Is this in your self-care tool box?

There are 5 things that we all need to carry in our self-care tool box.

This was one powerful lesson that came out of the death doula training I recently took.

The general idea is this.

If we’re going to provide the kind of loving presence and balanced attention that’s required at the bedside of someone who’s dying, we need to make sure that we fill our own cup first.

Because if we don’t, inevitably we are not going to be up to the task. Something is going to come up that challenges our capacity to stay present.

That’s guaranteed.

This is also a great lesson for life in general. Especially now, when many of us are more stressed out than ever before.

So what are the five essential self-care tenets?

5 Essential Self Care Tenets

Let’s take a look. And then after reading them, allow yourself a moment to reflect: “How am I doing in these five categories?” And remember, these are aspirational.

Together, attending to these five dynamic dimensions of self-care creates a solid foundation for living a rich and meaningful life. One filled with purpose and meaning.

Starting this week on November 8, we’ll be tending to the spiritual and emotional elements of this list in Coming Home: A 5-Week Mindfulness Meditation Course.

Here’s a snapshot of the course schedule:

Class 1: Introduction to mindfulness meditation and core practice instructions
Class 2: Cultivating gentleness and friendliness
Class 3: Applying precision to the view and technique of mindfulness
Class 4: Letting go of old stories and narratives that don't serve us
Class 5: Reducing reactivity and not making a problem out of thoughts and feelings
Retreat: Dec 18th, 11am-1pm ET – Graduation

Also, we’ll set up a complimentary one on one call so you can tell me about your goals, your visions, and your intentions for the course. That will help me tailor the program to meet you where you are.

>> You can learn more and register for the course here.

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Title: Is this in your self-care tool box?
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