How to Live in the Present Moment: A Guided Meditation by Trudy Goodman

How to Live in the Present Moment: A Guided Meditation by Trudy Goodman

The Power of the Present Moment by Trudy Goodman

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Foreign [Music] [Laughter] Thank you so much for joining us and Thank you so much for guiding us today And and we're all yours you so whatever You want to do with us please feel free Thank you Soren thank you it's always Such a joy to be with you and And I was telling Soren earlier before You've all popped in that um I get Thrilled I really get excited to meet With people who are beginning to Establish a meditation practice or Determined to strengthen and make more Consistent Um your meditation practice because this Practice is really what helps us Navigate the uh what Soren and I were Talking about earlier the challenges of Human existence right that we all have And You know when you meditate of course It's not easy because you're bringing Into Consciousness all the things that Might be weighing you down Bothering you but by being present with Them you're taking such good care of Yourself and actually of the situation Um and learning how to hold yourself Through these storms of thinking and Emotion it's a powerful form of Self-compassion and the power is that Power to bring yourself through the

Challenging times with some steadiness Of heart and you know I recently went Through some really challenging times This past actually from March until a Couple months ago of losing my little Brother dying suddenly far away and Um getting a diagnosis and surgery and Um recovering from that I mean I really Saw the benefit of this practice so I Want you to know it works you know it Works in the Crunch and at some point we Are all gonna get crunched right by Something in our lives Um And so I'm gonna we're gonna do some Meditation this morning Um the main things that I want you to Know always when you sit down to Meditate or you stand up or you lie down Whatever frame is most comfortable and Right for your body is that you are not Alone somewhere always there is somebody Else who is meditating and when we Meditate we're fine and so is the world Around us Just that is so healing and it brings um Courage to keep going at times when life Might be discouraging and And tough So when we do this together we enter a Matrix of benevolence and a blessing And it might not feel like that most of The time but it is so and over time if You hang in there and develop a practice

And stick with it you will feel this for Sure you will feel this and you know So that's part of my excitement is to Share this Matrix of goodness and to be In it together And in it you make Not only the discovery that you're not Alone but that you are enough and that The ingredients of this moment of your Life are enough Enough for what right Good enough just good enough in your own Being without having to do or be someone Else or somewhere else But also Um Good enough to be able to be with Whatever arises in your experience and That sense that experience is workable No matter what gives you so much Strength and confidence in life So with those uh Encouraging I hope words Let's Find the posture the frame that is best For you when you meditate and best for You just means you know a way that you Can Because they sit or stand or lie down Whatever's right whatever is right for You and and basically feel relaxed for You know about 25 minutes or so So I'm gonna ring the bell to begin and I like to begin with the sound of the

Bell and I when I'm working with kids I Always say Listen to the sound of the bell all the Way to its vanishing point to where it Disappears [Music] Thank you And Beginning by taking a deep breath in And releasing And one more time breathing in the Aliveness of this moment And breathing out just relaxing Releasing tension And a third time breathing in And relaxing as you breathe out And now allowing the breath to move In its own natural rhythm And just sensing and feeling the gentle Uplift with the in-breath And the grounding relaxing with the out Breath That gentle sense of rising as you Breathe in And settling as you breathe out And just notice how it is for you At whatever time this is in your day Or your evening Or your night And if you're feeling kind of sleepy Bring A little more attention to the in-breath That Rising energizing breath in And if the mind is busy and agitated and Maybe you're feeling kind of restless

Just bring a little more attention to That out breath The settling grounding Relaxing breath And as you're noticing how it is for you Your tension will definitely at times Wonder From being here together now Two thoughts and memories of the past Or plans and dreams for the future And that's okay Just be aware That this is happening The loss of the past are happening here Right now in the present Aware and mindful of planning and Thoughts of the future Is happening here that mindfulness is Happening here Right now And sensing and feeling the movement of The breath in the body Mindful of the sensations that are Connected associated with this movement Of the breath like the expansion of the Chest and the rib cage As you breathe in And the contraction the relaxing as you Breathe out The rise of the belly With that lifting in-breath The falling settling Relaxing as you breathe out To sensing that in the body

Writing these gentle waves of breath Of sensation The waves of thought And feeling Waves of joy and sorrow Of Pleasure and Pain Riding these waves together Foreign Foreign This mindful awareness Of the breath and the body the mind and The Heart Appreciating that the breath is always Here As long as we are here the body is here Supporting Breathing Sensing and feeling the breath as as a Gentle caress Letting yourself be Loved by the breath Foreign We're sitting up straight Or relaxing lying down Standing Tall However the body however your body Is arranged Being present like this In the midst of whatever is happening In a great openness of heart and mind And when the intention wanders away just Shift your body back slightly Maybe just An inch

Or relaxing back a little more another Layer of relaxation if you're lying down Just Stepping back into this Posture of receptivity receiving the Breath receiving the sounds of life Around you Receiving the sensations in the body Receiving this moment And whatever you see here taste touch Smell think feel In This Moment Is enough It's the contents Of this moment that are the contents Of waking up [Music] Thank you so much Judy Thank you everybody thank you for your Practice thank you for this sit together


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