Short Morning Meditation to Focus on Cultivating Positivity | Mindful Movement

Short Morning Meditation to Focus on Cultivating Positivity | Mindful Movement

Before you even get out of bed in the morning, you can set your intentions for a great day. This morning meditation will guide you to focus on cultivating positivity in under 10 minutes.

Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond
Music Credit: Peace Within by Zen Royalty Free Music @jasonstephensonmeditation

Do not listen while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you. This is not a substitute for medical care. Consult a doctor or trusted health professional if needed.
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Before you even get out of bed in the Morning you can set your intentions for A great day This morning meditation will guide you To focus on cultivating positivity Thank you for joining me this morning I'm Sarah Raymond from the mindful Movement I'm grateful to have the Opportunity to be a small part of your Morning to help you have a great day To begin I invite you to make yourself Comfortable Close your eyes And take a few long slow breaths As you focus on your breath You can begin to notice The sensation As your breath comes in And out Through your nose And makes a slow journey through your Body As you inhale imagine you are breathing In peace Love and positivity As you exhale imagine that you are Releasing any stress Negativity or tension Allow your breath to relax you Because it is sending a signal to your Mind and body That you are safe And you are ready to have the best day

[Music] Notice the sensations of your body as You bring your awareness to your present Moment experience Become aware of the feeling of the Support beneath you And any fabric touching your skin Take a moment to fully appreciate the Present moment And your physical body Now bring to mind your intention for the Day What do you hope to accomplish today How do you want to feel As you go about your day Foreign As you continue To relax and breathe naturally Visualize yourself moving through your Day With a positive attitude And an open mind Foreign Looking for the good in every situation And finding joy in the little things Imagine yourself being grateful for the People Experiences And opportunities that you encounter Today Foreign That positivity is a choice It takes practice and effort to Cultivate

But the benefits are well worth it Positive outlook can improve your Physical and mental health Increase your resilience An ability to handle challenges Positive outlook can bring more Happiness and fulfillment into your life As you continue to breathe and visualize Remind yourself that you have the power To choose positivity You can choose to let go of negative Thoughts and focus on the good You can choose to be kind and Compassionate toward yourself and others You can choose to embrace the present Moment And find gratitude in all that you have Take another long slow breath in And out Do this again and begin to awaken your Posture And build a little bit more energy to Brighten your body and mind Become aware of the sensations in your Body once more Noticing how you are feeling after Taking this time for yourself [Music] Begin to let your attention move outside Your body To your environment Notice the sounds around you Connect with the outside world while Remaining in tune with yourself

And your inner experience When you are ready slowly open your eyes And step into your day With a positive and open mind May your day be filled with joy Abundance And all that you desire If you are looking for more morning Meditations to help you start each day I've created a playlist for you on the Screen Save the playlist so you can easily find Your next practice


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