Serenity: Deeply Restorative Sleep Meditation for Healing | Mindful Movement

Serenity: Deeply Restorative Sleep Meditation for Healing | Mindful Movement

Whether you struggle with chronic insomnia or simply find it difficult to unwind at the end of a busy day, this emotional and physical healing meditation for sleep can be a powerful tool for restoring balance and promoting restful sleep.

Tonight, unwind and let go of any challenging emotions or physical tension that may be keeping you awake at night. By taking time to focus on your breath and connect with your body, you’ll be able to cultivate a sense of inner peace and relaxation that will help you drift to sleep more easily.

This is a new healing sleep meditation for 2023.

Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond
Music Credit: Peace Within by @jasonstephensonmeditation @zenroyaltyfree

Do not listen while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you. This is not a substitute for medical care. Consult a doctor or trusted health professional if needed.
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Whether you struggle with chronic Insomnia or find it difficult to unwind At the end of a busy day This emotional and physical healing Meditation for sleep Can be a powerful tool for restoring Balance And promoting restful sleep Tonight Unwind and let go of any challenging Emotions or physical tension That may be keeping you awake at night By taking time to focus on your breath And connect with your body You'll be able to cultivate a sense of Inner peace and relaxation That will help you drift to sleep more Easily Welcome to the mindful movement I'm Sarah Raymond and I will be your guide On this journey to deep restful sleep I invite you to make yourself Comfortable Let your body begin to sink into the Softness Of your bed [Music] Take a few cleansing breaths Breathe in fully and deeply through your Nose And as you exhale through your mouth Like a sigh Feel any tension or stress Leaving your body

Do this a few times As you allow yourself To settle And let go of what you no longer need Allow yourself to become fully present In this moment [Music] Recognize you are safe And supported [Music] As you continue to breathe naturally and Rhythmically A warm and relaxing wave of energy Spreads throughout your body Starting at the top of your head And flowing all the way down to your Toes With each breath This relaxation grows stronger Washing away any stress Tension or discomfort [Music] Allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper Into relaxation [Music] Feel your body growing heavier And more relaxed with each passing Moment [Music] As you continue to allow yourself To relax even further You feel your mind becoming quiet and Still You are gradually shifting

Into a deep And peaceful sleep [Music] You are aware of your surroundings Yet You are also aware of a deep sense of Calm and tranquility [Music] As you feel your mind and body Entering a deep state of relaxation You recognize that your mind is slowing Down In this state of ease You can easily access your subconscious Mind [Music] And you can let go of any limiting Beliefs Or negative thoughts That may be holding you back [Music] In this state [Music] Deep And profound healing is available to you Just as you create a safe physical space For your meditation Create a safe space For your mind To release thoughts And for your body To release Energy And emotions

[Music] Give yourself permission to relax As you go deeper You may sense this relaxed state Where you are aware That you are not aware You can sense that you are listening But you are not straining to hear You may feel as if you are concentrating From the place of your subconscious mind And allowing your conscious mind to rest [Music] Naturally without trying you are going To A deeply relaxed state Where my voice can communicate directly And easily With your subconscious mind For deeply healing suggestions [Music] You know that you are safe and supported And after a restorative night's sleep You will wake up Feeling refreshed And rejuvenated [Music] Allow sleep To come to you When you are ready Knowing that you are loved And supported And that you can release any pain or Discomfort With ease

[Music] Your mind is a powerful healing tool And you can use your imagination To support the healing and sleep you Desire [Music] Now in your powerful mind Imagine yourself On a quiet path Walking through a peaceful Forest [Music] And as you stroll you come across a Peaceful beautiful Lake [Music] The water is still and calm Reflecting The Starry Sky above [Music] You can hear the gentle sound of Crickets Chirping in a distance And feel a soft breeze on your skin As you gaze into the water You notice that your reflection Looks a little tight and rigid You see in your reflection that your Face is tense And your body is stiff [Music] And you realize that you are carrying Tension and stress in your body Which can make it difficult to relax And go to sleep So at this moment With your powerful mind

You choose to let go and relax With each natural Breath You Take You feel the tension in your body Begin to melt away [Music] You feel your muscles relax You feel your thoughts quiet And you feel your heart Opening And slowing down Because you have chosen to shift Into this peaceful state You are doing so right now [Music] You feel yourself become lighter and Lighter You feel as if you're floating on a Cloud Weightless and carefree [Music] You feel your body becoming more and More relaxed As you are sinking into your comfy soft Bed [Music] Now in your imagination As you gaze out at the lake You notice a small boat Anchored at the shore And you feel drawn to it And decide to climb aboard [Music] Once you are on the boat you feel safe And secure

Knowing this boat And the lake are only in your mind You can hear the gentle lapping of the Water Against The sides of the boat And you feel a sense of calm And peace [Music] You even notice that the water in the Lake is calm and peaceful too [Music] As you begin to drift across the lake Slowly and safely You notice that the stars above Are growing brighter And more vibrant [Music] The stars energy feels healing and Supportive And you feel yourself becoming more and More relaxed [Music] Letting go into a healing state You notice that the boat is now drifting Towards a beautiful secluded Island And as you approach the shore You notice a small cabin Nestled in the trees on the island [Music] You feel a sense of curiosity And decide you want to explore the cabin You safely step onto the island [Music]

And instantly feel a wave of healing Peace Wash over you The moment you place your feet On the ground You know the healing Earth's energy is Supporting you in this moment [Music] Once inside You find that the cabin is warm and Inviting And you feel safe and relaxed Knowing this experience is in your Imagination [Music] You can smell the comforting scent of Freshly baked cookies And hear the gentle crackling of a fire In the fireplace Foreign To a cozy armchair by the fire And sit down Feeling the softness of the cushions And the warmth of the air around you Enveloping you [Music] As you relax in the chair You feel a sense of Deep Peace and tranquility You know that you are safe and supported And this moment is healing for you now Now you see a beautiful and unique Crystal on the table next to you [Music]

And you feel drawn to pick up the Crystal [Music] Imagine yourself holding this glowing Crystal in your hands [Music] You know it is filled with healing Energy [Music] And as you hold the crystal You feel it's warmth Spreading throughout your body Filling you with a deep sense Of healing calm and relaxation You feel any remaining tension or stress Melting away Leaving you feeling deeply peaceful and At ease Now imagine that the crystal begins to Emit a soft Glowing light Filling the room with warm and healing Energy The light surrounds you Wrapping you in a cocoon of healing Energy As you bask in the healing light You feel Any pain or discomfort being gently Lifted away from your body [Music] You visualize any areas of your body That need healing And allow the warm light to penetrate

And soothe those areas [Music] Foreign And health Is beginning to cultivate From deep within And from the outer support of the Crystal's energy You recognize any emotional pain Or unwanted challenging thoughts That may be weighing on you Are taken away by the healing Crystal's Energy Imagine them as clouds And allow the warm light To dissipate them Leaving you feeling lighter And more peaceful [Music] As you continue to breathe slowly and Steadily Enjoy the healing of the crystal Allow yourself to release Any negative emotions or thoughts That may be keeping you awake Imagine them floating away Leaving you With a sense Of healing peace and calm Now repeat to yourself I am calm I am relaxed I am at peace I am calm

I am relaxed I am at peace I am calm I am relaxed [Music] I am at peace Allow these words to sink in to your Subconscious mind Filling you with a sense of tranquility And comfort Feeling so completely peaceful [Music] You move to lie down on a comfortable Bed in the cabin You feel the softness of the blankets And pillows surrounding you And you feel a sense of gratitude For this moment of deep rest and Relaxation Your body is a temple A sacred ground Your body is the home of your soul Your heart And your mind Take a moment you have some gratitude For your body Knowing that this gratitude is healing Allow yourself to feel gratitude for all That your body helps you do Let yourself be kind to your body And treat it with the love that it Deserves Foreign You allow your light to shine from

Within Feel safe in your body Feel free And allow yourself to be the best that You can Notice the power of your body's healing When you offer yourself love And gratitude Every night from today forward You are sleeping deeply through the Night And your body continues to heal and Repair With each deep sleep Let Yourself Go deeper and deeper Allowing sleep to easily come to you And you recognize This scene in your mind Drifts away And you Are safe And cozy In your own bed And as you drift to sleep You know that you are safe and supported You are surrounded by healing energy You can let go into a deep and restful Sleep now And you know that you will wake up Feeling refreshed And rejuvenated in the morning Joy your peaceful deep Healing sleep now [Music]

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