Let Go of Stress and Fall Asleep Fast Deep Sleep Meditation | Mindful Movement

Let Go of Stress and Fall Asleep Fast Deep Sleep Meditation | Mindful Movement

Sometimes stress, worry, or an overactive mind can make it challenging to go to sleep. Tonight can be different as I guide you on a relaxing journey to a serene beach where you can let go of any emotional stress or physical tension so you can drift to sleep easily and peacefully. The deep recovery you experience while you sleep is healing.
As you follow the soothing sound of my voice, your body and mind can rest, and you can drift to sleep when you are ready.

Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond
Music Credit: Divine Ocean by Zen Royalty Free @jasonstephensonmeditation @zenroyaltyfree

Do not listen while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you. This is not a substitute for medical care. Consult a doctor or trusted health professional if needed.
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Sometimes stress worry or an overactive Mind can make it challenging to go to Sleep Tonight can be different as I guide you On a relaxing journey to a Serene Beach Where you can let go of any emotional Stress or physical tension So you can drift to sleep easily and Peacefully The Deep recovery you experience while You sleep is healing As You Follow the soothing sound of my Voice your body and mind can rest And you can drift to sleep when you are Ready I'm Sarah Raymond from the mindful Movement and I am honored to be your Guide I invite you to make yourself Comfortable Take a moment to get settled into your Bed And when you are ready Allow the closing of your eyes To be an invitation To go Within Let go of the day That is in the past now With your attention on your present Experience now Begin to focus on your breath Slowly inhale through your nose Feeling the air fill your lungs Exhale slowly through your mouth

Releasing any tension or stress from Your body Take a few more cycles of long slow Breaths Letting go Letting go Letting go As you inhale Imagine the path of your breath Filling your body with oxygen And relaxing energy As you exhale Allow all of the tension and stress to Melt away Notice the sensations of the air Flowing in And out of your body Allow yourself to sink deeper And deeper Into a state of relaxation With each and Every Breath You Take As you continue to breathe slowly and Naturally now You begin to feel a sense of calm And relaxation wash over you You feel your muscles loosen And your body sink deeper into the bed You let go of any thoughts or concerns Allowing yourself to fully let go and Relax Become aware of your physical experience Now With your attention Begin at the top of your head

And Scan your way through your body As you notice each area Let go deeper into relaxation [Music] Relax and release Each muscle As you move closer To deep sleep Give yourself permission to be Completely supported By your bed Let go of any holding And give in to the heaviness of gravity Because it feels so good Take a moment to look within yourself To find a part of you that feels good Perhaps it is the place where your body Meets the bed beneath you Maybe you feel a warm tingling sensation At the palms of your hands [Music] As you relax deeper you may even feel as If you are floating Whatever good feeling you are aware of Invite this feeling to spread [Music] With your attention and intention You can allow this energy To expand Throughout your entire body [Music] Thank your body for all that has allowed You to do today

Offering this love and gratitude for Yourself Will allow you to sleep peacefully And recover through the night As you drift Deeper into relaxation With your imagination You find yourself Transported to a beautiful Peaceful Beach And although you know you are safe and Warm in your bed It feels as though you are on this Beautiful beach You can feel the warm sunbeams on your Skin And a gentle breeze caressing your skin [Music] The Clean Air feels great as you breathe It in [Music] You see the soft White sand And the clear blue water The sound of the waves crashing against The shore Fills your ears And calms your nervous system You can smell the salt water air And feel the sand beneath your feet [Music] This connection between your feet And the sand Is amazingly grounding and nourishing

You have an immense sense of calm And safety here You make your way down to the water's Edge And sink your toes Into the soft Cool sand [Music] You can feel the grains of sand between Your toes And the slight dampness of the ground Beneath you This grounding sensation Calms and nourishes your entire body From the soles of your feet Making its way up to the top of your Head [Music] The Earth is supporting you And it feels so good With this support You know you can let go even deeper into Relaxation And sleep As you take in the beauty And calmness of your surroundings You take a deep breath And let out a sigh of contentment You feel All the worries and stress Melting away As you immerse yourself in this peaceful Atmosphere of the beach The air around you feels like a warm

Loving embrace As you slowly and safely Walk along the shore You come to a cozy little Cabana You decide to sit down on one of the Comfortable and inviting chairs So that you can rest for a while You close your eyes and let the sounds Of nature Lull you into a state Of complete relaxation [Music] The air and energy around you are so Tranquil and calming You hear the sounds of nature And they relax you deeper Allow yourself to think deeper and Deeper Into this peaceful state As you continue to imagine yourself In this peaceful place If any thoughts come to mind Simply acknowledge them And let them go Returning to Enjoy This Absolute Ease As you continue To relax Allow yourself to drift Into a deep restful sleep Well that you are safe

Ported To allow yourself To let go of any worries or concerns [Music] Trust the present moment And give yourself permission to drift Into a deep Healing slumber [Music] You feel your body becoming heavier And more relaxed With each passing moment [Music] Mind becomes calm As you sink deeper into relaxation You let go of any thoughts Allowing yourself to fully unwind And let go of the day As you lay here drifting You feel a sense of gratitude And appreciation Wash over you You are grateful for this moment Of peace And rest And for the opportunity to recharge And renew your energy As you continue to rest and visualize Remind yourself that you have the power To choose positivity [Music] You can choose to let go of the negative Thoughts And focus on the good

[Music] You can choose to be kind And compassionate towards yourself and Others You can choose to embrace the present Moment And find gratitude in all that you have [Music] You can choose To be content Because you are so calm and at peace You can still see the beautiful beach in Your mind Yet you know you are safe And secure in your own bed This feeling of safe tranquility Is all you need To allow yourself To drift To sleep now Your mind and body are ready To rest And heal for the night You allow yourself now To drift into a deep Restful sleep [Music] Knowing that after you complete This night's sleep You will awake many hours later Feeling refreshed And rejuvenated in the morning Sweet dreams my friend Foreign

[Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign Foreign Foreign


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James is a content creator who works in the personal development niche.