Moving From Anger to Self Realization | Doing “the Work” With Byron Katie

Moving From Anger to Self Realization | Doing “the Work” With Byron Katie

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Foreign [Applause] Just allow a situation to arise in you And Feel what it feels like feel the emotion In that situation when you're full of Anxiety and let's say it's an argument With someone or An argument No matter how trivial or Or not Trivial or important But feel the emotion and and Feel it on a scale from one to ten ten Being the most anxiety Maybe you're really angry at that person So you'd name it anger Maybe you were frustrated with that Person And please don't We're going to write this down in a Moment so please don't write about Yourself You're angry with this person Now begin to identify why You're frustrated Or angry with that person Maybe you're hurt name your own emotion Why are you angry At that moment in time And when you've named the emotion and You um Are in touch with why Open your eyes and fill in statement

Number one on the judge your neighbor Worksheet inside your folder Now you have more than one worksheet There and you have Um you have room to write on the front And back when you go home So that you can try this practice on A few times and For those of you that are meditators you Might want to take this into your Practice a bit And just feel what that feels like Fulfilling statement one I'm angry with Paul because he doesn't listen to me We're standing in the kitchen I see it clearly I see his face I see me there I'm so Angry with him And notice how your ego is going to want To change situations Gonna do all kinds want to do all kinds Of dances just stay with the With the questions on the worksheet Keep it very simple Okay so now I invite you to close your Eyes again continuing to meditate on That situation That moment in time Begin to get in touch with What you wanted from that person what do You want Like

Be there Then See it with your through your mind's eye That situation And get in touch with what did you want From that person And your ego May judge that today as Immature But Someone that's angry is extra it's an Immature State of Mind And no change takes place there that's Is going to serve Us in the long run So even though it may sound immature get In touch with what did you want then From that person And when you get in touch with that Fill in statement two And notice how again maybe how immature Or childlike or Petty it sounds and and Continue to fill in the worksheet with What you want What you wanted in that situation in That moment in time That you want from that person Not to get what you want What advice would you offer that person He should he shouldn't Or maybe she should she shouldn't What advice would you offer that person To get what you want Make sure it's clear advice That would serve you And you see I have some examples there

Too for those of you that Need a little Experience from my end Now feel what it feels like feel what That frustration feels like or that Anger you know in touch with those Emotions in that situation now what Would it take to go from that emotion All the way to Happy To just go from feeling let's say that Anxiety and just flip to Happy What do you need from that person what Do you need to be happy what do you need From that person Get in touch with that meditate on that Moment in time that situation And then fill in Statement for Foreign Some Freedom here and what were your Thoughts about that person Identify what you were thinking about That person And fill in statement five And again don't expect it to be sane or Kind You know when when we're angry There's really nothing kind about us About what we're thinking and believing So fill in statement five with What you find there in the quiet As you meditate on that situation that Moment in time Now what is it about that situation or

That person you never want to experience Again When you're in touch with that fill in Statement six What is it well that person or that Situation you never want to experience Again Foreign So you can see Just to fill in one of these worksheets It really takes Stillness And the quieter you get the more focused On that moment in time you are The more Self-realization you find when you Consider what you are thinking and Believing and this will all add up Even more by the time we get to the end Of this And so far what have you realized what Did you What did you realize as you were filling In this worksheet Anyone volunteer Again To realize she's right she's right she Said oh You realize how vast that is I'm right It's like right about what Yes what did you realize Again Very very young old feelings that Pertain in many situations Yeah

It's familiar yeah yeah If we believe it here we believe it over Here and here and here and here and here And here it just makes up our world There's somebody over here That made me really sad oh Yeah it just made me sad it was sadness Around it yeah for myself but also for The person it's just yeah so you're Starting to see from their shoes a Little more clearly yeah from their eyes Don't open the shoes You can see through their shoes too if You really get still in a Yes so you can you can see your part in It and you can and you're more in touch With there yeah


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