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Whether you’re new to yoga or an expert, there are many poses to choose from. Often, a yoga instructor will suggest a combination of poses that is appropriate for each student. But if you’re looking to get started, here are some poses that may help you find your comfort zone.


Often called the Easy Pose, Sukhasana is a simple meditation yoga pose that promotes relaxation. It strengthens the back, ankles and knees and calms the nervous system.

This yoga pose is considered a beginner level asana and requires a relaxed body, undivided concentration and breath control. Sukhasana is also known as a meditation yoga pose and can be performed at any time.

The cross-legged seated meditative pose can be performed on a chair or on a bolster. It is recommended that you use a firm cushion to ensure you have proper posture.

The easiest way to achieve the Sukhasana pose is to sit cross-legged on the floor. You can use a bolster to support your hips if you have tight hips. You can also use a yoga block to help if your shoulders are tight.

Tree pose

Using the Tree pose as a meditation yoga pose can increase your balance and concentration. It also has many health benefits.

This pose is a good way to build your core and stretch your buttocks. It also can be a challenge to master. If you are having trouble with your balance, you can try leaning your butt against a wall or placing your left foot on the right ankle.

While there are many variations of the Tree Pose, the basic idea is to lift one leg up, while releasing the other leg down. This allows your weight to be transferred to your arms. The goal is to keep your arms in a vertical position.

Lotus pose

Practicing the Lotus Pose can be a fun and relaxing way to relax your body and calm your mind. However, it can also cause some injuries. Therefore, it’s important to listen to your body when deciding whether to perform the Lotus Pose.

The Lotus Pose aims to calm the mind and improve circulation in your lower body. This can be achieved by positioning your legs directly under your knees. You may also use pillows or a folded blanket to help your body find more flexibility.

The Lotus Pose also aims to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is the part of your body that reduces stress and regulates your body’s natural functions. It also helps your body to stretch and relax your ankles, legs and hips.

Cobra pose

Practicing Cobra Pose is beneficial to the body in several ways. It can enhance blood circulation and improve the flexibility of the spine. In addition, it has the ability to relieve stress and fatigue. It also stimulates many internal organs.

Cobra Pose is the precursor to more advanced backbends. It is commonly performed as a vinyasa in a yoga class. It can also be performed as a standalone asana. It has several variations, including the modified cobra pose, which is performed with the palms of the hands against a wall.

The modified cobra pose is ideal for pregnant women. It is also a good stretch for the whole back.

Seated twist

Performing twisting postures helps release tension in the lower back, neck, and shoulders. They also stimulate the digestive organs and enhance circulation to the spine. They can be performed at home, at work, or in a yoga class.

The seated twist is a stretch of the chest, shoulders, and lower back. It also releases tension in the hips. You may not want to perform this twist if you have a back injury or other health concerns. If you do, consult a health care professional before trying this twist.

This seated twist is good for the lower back and the neck. It also helps you unwind and release tension in the hips and shoulders. To perform this twist, start with your knees bent and your right knee over your left. You should also hold the left ankle with the right hand. You can place your left hand on the outside of your right knee to add an extra stretch to this twist.

Siddha yoni asana

Often referred to as the “Accomplished Pose”, Siddha yoni asana is a yoga pose that is often performed during meditation. It is also called a “seated pose”. It targets the pelvis and hips, and it encourages physical and mental relief from stress.

Siddha yoni asana stretches the inner thighs and groin muscles, and it also strengthens the pelvic muscles. This pose also stimulates the sacral chakra and the base chakra. It also helps with bladder control.

Siddha yoni is a basic seated yoga pose for women. It is similar to the cross-legged position. However, the back of the right hand is held on the left palm.

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