Gratitude for What You Have | Mindful Movement

Gratitude for What You Have | Mindful Movement

In this mindful tip, Les recounts a recent experience that allowed him to uncover a hidden source of joy that was a lot closer than expected. We hope it may inspire you to uncover an opportunity for yourself too.

Can you find gratitude in what you already have?

Do not listen while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you. This is not a substitute for medical care. Consult a doctor or trusted health professional if needed.
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Hello Les Raymond here with the mindful Movement thanks for joining me for Another mindful tip You've probably heard the saying The Grass Is Always Greener well Recently I think Sarah and I have really Connected with the idea that if you Think the grass is greener it might be An opportunity to start Watering your Lawn Over the last few years Sarah and I have Gone back and forth thinking about Buying a property far away where we Think it'll Deliver us all these things That will make us happy that we think That we don't have now And that's typically not true So recently we've been looking at our Home with a new set of eyes and eyes of Gratitude eyes of curiosity And seeing what can we do in our own Home To find more joy and fulfillment and Happiness how can we cultivate our own Happiness how do we water our own lawn And You know it got to a point there where We were having like addictive behaviors Like going on Zillow and looking at Houses and then Coming to conclusion that that's a bad Idea and committing to not doing it and Then doing it again it was like just a Bad habit

A weird type of addiction And those addictions probably came They were born out of fear or some Insecurity thinking that that process Would serve us when really there's a lot Of costs associated with that whole plan The whole thing probably would have Backfired on us But recently I've been looking at the Woods around my house And noticing that I could barely see Into the woods I have neglected our own Lawn I've let Vines and debris and Shrubs just cover all the trees so much That I couldn't see into the woods and I Decided to start cleaning it up because The growth is so slow over the course of A decade I didn't really see all the Clutter because it happens at such a Slow pace and then one day I just Realized Our whole scene that we had from our House Was hidden maybe disrupted so I started To clean it up I grabbed some tools I Went to work I couldn't believe what my Own property what our own home had to Offer us It was as if I opened up a window and I Could see the trunks of all the Majestic Trees I could see deep into the forest Now It was like a completely different

Property and I find it really nourishing And fulfilling to take part in This might sound a little funny maybe a Little woo-woo but um I was out the other night on my patio at Sunset practicing a little yoga And I was looking at the trees And it's funny like I was seeing them With a whole new set of eyes it was like [Music] It was like I felt guilty as if I had Neglected them by letting all this chaos Overcrowd them and overgrow them And I actually felt Bad And then this might sound strange but I Had this like sense of Love Like Overwhelming and it was as if It was as if the trees saw me And I had been Cultivating relationships with trees Throughout my life in weird ways and That might sound kind of strange for Some of you but I've always found myself Attracted to trees and kind of what they Represent with their Like their strength in the Timeless Nature of their being I've always gravitated towards it so I'm Out on my patio and these trees are Looking down on me and the hair on my Skin is starting to raise now Uh there might have been some plants Involved maybe that had something to do

With it but I could tell you it was a Meaningful experience to me And I got the sense that the trees Saw that I felt bad for how I had Treated them and it was as if they were Pouring their love down onto me and they Were saying hey I know that you haven't Seen us clearly lately But we've seen you it was as if It was as if the trees were Telling me they've been watching me grow And that was really neat like I just Think that is so cool when that stuff Happens you know like I don't know if you're used to Connecting with nature but it's a big Part of my life and I feel at times when The mood is right like there's a sense Of Oneness with it and there can be some Type some type of communication and Maybe that's all in my head I don't know But I'll ride that wave I like it and I Embrace it And it meant a lot to me And I guess It was like reassuring it was like the Trees were letting me know that I was on The right track that they're right here And they have so much to offer me and You know you don't always need to look Somewhere else the answer is rarely Outside Of yourself So I encourage you if you ever find

Yourself thinking the grass is greener Maybe see if you could find it as an Opportunity To see if you could start Watering your Own lawn Thanks for listening have a good day

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