Gisele Bündchen on How to Accept Reality and Be Happy | with Anderson Cooper

Gisele Bündchen on How to Accept Reality and Be Happy | with Anderson Cooper

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Foreign Especially early on you know people are Making judgments about you whether to Hire you for this they're commenting on Your looks they make they form judgments About you a lot of it is not in your Control and I think for a lot of people In their life they feel like things are Out not in as much in their control as They would like it to be did meditation Help you feel more in control of things I think more than anything he allowed me To have this different kind of Understanding and in a way acceptance For what is because I think any time There is there is no acceptance for what Is whenever there is resistance there is Pain because you know we can't control I Always say like you know In my prayers and when I'm talking to You know My guardian angel however you want to Call your higher self I always ask you Know show me the way guide me and Whatever happens help me beat for my Highest and best and I have to trust That and sometimes the highest Investment might be not to think that my Mind has decided that that's the way it Needs to go because I think our mind has A tendency you know we have a lot of Conditioning that comes from our family Comes from religion comes from society Comes so we live in this box and it has

To look a certain way because we've been Taught that way like if he's if he's out Of this box doesn't feel safe he doesn't But the Universe I mean there's a higher Intelligence I believe that knows better Than we do and I think if we can trust That higher intelligence and and saying Like things are happening for me not to Me you know things are happening for my Growth for my You know Evolution from I think there When there is an acceptance there is no Pain because you trust there is trust And you say okay this is coming up you Know however the challenge it is it can Be challenging it could be you know Sometimes it's very intense and you have To you know I think that when there is That that acceptance there is You kind of trust that you know you you You that things are happening for you Has made you a better parent do you Think I think so I think it's made me a Better person you know what I mean I Think I I don't try to be so I mean I Think before I used to be a person who Was very con like you know I need to Have things under control and I think That's part of my panic attacks you know I didn't have control over a lot of Things you know and I feel like that Also brought a lot of anxiety because I Didn't know the future I didn't know What I was going to do I didn't know

Tomorrow you know and I think all of That became like things that kind of Created the anxiety kind of made it more And I think once I trust it in a way Once I kind of like Allow it to just be whatever it was Going to be and just say thank you and Just make the best out of whatever Situation they might be then my life Became a lot better and I think even With my children you know he's like I'm Not trying you know they are perfect Little beings you know I feel like my Job as their mom is just to be their Guardian how old are they I have a bonus Child who's 11. I have an 80 year old And a five-year-old so two boys and a Girl and they're wonderful and they're So different they couldn't be more Different in personalities they're Incredible and they teach me every day And you know and with each one of them I'm always like it's like a dance Because each of them have different Needs they all have different you know If you talk with one of them you know it Doesn't work necessarily the way you Were talking with my daughter then you Would talk with my son or you know they All have different ways of they operate Differently and it's beautiful to Witness them and to watch them and to Expand they allow me to expand and grow In ways that I never thought is

Meditation I mean some people uh try to Get their kids to meditate is that Something you know Benny actually he's He's my all of them actually this is a Funny story like because I meditate like Usually when I'm in Costa Rica I love to Meditate outside I like to sit on the Grass just because I just love nature so Much I feel like nature carries a very High vibration and anytime I'm around Nature I already feel like my energy is Like I'm Phillip lifted I feel like I'm Being healed somehow and then he's very Connected to that as well so so anytime I'm sitting outside you just come and I'm in my you know I'm just sitting There he just comes and sits with me and Just stays there with me like that's Just like he he loves doing that it's Just natural for him my little one she's Five five years old she's a firecracker So she's like sitting her down is a Little bit you know sitting a Five-year-old now she's like it's not Really her thing yet but but for Benny's Video it's really it's really like you Know a natural thing for him and Jack Has also actually gave him a little Pillow and I said you know if you feel Like there is too much you can go to any Space in the house and just sit here and This is your space and everyone knows That if you're here is your space and That no one is going to bother you

Because sometimes kids can get each Other each other's nerves you know it's Like Um do you do you plan very far before You were out here I was talking to the Store and you know it was saying that uh For me I'm sort of trying to think of What my second act is or my I'm 51 now And I sort of feel like I've been in This big rush and now there's I feel Like I need to figure out some sort of New chapter do you feel like you're You know what the next chapter is I Should do it With I mean I think know thyself is the Most important thing for me you know I've been in this Quest since I was Very young since I left till my 14 years Old Um and I feel like now I'm getting to Understand myself better so I think That's always for me like A constant work that happens all the Time but I definitely feel like I'm in a Different chapter of my life because I Feel like you know when I when I started Working at 14 years old and I was out in The world I felt like I needed to be a Pleaser you know I needed to like first I wanted to please my parents because I Wanted to be the good girl I have five Sisters I'm a middle child and a twin You know never feel very much special at

All you know kind of like you're the Middle whatever just and uh and I think That at this point in my life I I just Want to be I think before I was like Taking the doors were opening for me and I was just kind of taking the Opportunities and doing the best I could And being really very much a pleaser and I think now I you know I don't really It's more about like living my truth It's about like discovering like what Are the things that really like speak With my heart what are the things that I Feel inspired by that that bring joy to My to to my everyday experience because You know it's not it is a life is about Not about it's not about the destination It's about the journey but the journey Is happening every day with every every Choice you make because it's not Guaranteed that we're going to be here Tomorrow and I want to live like I feel Like I want to live to the fullest every Moment so I think the next the next Chapter like is much more of that every Day is like you know am I living my Truth am I doing what makes me happy

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