Flying Alone: What will Death be Like? | With Ram Dass

Flying Alone: What will Death be Like? | With Ram Dass

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Foreign Years now you've been in that wheelchair After the stroke Your 80 something now you're old Ah a fine vintage I would say so as you Come closer now you know you're coming Closer what's it like coming close to The death for you Well after all I've I was studying I've done Those deaths that was dead but when I Come to my dad yeah My today I Today I wanted to Think of the people Instead of sharing the stage And Some of them Have died And All died Like uh Steven Levine yeah Stephen just Died and Um Uh Wayne Wayne Dyer yeah And They'd all died On ages Way Way Back Flying is it's like I'm I'm flying alone Oh No there's two of us flying with you Read a lot of literature

From There they are all by Um By uh People who have Died Through Near-death experiences And I put together My version of what's going to happen I'm and it's comforting it's comforting Yeah You you you Meet your soul pod People who have been Our lifetimes They've been with you And they ask you What what what what what was your Incarnation like And they and the the the the sharing of The the consciousness Is hollow it's beautiful And then And then The you A particularly bright light Appears They're all Really bright light Is the your Guru or Your uh Your guide or Or you're something

The The the god the god Um Uh Has information about your Your incarnations Yeah and they're they're all friendly And and Oh boy it's it's and not only that but It it's All Souls And And it's all love one another Soul's loved one another And they uh it it it's just like air for Us Love in that Boy oh boy oh boy [Laughter] And uh Wow wow and all I can say and I I have a Friend Emmanuel who was very um Uh Spirit The spirit Um He he said I said I have to tell people About death And what should I say Emmanuel And he said Um Dave is Death is Safe And then

The the other He said It's like taking off a tight shoe Beautiful Well you see you Say that we have to be Um A loving Rock A loving Rock The Rock because they can push against You And and that's great it feels they feel Uh confident And that comes from you having done Sadhana In your in your life yeah if you if you Have Have an identified with your soul that You don't get Frightened in the in in the in the in Death Somebody's death And because if I see death As in the first half is uh Uh Doctor doctor save me And then this the the Yeah The second one is Like like uh A job Steve Jobs Wow That's what he said Wow

And that if you To be a a person Be able to Work with that wow Not just yeah Not just keeping them alive yeah Beautiful


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