Kids Mindfulness Activities to Get Your Kids in the Mood to Meditate

There are lots of different types of kids mindfulness activities that you can incorporate into your daily routine. Sitting still like a frog and candle gazing are just a few. Try out some of these activities with your little ones and see which ones they enjoy the most. If you’re unsure which ones to choose, check out our guide to Kids Mindfulness Activities. Here are a few fun ideas for getting your little ones in the mood to meditate.

Mindfulness for Little Ones

There are several different mindfulness activities for little kids that you can do together. Some of these activities can be used to teach your children the importance of focus, while others allow your child to use their imagination and creativity. Children of all ages can benefit from practicing mindfulness, and the best way to do this is to use simple techniques like jumping jacks. Another activity is to use a mindfulness bell. Have your child ring the bell whenever they want to be quiet or when they need to calm down. Practice this activity before class so that your children know the sound to use when they need to.

You can also try a breathing meditation for children. By introducing them to a simple breathing exercise, they can begin to explore the meaning of their own body. You can do this by helping them visualize each breath with color, and teaching them to focus on how it feels when it passes through their nostrils. You can also have your child imagine being a fish and experiencing the first time they breathe through their lungs. The body scan is another important mindfulness exercise for little ones, and it is easy to teach your child to practice.

Sitting still like a frog

In Sitting Still Like a Frog, Eline Snel gives children an accessible way to learn about mindfulness and meditation. In this book, she explains mindfulness and its importance in developing our children’s minds. In this book, kids are guided through a series of exercises that help them tune into their breathing, be aware of their surroundings, and focus their attention and concentration. Sitting still like a frog also teaches kids how to practice kindness and understanding toward others.

Parents should be aware that there are no strict rules on how to teach mindfulness to children. There is a variety of books available to teach children the techniques. Those aimed at children are usually low-pressure. Sitting Still Like a Frog for Kids provides 75 mindfulness games, an audio CD of guided meditations, and tips for how to respond to younger children. The book also includes a section with tips for parents who want to teach mindfulness to their children.

Forest yoga

One way to incorporate forest yoga into a family outing is by having the kids try out the Tree pose. Children can practice this pose for a few minutes, while big kids and preschoolers can hold it for longer. When the child is ready, the child can come back down to the ground and repeat with the other leg. To encourage concentration, the child can imagine being a tree. In the Tree pose, the child should ground one leg and extend his arms to the sides pretending that they are strong branches. A variation on this pose is to bring your child’s hands to your heart and form a triangle with one leg.

Then, he or she can imagine himself or herself in the rainforest. While they’re doing this, act out the movements of a jungle animal. They can also perform a matching yoga pose. For instance, the child can pretend to be a lion, inhaling deeply while sticking out his tongue, crossing his eyes, and making a “hhh” sound. Likewise, they can imagine that the branches of a tree protect them and that the branches reach high to provide a sense of security and calm.

Candle gazing

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate meditation into your daily routine, consider candle gazing as a kids mindfulness activity. Candles provide a visual cue, which helps distract the mind from its wandering thoughts and bring it back to the present moment. Candle gazing is a wonderful activity to introduce to your kids, whether they’re young or old. Candle gazing can be a great way to teach children the benefits of meditation, and you can find a wide selection of free guided meditations online. All you need to do is search YouTube or Google for ideas.

To start, you should prepare yourself for candle gazing. First, you’ll need a comfortable seat. You should be near the candle, and your gaze should rest gently on the point of focus. You may find that your eyes water and you will experience a flood of emotions. Candle gazing helps you ground yourself in your body and mind. Afterwards, you can try yoga postures to bring your energy back.


One of the easiest ways to engage kids in mindfulness activities is through the use of bubbles. All kids love to play with bubbles, and they can be a great way to make this simple exercise fun. Bubbles are a great way to help kids practice deep breathing, which is known to relax the body and mind. By allowing your child to visualize their worries floating away and popping, they can help themselves relax and let go of their worries.

One of the best ways to get children to focus on the present moment is to have them blow bubbles. When blowing bubbles, kids should breathe in slowly and exhale slowly. Then, as the bubble floats in the air, they should pay attention to each movement. You can even teach kids to focus on breathing by pretending that they are fragile bubbles. You can then follow this up with a game where your child tries to blow a bubble back up to you and watch it pop!

Fall leaf breathing

A great exercise to incorporate into your children’s everyday life is leaf breathing. A drawing of a leaf or a real one will work well for this activity. Start by having your child trace around the leaf with one finger while slowly breathing in and out. Repeat this exercise several times until your child becomes calm. This activity can also be used to teach kids about mindfulness. Try it at home or in the classroom to teach your children how to meditate.

You can use free printables to guide your children through mindfulness activities. These activities incorporate Fall foliage and offer gentle guidance through the various exercises. Your children will focus on their breathing, body, and mind with these mindfulness exercises. They can also use their breath to help them work on self-control and affirmations. By using their breath to focus on the task at hand, they will learn how to control themselves and cope with frustration.

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