Is Hypnosis Safe Mini Mindful Tip #shorts | Mindful Movement

Is Hypnosis Safe Mini Mindful Tip #shorts  | Mindful Movement

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There are many myths and misconceptions That I'd like to break down and give you All the facts and the truth instead myth Number one is that I'll do something Embarrassing or that I don't want to do Or I'll lose touch with reality and that Is absolutely not true myth number two Is that I'm not hypnotizable or it won't Work for me and this is also not true Myth number three is that hypnosis is a One and done cure or it can offer Miracles and while I'd love to think That that is true it's not myth number Four is that I will be reliving the past Or I will be triggered or re-traumatized By what comes up in a session so while You may have heard one or more of these Myths they're just that they are Misconceptions they are myths

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