How Accessing Your True Self Will Change Your Life | With Dr Richard Schwartz and Soren Gordhamer

How Accessing Your True Self Will Change Your Life | With Dr  Richard Schwartz and Soren Gordhamer

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You just you'd kind of stumbled on Stumbled onto this right where you're Like there's Parts in a family and those Same Parts must exist internally in us Now it wasn't quite like that it was More like I was trying to prove family therapy Worked and it wasn't working and my Clients started telling me about these Parts that were keeping them from Changing well I had no idea what they Were talking about yeah but I'm a good Scientist I got very curious about it And my clients taught this to me and as They were talking about all these parts It sounded familiar to me as a family Therapist it sounded like this internal Family That had all these similar kinds of Polarizations and some are protecting Others and yeah so that was that was the Uh Inception of it and did you think you Were a little weird and crazy when this Started happening were you did you just Kind of roll with it I I thought these First I thought these people are a lot Sicker than I thought But then I started listening inside Myself and oh my god I've got them too Right and some of mine are as Extreme as As my clients right right and then I got Curious and Um And yeah it does make me look with more

Compassionate people if I think that They're playing out parts that just got Stuck at a certain age at a certain time It does make me look at the world more Compassionately because I don't judge The behavior but I understand like wow Something happened that got frozen at a Time and they're still trying to work That out right they're still trying to Get acceptance or love from the society Or from their father or from something Exactly or avoid pain like it does that Part does help and it also makes a lot Of sense that I would want to be Compassionate To different parts of myself exactly Yeah and there's a law of this inner World that goes something like You will relate to somebody who's acting Or looking like one of your parts in the Way you relate to that part of yourself So I will relate to if I have a if I Really I'll relate to somebody who's Anxious in the same way I relate to my Own anxiety exactly so if I'm like I Can't stand their anxiety I can't be Around them I hate being around them I Can't be around myself you got it I hate That about life Such so frustrating so to understand Where the parts of us that are unhealed Just notice who we get triggered by That's one way to do it And so if we look at let's say I don't

Know our president just because Everybody knows that I get triggered by him in part because I Might not have access to my own parts That want to be confident or want to Tell people what to do or want to be Yeah yeah to be the boss or right yeah But is there something that's just like No that's this person's just kind of an does that exist anywhere or it's Just like yeah no they're just I'm not Talking about any in particular but just Like yeah no that person's just an yeah There it is Um I wouldn't put it exactly yeah I know This strong language I know but we Didn't talk a lot about what I call the South well yeah let's talk briefly about That is the place we access Before we start working with these parts And so you were in a lot of stuff Because you you know first I said how do You feel toward the part you said I'm Irritated with it yeah we got that to Step back and automatically you had a Lot of compassion for it yeah and I find That over and over as we do this that Yeah this compassionate would call the Eight cities of self-leadership calm Curious creative clear Courageous connected Person isn't everybody it's our Essence And it's just beneath the surface of

These parts such that as they step out It emerges and it knows how to heal both Internally and externally and it also Has this intense Desire to stand up to Injustice so a lot Of what the panels we're talking about And Marianne this morning and is if we Access self we will automatically start To change in the external world and a Lot of and the my belief is that a lot Of psychedelics Immediately access a lot of self and Part of why the 60s were so raucous was Because self was coming through that Portal back then and self is presence is Spaciousness is is those are awareness Those are all qualities of self okay for Somebody who hears the word self though And be like what is he really yeah it's Got a bad name with the Buddhist because It's herself right right but what's Called no self there's a Buddhist Scholar named Jack angler who wrote a Paper on ifs and Buddhism saying what They're calling those self is really What I'm calling self because they're Actually talking about no parts Got it there's no parts taking over We're actually yeah when your parts open A lot of space The Emptiness that's so Full Is yourself that's because you know so Yeah I think it was um it was actually Eckhart Tolle who comes from a different

World but he said whenever you break a Pattern that the energy of that pattern Gets transformed into presence so if you Have a pattern that you're caught in It's taking up energy and as soon as you Can see that and not follow it that Becomes that builds uh presence it Sounds like you're in a similar similar Understanding the formula understanding Although I could do a rant about his Okay yeah which I probably shouldn't do Well we're out of time so and you've got To go to a q a but yeah another time Dick shorts everybody thank you so much


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