Joy, Happiness, and Peace 10 Minute Guided Meditation| Mindful Movement

Joy, Happiness, and Peace 10 Minute Guided Meditation| Mindful Movement

Joy is a quality that many people desire more of in their lives, yet it can be difficult to experience and even allow joy to be felt at times. In today’s short meditation, I’ll guide you to connect with the feeling of joy within your body, invite it to expand, and anchor it in so that you can tap into joy any time you want.

This is the first in a series of meditations designed to work with, befriend, and release emotions. I invite you to use this practice regularly and return to it after some of the other practices that will guide you through more challenging emotions.

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Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond
Music Credit: Celestial Light by Christopher Lloyd Clarke Licensed by Enlightened Audio

Do not listen while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you. This is not a substitute for medical care. Consult a doctor or trusted health professional if needed.
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Joy is a quality that many people desire More of in their lives Yet it can be difficult to experience And even allow joy to be felt at times In today's short meditation I'll guide You to connect with the feeling of Joy Within your body Invited to expand and anchor it in so That you can tap into Joy any time you Want This is the first in a series of Meditations designed to work with Befriend and release emotions I invite you to use this practice Regularly and return to it after some of The other practices that will guide you Through more challenging emotions I'm Sarah Raymond from the mindful Movement to begin I invite you to make yourself Comfortable You can sit or lie down With your arms and legs uncrossed In an open and receptive gesture Close your eyes or soften your gaze Begin with a few cleansing breaths To settle your attention inward [Music] Take a long slow breath in through your Nose And a full audible breath out through Your mouth Take a few more Cycles on your own [Music]

When you feel ready Let go of any effort related to your Breath And invite your breath to be slow Effortless And automatic As you are witnessing your experience in This moment Allow yourself to let go Into the weight of gravity To feel heavy And grounded Where you meet your support Now let your attention move To the center of your chest Or your heart space Feel the love here Feel any other emotions present With acceptance Feel your ability to love And be passionate here [Music] Allow yourself to go further still Into relaxation Sense a safe place inside you A place where you feel secure and loved Place Resides your inner Joy That you are born with [Music] Allow yourself now To experience Pure Pleasure and joy Give yourself permission

To truly Enjoy This moment If Joy or pleasure have recently been Dimmed Now is the time to restore their true Brilliance [Music] Sense This Joy not only in your heart But throughout your entire body [Music] Connect with joy And positive energy And know that it is within you Be open to seeing the positive in Situations [Music] Be open to experiencing Joy Allow yourself to enjoy life To be joyful [Music] And now invite your joy to expand Imagine that you have a dial that Controls the feeling of joy In your mind Turn up the dial [Music] Turn up the intensity Turn up the volume And amplify The Joy within you [Music] First expanding inside your body Flowing out from your heart to all parts

Of your body Feel it getting brighter Bigger and more Vivid Feel the joy radiate out And fill you up [Music] Allow it to expand out Beyond yourself Let your joy And your happiness Radiate outward With the joy dial turned all the way up Place one hand on your heart And one hand on your belly This is your signal to Anchor in joy This is your signal to turn up the joy Any time you want after this practice is Over Continue to feel Joy and affirm to Yourself I allow Joy I am worthy of joy Deserve Joy Again you are igniting this anchor of Joy Since the connection Of your hand on your heart and your hand On your belly As you affirm once more I allow Joy I am worthy of joy [Music] I deserve Joy Linger in this sensation Linger in the feeling of joy

Let it sink into your heart Your muscles And your bones Feel Joy Knowing that you can cultivate Or grow this quality anytime you choose And now begin to sense the quality of a Smile As the corners of your lips lift The corners of your eyes lift Notice the smile throughout your entire Face Notice the response of your body As you welcome a smile to your face [Music] The rest of your body can join in your Smile too Stay with this joyful smile As you begin to bring some energy back To the rest of your body Allowing this smile to build And when you feel ready Open your eyes with a joyful smile on Your face And joy filling your heart Practice this meditation often to build The strength of your joy anchor And stay tuned for the other meditations In this series For working with challenging emotions


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