feature helps people take charge of their emotions and identify negative thinking patterns. MoodKit also uses CBT techniques to help users identify their thinking traps. The app also explains the difference between “traps” – the things in your mind that can cause you to feel bad. MoodKit offers ways to avoid these mental traps. However, some users have reported difficulty using the app.

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