Guided Meditation & Dharmette with Matthew

Guided Meditation & Dharmette with Matthew

Matthew invites them to embark on a transformative journey through the practice of guided meditation and Dharmette. Join him as he leads individuals towards inner peace and mindfulness in a shared experience like no other.


The Insight Meditation Center, nestled in the heart of Redwood City, CA, has been making waves in the virtual world with its enlightening Dharma talk live streams. Among these engaging sessions is the Guided Meditation & Dharmette with Matthew, a unique experience that offers viewers a chance to delve into the world of Insight Meditation teachings right from the comfort of their homes.

Unlocking the Mindfulness Portal

  • Dive into the world of mindfulness with Insight Meditation Center’s live streaming sessions.
  • Matthew, a seasoned meditation guide, takes viewers on a journey of self-discovery through guided meditation and insightful Dharmettes.
  • The center’s focus on Insight Meditation teachings provides a platform for individuals to explore their inner selves and cultivate mindfulness practices.

Live Streaming Delight

  • The live streaming sessions conducted on YouTube bring the teachings of Insight Meditation Center to a global audience.
  • Viewers have the opportunity to engage with the sessions in real-time and immerse themselves in the calming atmosphere created by Matthew’s soothing voice.
  • The interactive nature of the live streams allows for a personalized experience, enabling participants to ask questions and share their reflections.

Supporting the Center

  • Viewers who resonate with the teachings of Insight Meditation Center have the option to support the center via their website.
  • Contributing to the center helps sustain the valuable work being done and ensures that more individuals can benefit from the teachings offered.
  • By supporting the center, viewers become part of a community dedicated to personal growth and self-exploration.

More Than Just Live Streams

  • Apart from live streaming sessions, the center also offers a treasure trove of audio talks on their website.
  • These talks cover a diverse range of topics related to mindfulness, meditation, and self-awareness, providing listeners with ample resources to deepen their practice.
  • The availability of these resources makes Insight Meditation Center a one-stop destination for those seeking to nourish their spiritual journey.


In conclusion, the Guided Meditation & Dharmette with Matthew provides a gateway to the profound teachings of Insight Meditation Center, inviting viewers to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Through live streaming sessions, participants can connect with the center’s offerings and delve deeper into the realms of mindfulness and meditation.


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