Solar breathing

Solar breathing

This tutorial explains solar breathing, or also knows as surya bheda, the solar breath. Learn more about yogic breathing exercises in our breathwork playlist.
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Hi yogis welcome my name is Flo in this Video I am sharing Surya beta pranayama A breathing exercise also known as the Solar breath in yoga we associate the Right side of the body with the solar Energy the masculine the yang And the left side with the lunar the Feminine the Yin In the previous tutorial I talked about Chandra Veda the lunar breath today We're doing the solar breath this is a Great one to energize to create more of An uplift energy in the body and to Create more warmth and heat so it might Even help to do this breathing exercise After eating food to support the Digestion you can practice focusing on Rounds for example 5 to 20 rounds or you Focus on practicing by time meaning you Set a timer for five minutes let's say And you just keep going for five minutes Until the timer is up to practice you Use your right hand and from that hand The thumb and the ring finger the index Finger and middle finger you can just Keep tucked into the hand or you place It between the eyebrows Make sure you come into a comfortable Seated position ideally sitting on the Floor cross-legged but whatever seat Works for you sitting on a chair is also Possible if sitting on the floor is not Accessible for you Sit tall set your intention

Focusing on the practice And then exhale all the air out Close the left nostril with the ring Finger inhale through the right side [Music] At the top you switch close the right Nostril exhale through the left Inhale to the right Exhale left Inhale right [Music] Exhale left Inhale right Exhale left Inhale right Exhale left Five more on your own Foreign Rounds Place both hands back on the legs Or in your lap simply sit tall with eyes Closed and notice the breath Checking in with how you're feeling So again this is Surya Veda Surya means Sun most of you might know the sun Salutations Surya namaskar And so this is the activating warming Masculine emphasis and solar Emphasis practice Continue on your own try it out Integrate it into your practice Play around with different Lengths of practice five rounds 20 Rounds you can do more if you want and I Hope it's just another useful tool in

Your toolbox of breathing techniques That will help you in the right time in The right moment when you need them if You want to balance the solar energy With the lunar energy then you can Practice anulom vilom I have a tutorial I will link it up here in the corner And with that one you balance the two Energies so that you can reconnect to The center right in the middle thank you Very much for practicing with me today Much love and gratitude namaste


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