Guided Meditation: Accompanying; Intro to Mindifulness Pt 2(8) Faculty of Mindfulness

Guided Meditation: Accompanying; Intro to Mindifulness Pt 2(8) Faculty of Mindfulness

In the realm of mindfulness practices, guided meditation serves as a powerful tool to accompany individuals on their inward journey. In this second installment of the “Intro to Mindfulness” series, the focus remains on exploring the intricate facets of the mind through guided meditation. Embracing the unique perspectives offered by the various faculties of mindfulness, he delves deeper into the transformative power of this practice.


The captivating world of guided meditation opens its arms wide to those seeking solace, clarity, and peace in the midst of life’s chaos. One such beacon of tranquility is the Insight Meditation Center, radiating mindfulness and wisdom through their latest video installment, “Accompanying; Intro to Mindfulness Pt 2(8) Faculty of Mindfulness.” Dive deep into the realms of inner peace and self-discovery as the soothing voice of the instructor gently guides you through the labyrinth of your mind.

Exploring the Video Content

Stepping into the virtual realm of the Insight Meditation Center’s video, viewers are greeted with a wealth of information about the activities pulsating within the center’s serene walls. From guided meditation sessions to insightful reflections, this video serves as a portal to a world where mindfulness reigns supreme and tranquility is but a breath away.

The Center’s Offerings

  • Discover a myriad of activities aimed at nurturing the mind, body, and soul.
  • Immerse yourself in the transformative power of mindfulness through guided meditation sessions.

Donations for Support

  • Embrace the opportunity to extend a helping hand by contributing donations through the provided link.
  • Support the center’s noble mission of spreading mindfulness and compassion to all who seek it.

Timing and Time Zone

  • Delve into the various activities at the center, all operating on Pacific Standard Time.
  • Align your schedule with moments of mindfulness and self-reflection at the click of a button.

Website Accessibility

  • Unleash a treasure trove of resources and details about the center by visiting their official website.
  • Elevate your mindfulness journey by exploring additional audio talks and insightful articles offered on the website.


Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and mindfulness with the Insight Meditation Center’s enlightening video. Let its gentle guidance lead you to the shores of inner peace and heightened awareness, where every breath brings you closer to the essence of your being.


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  5. How can individuals outside the Pacific Standard Time zone engage with the center’s activities?

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