Meditation to Clear Emotional Energy from your Body [Somatic Breathwork] | Mindful Movement

Meditation to Clear Emotional Energy from your Body [Somatic Breathwork] | Mindful Movement

Emotions are energy in motion, moving throughout your body. The emotions can be released to be moved out of your body or recycled and stored, where they are likely to show up again and again.

This practice is particularly useful because you don’t need to name the emotions or recount the story of the emotions, you will simply work with the energy in your body.

This is part of a series to work with, befriend, and release your emotions. I would encourage you to practice the meditation for anchoring joy after this recording is complete.

Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond
Music Credit: Coming Down by Christopher Lloyd Clarke Licensed by Enlightened Audio

Do not listen while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you. This is not a substitute for medical care. Consult a doctor or trusted health professional if needed.
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Emotions are energy in motion moving Throughout your body The emotions can be released to move out Of your body or recycled and stored Where they are likely to show up again And again This practice is particularly useful Because you don't need to name the Emotions or recount the story of the Emotions You will simply work with the energy in Your body This is part of a series to work with Befriend and release your emotions I would encourage you to practice the Meditation for anchoring Joy after this Recording is over Welcome to the mindful movement I'm Sarah Raymond As you begin I invite you to make yourself Comfortable You can choose to sit or lie down With your spine straight And your arms and legs uncrossed And will guide you to create Spaciousness in your body to allow the Energy to move and be released As you settle into comfort Allow your attention to move inward And close your eyes Gradually begin to narrow your awareness From outside of yourself To Within

Become aware of the energy around you Notice the support of the surface below You [Music] Notice your internal experience now Invite your focus inside your body As you notice any areas of tension you May be holding on to Take a few deep breaths And allow your body to soften Welcome a sense of ease To settle Over you Knowing you are fully supported By the surface beneath you [Music] Allow your attention to move to the Length of your spine now Breathe into the length of your spine [Music] Feel yourself filling up From bottom to top Feel your breath creating expansiveness In your body From the base of your spine To the top of your head Lengthen your posture as you breathe [Music] Now begin to breathe into the width of Your body [Music] Breathe in and fill up Side to side And relax

With each exhale [Music] As you continue to breathe You are intentionally creating Spaciousness In the width of your body [Music] With this breath Allow yourself to take up space Imagine your energy moving outward to Your right And to your left [Music] Now breathe into the depth of your body [Music] Begin to fill up from front to back Create space in the depth of your body [Music] Sense expansiveness From your navel to your spine From your chest To your back And from between your eyebrows to the Back of your head With this breath imagine your energy Moving out behind you And in front of you And finally Encourage your breath To go in all directions Filling up Through the length of your spine The width of your body and the depth Of your body

[Music] And now allow your breath to relax Let go of any effort As your breath relaxes Your body and mind Can also relax a bit deeper [Music] This open space you have created Allows for a beautiful flow of energy And with this expansion Call to mind the intention To release any stuck Energy Or emotions from your body [Music] Become aware of any sensations of stuck Or stagnant energy Within your body [Music] Look for any energetic bottlenecks Or what you may think of as a kink in The hose Now with each natural breath You are moving energy You are pulling the energy up with your Inhale And releasing this energy out with your Exhale Visualize this energy moving Imagine its color The journey it takes to move out of your Body And notice the feel of the moving energy Within you

[Music] To encourage this movement even more Next I will guide you to use your breath For More release This breath pattern is a double inhale Through your nose And a releasing exhale through your Mouth You will first inhale halfway Then all the way After a short pause you will exhale Forcefully and completely It will sound like this Foreign [Music] Cycles Then breathe naturally [Music] Breathe out completely Then breathe in halfway pause Breathe in the rest of the way Pause and breathe out fully through your Mouth Repeat this three more times on your own When your four breaths are complete Relax your breath Do this pattern for one more set of four Breaths [Music] And as you do Use your imagination to see the movement Of the stuck and stagnant energy being Pulled up And out

And released with each breath [Music] [Music] Allow your breath to find a natural Rhythm once more Notice the change you have created Feel your body and mind shift towards Peace Know that you are supported Know that you are safe Surrender into this moment Enjoy this moment of spaciousness [Music] Invite more ease into your body As the work you have completed Continues To move and release stuck energy As your body unwinds Any emotional strain that you have been Carrying Is freely released [Music] Free and relaxed state You have released Any and all stuck energy And emotions To recognize the safety Within [Music] This allows you to experience the gift Of mental strength And emotional resiliency Invite your awareness now to broaden Outside of your breath and body Become aware of the space around you

The air The room The surface beneath you Continue to lean into the expansion And spaciousness you have created Take a long slow breath in Feeling open and expansive And as you breathe out let go of what You do not need When it feels right to you Open your eyes and feel the freedom you Have created By releasing this energy of emotion And I invite you to move into the Anchoring Joy practice next


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