Evolve and Expand into New Beginnings Deep Sleep Hypnosis | Mindful Movement

Evolve and Expand into New Beginnings Deep Sleep Hypnosis | Mindful Movement

In the moments right before sleep, your mind is listening your thoughts, wishes, and dreams for the future. What you focus on during this time expands and you are calling in more of it in your life. Use this deep sleep meditation (with dark screen) to set your intentions to evolve and expand into new beginnings.

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Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond
Music Credit: Wandering in the Warmth by Christopher Lloyd Clarke Licensed by Enlightened Audio

Do not listen while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you. This is not a substitute for medical care. Consult a doctor or trusted health professional if needed.
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Welcome to the mindful movement I'm Sarah Raymond In the moments right before sleep your Mind is listening to your thoughts Wishes and dreams for the future What you focus on during this time Expands and you are calling in more of It in your life Use this deep sleep meditation to set Your intentions to evolve and expand Into New Beginnings For additional support Consider joining the free New Beginnings Personal retreat a mind body and spirit Approach to creating and actually Achieving your goals the link is in the Description and you can begin at any Time Now to begin Create a safe and tranquil environment For yourself Make sure you are all set to drift into Sleep when you are ready It is important for you to have a sense Of safety So you can fully relax Now I invite you to make yourself Comfortable When you are ready Close your eyes And allow my voice To be your guide Into relaxation And a new beginning

Invite your body and mind To relax Into peace You can allow yourself to sleep when Your body is ready There is no need to consciously listen To everything I say Welcome a slowing down Of the momentum of your energy To gradually find Stillness Take a moment to connect with your Motivation for coming to this practice Consider what you want to manifest in Your life Without placing any judgments Or attaching to expectations Take just a moment To let it sink in There is no need to stay here too long Let these thoughts go for now And begin to settle into a relaxed Present moment awareness Invite ease into your physical body now Soften anywhere you can Feeling tranquility Penetrate your body From the outside in Give yourself permission To be fully supported By the surface below you Be open to the possibilities that come With this state of comfort As you continue to relax And move towards sleep

Imagine like a tree You have a strong and wide root system Beneath the ground Connecting you To the Earth's core This vast root system Gives you the support And Foundation you need To be both strong and flexible With this support you can effectively Move through your life And reach your goals and dreams Imagine these growing roots Going down into the Earth They are powerful Holding you firm and strong They are growing down deep Into the soil Into the core of the Earth To support you Through the strongest winds And the most challenging times Your roots allow you to exchange And balance your energy As you rest You are letting go of any unwanted Energy And drawing in the energy you do need You are creating Inner Harmony With the wisdom of trees and nature You are able to have a strong Foundation Be in the flow And lean into the support of the Universe

Foreign This support allows you to expand and Evolve Feel the Earth's energy In your heart And soul This energy relaxes you even more deeply Foreign This energy is pure love Imagine now a light Comes from the energy Of the core of the Earth This energy relaxes you completely This comforting light Surrounds you and protects you Visualize this light See the light's color That's unique to you As this light passes over your body It progressively relaxes you And releases each muscle Starting at the soles of your feet The light fills you up Relaxes each part of your body And moves you closer to sleep Your body continues to rest As this relaxing light Travels Through your body Filling you up With support And peace This light continues to move through Your body

Releasing any and all tension You may be feeling You are fully supported And protected by this glowing Calming light This calming light sends a message To your mind and body That you are safe And it is time to relax For a deep and tranquil night's sleep With the support of the Earth's energy You can allow yourself To relax further Let go deeper into tranquility In this relaxed and safe state Your body and mind Know what you need And how to support you To reach your goals and dreams Become aware of the area of your heart Welcome a feeling of opening and Softening Allow the opening and softening of your Heart To deepen your connection with yourself With all of yourself With your truest essence Remain connected As you explore The possibilities of the future With curiosity Now that you are deeply relaxed And connected with yourself Use your imagination

Visualize yourself standing in front of A beautiful But overgrown Garden The Garden in your imagination Is just the right temperature And is free of bugs and allergens As you see yourself standing here You see a variety of colorful flowers And different types of plants Among these beautiful plants You see there are numerous weeds and Plants that you do not desire in this Garden You see there are 10 Stone steps leading Into this Garden In a moment I will count you down from 10 to 1. And guide you to walk slowly toward the Garden Every step you take brings you deeper Into relaxation And ease in your body and mind Take step 10. Move towards the garden Feel the stress melting away Now on to step nine Feel yourself completely letting go of Any responsibilities Step eight Allow the outside world to turn off Slowly take step seven Each step towards the Garden of Your Mind Takes you even deeper into a relaxed

State Now on to step six Feel yourself going deeper into Relaxation Deeper into a connection with yourself Step five now you are halfway there let Go completely Take step four go deeper and deeper into Comfort Move to step three Almost to the Garden of your Subconscious mind Step two now Deep relaxation easily comes to you And finally on to Step One All the way into a deep state of Relaxation and peace And now you have reached the garden You see a comfortable bench For you to sit among the plants See the beautifully colored flowers and Varieties of plants in the garden Here you feel completely safe and at Peace In your mind you can remove the weeds Among the flowers Each one represents a negative quality Or part of your life That you are ready To let go of They represent characteristics or habits You are ready to let go of They represent outdated beliefs that no Longer serve you

Foreign There is no need to name each one as you Remove it Simply remove the energy As you do you can feel the negative Energy Leave your body and your mind Take your time doing this so that you Have a clear And clean Foundation To plant the new seeds for your future The more weeds You Pull and let go of The more clearly you can see your own Inner landscape And the lighter you feel It is as if a weight is being lifted From your shoulders You no longer need to carry the burden Of the weeds You are expanding and evolving As you continue to clear the weeds You have created more space To plant beautiful flowers Before you are ready to plant the seeds It is time to intentionally choose What flowers or plants you want to grow When your body is relaxed As it is here today There is space for dreams and Possibilities to arise Begin to consider what it is that you Want You may see it in Vivid detail as if you Are watching a movie

Or perhaps you hear this future as a Story of what you want Take some time to explore the Possibilities and opportunities For your future Imagine this as if it is true for you Right now Feel it in your body as truth Experience as much detail as is Available to you What feelings and emotions Would you have more of in your life In this vision of your future What are the values and beliefs That are important to you That will allow you to manifest your Desires Now is the time to visualize what's to Come with your new beginning What is it that you want to see in your Life How would you like it to unfold How do you want to feel Feel this in your body right now Sense what it feels like as if these Changes have already taken place The details in your mind are the seeds To plant in your garden Right now you are planting the seeds for Your future These flowers will grow stronger and Brighter Because you are choosing to nourish the Flowers

And pull the weeds Each day As your goals Dreams and values Begin to unfold in your mind You can feel a building sense of Increased motivation And purpose arising inside of you This inspiration continues to strengthen While you sleep You realize that just by thinking about Pulling the weeds and planting the Flowers Magically your garden changes And therefore your mindset changes You recognize how powerful And Brilliant your mind is This change has given you clarity And you feel a positive change within Yourself With the clarity of your values You have planted the seeds for your Future You have laid the foundation To work for you In your subconscious mind While you sleep Your future path Has been illuminated Opportunities will present themselves Often And you are prepared For anything that comes your way From today forward you have cleared the

Weeds from your mind And planted the flowers You begin to take even better care of Yourself Because you know you are worth it You allow new and more empowered Thoughts Every day inspired feelings of success Healing Wellness and happiness Profoundly build within you Foreign You respect yourself Showing yourself loving kindness and Compassion You are committed to tending to the Garden of Your Mind Every day And you take time to be grateful For the beauty of your flowers As well as all of your hard work And effort in creating the garden of Your desires Stay with the Positive feelings Remind yourself What your flowers are And now bring your attention back To the imagined Garden where you are Sitting Take one more look around At the beautifully Nurtured Garden of your subconscious Mind You know you can achieve your dreams

And you have the potential to accomplish Great things You can feel this powerful Transformation Happening in your mind and body now You feel confident and have a deep Knowledge That you can and will succeed And when you wake After a deep and productive night's Sleep You will still feel this way You are feeling relaxed and confident Your mind is clear You believe in yourself and you are Motivated to expand and evolve And now you have prepared your mind and Body for a deep Restful night's sleep You have planted the seeds of your Values And ideal life goals These ideas will strengthen while you Sleep You have let go of all of your old Habits That we're keeping you stuck And holding you back You have replaced them with new positive Habits To lead you to fulfillment and happiness In your mind and in your heart You know Without a doubt

That you have turned a corner today You are on A New Path You are relaxed and feel a sense of Lightness and spaciousness As you have let go of anything getting In your way As you drift into Serene peaceful rest My voice will gradually disappear And you will be deeply asleep Foreign there is an inviting sense of Inner peace Flowing through your body You are ready to rest your mind for the Night You are in the perfect place To get the best night's sleep And when you wake many hours later You will be rested And ready for your new beginning Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign

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