Release Negativity and Move into Acceptance | Deep Sleep Hypnosis Meditation | Mindful Movement

Release Negativity and Move into Acceptance | Deep Sleep Hypnosis Meditation | Mindful Movement

Like the leaves falling in Autumn allows new growth in the spring, you too can let go of the old to make room for something new.

Let go of negativity, let go of tension, and let go of expectations and comparisons. This will make room for positivity, ease, contentment, and freedom. You can regain self-confidence, and increase self-esteem, build acceptance, and unconditional self-love.

Trust yourself, trust that your body knows what you need to heal, trust that you have all the answers, and trust that all you need within yourself. Allow this deep sleep hypnosis practice to guide you into this trust so you can begin healing as you sleep.

Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond
Music Credit: Adrift (Delta) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke Licensed by Enlightened Audio

Do not listen while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you. This is not a substitute for medical care. Consult a doctor or trusted health professional if needed.
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Like the leaves falling in Autumn allows For new growth in the spring You too can let go of the old to make Room for something new Let go of negativity Let go of tension Let go of expectations and comparisons This will make room for positivity Is Contentment and freedom You can regain confidence Increase self-esteem Build acceptance and unconditional Self-love Trust yourself Trust that your body knows what you need To heal Trust that you have all the answers And trust that all you need is within Yourself right now Allow this deep sleep hypnosis practice To guide you into this trust So you can begin healing as you sleep Thank you for joining me here at the Mindful movement I'm Sarah Raymond To begin I invite you to make yourself Comfortable Prepare your environment so you can Sleep for the night Take a full And deep breath in And as you breathe out Close your eyes

And signal to your body That it's time to rest To begin the practice of letting go I invite you to start with your breath Recognize that each exhale Is an act of letting go Letting go of what you do not need After Utilizing the oxygen from your inhale Your breath is automatic And you can trust that your body knows What you need Begin to bring some intention to your Breath With an extended exhale Begin to slow your breath down Invite your breath to be long in length Low in location in your body Encourage your breath to be as quiet As you can And as slow As possible Continue to intentionally breathe like This Long Low Quiet And slow Encourage a long letting go with each Exhale As you breathe out Say in your mind Letting go Letting go

Letting go Release any effort and focus Associated with your breath now Become aware of your inner physical Experience Just as it is As you sense your body Let go of labels Let go of expectations Of what you think you may find Notice with acceptance And notice how love and acceptance for Your body Can give you ease And freedom Scan your body for any areas of tension Accept your experience as is And then Allow your attention to welcome a Softening Allow your focus to invite a sense of Ease To move throughout your body Know that acceptance is not about giving Up Or never seeking growth Acceptance lets go of additional Unnecessary suffering Acceptance allows you to let go of Judgment Healing Growth and transformation Can only come from a place of compassion And non-judgment

Offer this compassion and acceptance To all parts of your body As You observe your body Soften And release any areas you are able Divide in the feeling of peace As you begin to tune out the whole world Around you And go Within With my voice Has a soothing guide To help you sleep In a moment I will guide you to slowly scan Your entire body Starting from the top of your head Going all the way through your body To your feet As I say each part of your body Notice what is present With acceptance So that you can invite relaxation to That body part Encourage your body to be completely Supported By the surface below you So there is no need to hold on You can simply let go into sleep Allow your mind to let go of any Conscious listening Bring your attention to the top of your Head Notice the sensations here And then relax

Become aware of your eyes Release any facial expressions Allow your cheeks to soften Unclench your jaw With compassion for yourself Become aware of your neck And throat With the acceptance of your present Moment experience Relax completely As you accept yourself Just As You Are You allow each muscle to relax In progression And this invites a deeper sense of Relaxation To the parts of your body That came before it In your body scan Continue to notice Accept And relax As you invite a sense of peace Into your shoulders Chest And arms Perhaps you may begin to feel a Comfortable heaviness Move into your ribs Abdomen And back now Let go of any gripping in your hips As they completely relax With love for all parts of you

Allow your thighs to rest On the surface below you Sense your ankles and feet Releasing And relaxing Take another moment to notice any areas That may still be holding on To any lingering tension After acknowledging and accepting your Present experience Ask your body to let go Simply let go of the need to be in Control Surrender to the support Of the surface below you Your body is safe And supported And knows what to do To relax If you simply allow the tension To release Bring your attention to your heart now Feel the energy of love Tell yourself I am enough I am worthy I am deserving Foreign I am important Now that your body Is fully relaxed And your mind is calm and clear You are ready to release any negative Beliefs For positivity

Ease And freedom Sense that my voice My energy And the universal energy all around you Are here to support you In letting go With love and acceptance in your heart Aim to let go of what is no longer Serving you Perhaps you have some patterns and Beliefs that did serve you at one time Maybe they motivated you and they pushed You to achieve However They are creating suffering now And draining your self-worth Imagine now Permanently releasing Letting go of And freeing yourself from what you do Not need In your mind visualize a fire in a safe Place Imagine placing a stick Representative of each negative belief You may have been carrying Place it into the fire with gratitude For how these aspects of yourself Have served you Up to this point in your life There is no need to name these Specifically right now Simply let the negative energy go

So that you can replace it with positive Energy Let go of judgment Let go of criticism Let go of comparisons Let go of expectations Release anything else you are ready to Let go of In order to fully love and accept Yourself You must let go of limiting beliefs And self-defeating behaviors Let go of anything that no longer serves You On your journey to self-acceptance Let go of all the behaviors And beliefs That no longer serve you Or are working against you Let go of the need for perfection To be human is to be imperfect Let go of comparisons with past versions Of yourself Let go of negative self-talk Let go of Shame And let go of unhealthy guilt Let it all go See all of this burning in the fire To be gone from your life forever Let it all go Allow a feeling of self-love And ease to move into the space you have Created With all that you have let go of

Drift deeper into relaxation now As your mind and body Have opened up to new ideas You have cleared some obstacles And made room For your own ability For self-healing to happen You can now look inward To your body And support yourself with love Now with a sense of spaciousness And expansion Focus on what feels good Notice where your physical body Feels good Be aware of your positive energetic An emotional state Ate all the positive qualities within You To expand outward Into all parts of your body Sense supportive light energy Moving through your body Protecting you Nourishing you And healing you while you sleep Since the quality of Love in Your Heart Love for yourself And all your parts Now you have prepared your mind and body For developing confidence Self-worth And the success Contentment and freedom

You desire All while you experience Profoundly deep healing sleep The sound of my voice And my energy Will support your healing tonight And long after the recording is over You can drift To sleep When your mind and body are ready Your mind is clear And your body is relaxed As you drift into dreaming sleep You will continue to experience A peaceful And calm Mind and body Your body knows exactly what to do to Relax As you let go My voice will gradually disappear And you will be deeply asleep When you wake many hours later Your body and mind Will continue to experience This amazing Amazing Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign

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