Five rounds for serious handstand balance – 30 seconds 5 rounds

Five rounds for serious handstand balance - 30 seconds 5 rounds

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Hey there welcome to this handstand Training this is a handstand balancing Practice more targeted to beginners if You are a complete beginner in Handstands then this might be not a Beginner practice but if you already Have a handstand which is kind of a Requirement for this sort of video that We're doing today Then you will probably find the right Amount of Challenge and the right amount Of push so that you can also progress if You do not have a freestanding handstand You can also do this using a wall in Whichever way you like and this is not a Video on hands and tips on how to do a Handstand for that one you can check out My video up here in this video today we Will do five rounds of holding the Handstand and we are holding that for 30 Seconds Then we come down take a break for 60 Seconds and then again 30 seconds Handstand hold 60 seconds rest 30 Seconds fold 60 second rest and we do Five rounds total this is what I could Would consider the beginner balance Training this is something I recommend You do every single day and again if you Cannot do it in the middle of the room Then use the wall or use a partner use a Spotter but eventually you want to get To holding it in the middle of the room On your own in case you feel comfortable

Practicing in the middle of the room on Your own and you fall out of it then Just come back up into it and try to Continue to hold if it gets super Challenging towards the end then you can Also use a wall for support this is more Of a conditioning training also for you To stay up in a handstand for this long In the more intermediate version of this I do a 45 second hold and then in the More Advanced or even more intermediate Version I do a 60 second hold this is The one that I am doing most of the time Definitely you want to be warmed up for This especially in the wrists the Shoulders full body and I have several Videos on warm-ups for handstands as Well so once you're warmed up and you Did your practice and you want to add Some handstand training towards the end Let's say this is a nice one to do Because it's just 30 seconds of a hold And not a full minute times five If you want to make this more intense You can also put a zip of water in your Mouth and then keep your mouth closed as You're going through the handstand holes That way you practice a good breathing Pattern and it also brings up the heart Rate really forces you to breathe slow Through the nose and kind of brings your Overall conditioning to a Next Level we Will have a timer in this video and also

Some visualizations and also some sounds So you know when it's time to get ready And to come up into a handstand and you Will know when it's time to come out and Then there will be a timer for the the Rest if you need longer breaks between The holes you can of course hit the Pause button pause the video and then Continue when you're ready but this is Designed to be challenging and is Designed to be conditioning training for Your handstand so that you hold for the Set amount of time and only have a Certain amount of time of break so Classical interval training again make Sure you're warmed up and let's begin Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign Resting maybe should say you can do any Handstand versions or could be legs Together straight up could be a tuck Could be Straddle v-shape whatever you want to do Totally up to you make it your practice [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] If you're not doing the version with the Water in your mouth Then do your best to keep your mouth Closed [Applause] So that you're only breathing through The nose [Music] Check out the wrists in between If you need to check out the arms the Shoulders [Applause] It's kind of a long break one minute But it starts to get more and more Challenging and then One Minute feels like a good amount [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Thank you [Music] [Music]

Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Beautiful work take the time to rest Roll out the wrists shake out the wrists Make sure you continue with the cool Down so you're not just ending here Wrapping up and leaving I always Recommend Finishing with five minutes of cool down Five minutes of meditation at least so Handstands and meditation is something That goes really well hand in hand to Learn more about handstand and how to Actually do it check out the video I Will link it up here with the five tips For a handstand and I also have a full Program to learn the handstand with over 20 videos which will break down Everything the entries the techniques All the methods behind it it will break Down everything there's some Milestones Along the way so you can see if you're Ready to safely progress to the next Stage it also has a lot of warm-ups and Cool downs and specific core exercises That you will need for a handstand and For a good handstand line so be proud of

Yourself for practicing today this is Not easy stuff but you made it no matter How it went you always want to look back To our practice with love and gratitude And never with judgment after all you Have a very very healthy body you can Even think of doing a handstand you have Most likely two arms at least so that You can do a handstand and so it means Overall you're doing pretty good you're Pretty healthy and this is something to Be grateful for and then continue with The cool down now and with your Meditation and I will see you in the Next one maybe even in the full Handstand program maybe somewhere in Some other corner here on my channel on YouTube thank you very much love and Gratitude have a great day


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James is a content creator who works in the personal development niche.