Choosing Where to Put Your Energy | With Gisele Bündchen and Anderson Cooper

Choosing Where to Put Your Energy | With Gisele Bündchen and Anderson Cooper

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Foreign I hadn't realized that you meditate Pretty much every day I do it's it's a Big difference when I don't actually I I Feel Almost kind of like I feel like I'm Playing catch up when I don't meditate How did you get when did you start how Did you get started I started meditating Out of need actually uh when I was in my Early 20s I had severe panic attacks and And I I couldn't really find a way I Didn't know what else to do really it Was kind of like the last resource I Felt like I when would they come out When would the panic attacks come on Pretty much I mean it started in a Little plane but I was pretty severe Having them for about nine months Um but they started in a little plane And then he became like tunnels Elevators airplanes buildings that Windows wouldn't open and then it became My own apartment and I mean it was just Like pretty it became like my world it Just kept come becoming smaller and Smaller and smaller and Um I just I needed to find a solution on the way Out and and and I've always you know Been connected I would say to To a diff very trusting of the spirit Realm let's say that way and um and then I prayed you know I pray because every

Time when I think when you go through The worst times in your life I mean That's when you like you go to pray I Mean that's what I do and it came to me The idea of yoga and then I I found the Teacher and instead of just doing us and As we start practicing meditation every Day about 5 30 in the morning so that's How I started my practice of meditation In hopes to and then it was basically Pranayam reading techniques which is the Alternate nostril breeding which is the One that you alternate it helps to Balance the left and the right side of The brain I never heard of that until Hillary Clinton wrote about that in her Book I don't know if anybody else knew That the alternator I actually asked Hillary Clinton about It and one of my producers was like you Know what you should ask her to do it And I was like there's no way Hillary Clinton is going to do the alternate Nostril breathing technique on camera And I went you know what let's try and I Asked and she was like more than happy To just start doing all yeah it's pretty Simple yeah it's pretty easy I mean it's Basically like you know you inhale from One side and then exhale from the other And then inhale again you just kind of Alternate the inhale and you can go on Google's because otherwise gonna take a Long time but it's it's a pretty it's

It's right away you feel the effects on It and I always should do like you know 10 minutes of that it kind of gets it to A space that is very clear and then Meditating after that so I was really Like really that was besides changing my Diet and like yeah actually allow me to See life in a completely different way Because before that I was a person who Was going 100 miles an hour on the Hamster wheel and just chasing my tail It already started modeling I was I was Modeling since I was 14. Um so that was when I was in my in my Early 20s I was 23 years old And that's when my practice of Meditation started Um and did you notice an impact very Quickly I did because you know I was having For a long time and I I had changed my diet I was you know Really like stopped drinking stopped Drinking coffee stops smoking and but I Was still like you know having you know Kind of high anxiety about things and And and I just I think the breeding and The meditation daily really helped me Because he helped centered me and he Helped me become the Observer versus Being like in the middle of the storm I Was able to kind of step back and see That that like almost like I was able to Watch My Life as a movie and I was able

To by taking a step back I was kind of Being able being able to kind of remove Myself from that anxiety and from the Middle of like that feeling of not being Able to catch my breath and feeling like I was going to pass out I could still See the thoughts or the feelings but but They didn't affect you in the way not in The same way because you become the Observer so it's like you're watching a Movie and when you're watching a movie You know you can be crying because you Can be feeling all the emotions that are Going through the movie but you know It's a movie in a way you know you're Kind of looking at that and you're and There's a part of you like you know the Dinosaur is coming to kill this person Like can let's say but you so you can Feel the all the feelings okay run you Know but at the same time you kind of Like no you're not in that you're not You know the dinosaur is not after you Basically so I think in a way it's like You're able to see your life and then You can see also making this is really Good in allowing you know you can make Decisions from a place of really instead Of like you know Rush decisions and like I have to make this decision and you You're not very clear about it when you Can take a step back and become the Observer You make decisions with a different

Level of awareness with a different Clarity and therefore better decisions I Feel in do you find uh one of the things I talked about before when I was on Stage is that even if I don't meditate At 20 minutes a day or 30 minutes a day Or several times a day whatever even a Minute or two in a car or in a plane it Can Center you in a way oh big time I Really think so I mean I think in the Very beginning when I was going through My severe anxiety and panic attacks Um I actually went into like you know I Don't know if you guys ever heard about Vipassana which is like a 10-day like Intense meditation Um I actually do like seven days and go In silence and just meditate for seven Days and with that a lot of stuff comes Up obviously when you're not talking you Realize how much the monkey mind is Trying to take control because that's The job of the Mind Right is to kind of He's like a friend told me this once he Says Giselle the mind is an instrument Don't let it play you So it's it's a really powerful thing to Remember to be just just remember that You know that that is that's the job of The mind is to hold on to things into to Kind of attach to things and it's your Job to say I choose this thought and I Don't choose that and I you know because Whatever you give energy to is what

Grows I actually have a chapter in my Book that it talks about that is like You know where your energy goes is what Grows and it's like we have to choose Where we put our energy in because That's where we're going to manifest so It's it's the the more consciously and We can make those choices and where We're letting our mind go the better is Going to be for us and I think Meditation what it does today for Example I'm meditating I use meditation For lots of different things even if for Five minutes like I can sit and I want To answer to a question so I can sit in Meditation usually I like to do it at 5 30 in the morning because I love before My kids are you know our app before the Dog starts crying to go outside all of That is like that's like my favorite Thing because everything is quiet wake Up at 5 30 in the morning yes between 5 30 and 5 45. time do you go to bed about 10 wow yeah never I mean I wake up at Like 10. what do you mean like 10 to 10 In the morning I wake up like I I what Time you go to bed I don't like 2 A.M I'm watching narcos and stuff oh my God You see I'm a morning person I actually Like to wake up before this one I mean I Love oh that's great yeah I always like That yeah I don't I used to be that Person but then it wasn't really working Out for me so well so I had to make a

Little adjustment so sometimes you know We have to adjust he's like you know we Are like there's different Cycles in our Life and when I was in my 20s maybe I Was going to bed at two o'clock in the Morning but now my mom I have you know Kids they get up early in the morning They need things so I feel like if I can Take care of myself if I can put the Oxygen mask on me first and do something For me first then I'm a much better Mom I'm much more patient I'm much I'm Happier

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