Live Meditation With Daaji | 02 May 2024 | 06:30 AM IST | Kanha Shanti Vanam | Heartfulness

Live Meditation With Daaji | 02 May 2024 | 06:30 AM IST | Kanha Shanti Vanam | Heartfulness

Experience the transformative power of live meditation with Daaji at Kanha Shanti Vanam on 02 May 2024, starting at 06:30 AM IST. Immerse yourself in this soul-enriching session organized by Heartfulness and discover the path to inner peace and harmony. Ready to embark on this enlightening journey? Join us as we delve into the serene realm of meditation together.

Live Meditation With Daaji – Immerse Yourself in Peace and Serenity


Hey there! Are you looking to start your day with a sense of calm and tranquility? Well, guess what? You’re invited to a unique live meditation session with Daaji on the 2nd of May 2024 at 06:30 AM IST at Kanha Shanti Vanam. Let’s dive into the details and discover how this session can transform your mornings!

What to Expect During the Live Meditation?

When you join Daaji for the live meditation, you can expect to:

  • Experience deep relaxation and inner peace
  • Connect with thousands of like-minded individuals from around the world
  • Immerse yourself in a serene and uplifting atmosphere

How to Book Your Spot for the Live Meditation?

To book your free spot for the live meditation, simply visit our website and reserve your place. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and mindfulness with Daaji.

Why Subscribe to Learn More About Heartfulness Meditation?

Subscribing to learn more about Heartfulness Meditation offers you exclusive access to:

  • Tips and techniques for enhancing your meditation practice
  • Updates on upcoming events and sessions
  • Inspirational content to nourish your soul

What Can You Gain by Downloading the Heartfulness App?

By downloading the Heartfulness App, you can:

  • Access guided meditation sessions anytime, anywhere
  • Track your meditation progress and set personal goals
  • Connect with a community of meditation enthusiasts

Where Can You Order “Spiritual Anatomy” and “The Authentic Yoga” Books?

You can order these enlightening books from our website and delve into the depths of spiritual wisdom and yoga practices at your convenience.

How to Find Information on Heartfulness Trainers & Meditation Centers?

If you’re looking to connect with Heartfulness trainers or find meditation centers near you, visit our website for a comprehensive directory and take your meditation practice to the next level.

Why Visit Kanha Shanti Vanam?

Visiting Kanha Shanti Vanam, the heart of Heartfulness Meditation, allows you to:

  • Experience the serene surroundings and vibrant energy of the center
  • Deepen your meditation practice with expert guidance
  • Connect with a global community of spiritual seekers

How Can You Make Donations to Support Heartfulness Meditation?

If you feel inspired to contribute to the growth of Heartfulness Meditation, you can make donations at and be a part of our mission to spread love and harmony.


Mark your calendars for the live meditation session with Daaji on the 2nd of May 2024 at 06:30 AM IST and make a commitment to nurture your mind, body, and soul. Embrace the serenity that awaits you and embark on a journey of self-exploration through the transformative power of meditation.


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