Somatic Meditation to Free Yourself from Anger and Negative Emotions | Mindful Movement

Somatic Meditation to Free Yourself from Anger and Negative Emotions | Mindful Movement

Some emotions get labeled as negative or unwanted, but emotions are simply energy in motion. Perhaps it wasn’t safe to have these big emotions as a child and you learned to push them down.

When you find yourself experiencing anger or frustration because it’s labeled as painful, uncomfortable, or unsafe to have you may push it down and not give it the chance to move through you.

We must feel the emotions to heal and release them. Today, without going into the story of an emotion, simply working on the energetic body level, I’ll guide you through a process to let go.

Meditation written and read by Sara Raymond
Music Credit: Healing Circles and Coming Down by Christopher Lloyd Clarke Licensed by Enlightened Audio

Do not listen while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you. This is not a substitute for medical care. Consult a doctor or trusted health professional if needed.
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Some emotions get labeled as negative or Unwanted But emotions are simply energy in motion Perhaps it wasn't safe to have these big Emotions as a child and you learn to Push them down Or maybe you recognize them as Uncomfortable or painful When you find yourself experiencing Anger or frustration Because it's labeled as painful Uncomfortable or unsafe to have You may push it down and not give it the Chance it needs to move through you We must feel the emotions to heal and Release them Today without going into the story of an Emotion Simply working on the energetic body Level I'll guide you through a process To let go After this practice is complete I Recommend following it up with the Building Joy practice that I'll link to At the end of this recording As always please seek the support of a Loved one or trusted professional if Needed Welcome to the mindful movement I'm Sarah Raymond Let's begin in an upright seated Position I invite you to make yourself Comfortable

Take a moment to recognize at least one Sign of safety [Music] That may be an exit Feeling the support beneath you Or simply recognizing the ability to Take in a full calm breath [Music] When you are ready Close your eyes And turn your attention inside Call to mind for just a moment Something in your recent past That brought up some strong emotions Perhaps it is what brought you to this Practice We won't Explore or elaborate on the details This is simply to activate the emotions All emotions and parts of you are Welcome here Know that you have the resources Within To support yourself Let go of the story And notice what you are experiencing in Your body What Sensations are present Where does your focus get drawn to There is no right or wrong here simply Notice what's present for you Let go of any of the details around this Emotion And be with the sensations If it feels safe for you

Allow the feelings to build And grow in intensity just a little You are resilient You can hold this Now I'll guide you to move the energy This is just a suggestion so take what Feels right for you at this moment If your body is asking for a different Form of release or discharge of energy Safely listen Begin by making fists as you inhale Squeeze tight And hold for a moment As you breathe out with a sigh release The grip Do this three to five more times on your Own Feel the contrast of the gripping And releasing Since the energy flowing through your Body And let go Notice the connection of your breath And your energy When you have completed these Cycles Relax for a moment And stay present with your body Now take your right hand to the top of Your left shoulder And squeeze here as you inhale Hold for a moment And release As you exhale through your mouth Letting go

Gradually move this squeezing and Releasing Down the length of your left arm [Music] When you get to your hand use your right Hand to brush down the length of your Arm As if you are brushing off dirt or Debris that you don't want Visualize the releasing of the energy Pause for a moment and stay present in Your body Relax your breath [Music] Now move through the same on the other Side With your left hand on the top of your Right shoulder Squeeze as you inhale Hold for a moment And release as you exhale through your Mouth Letting go [Music] Move this squeezing and releasing down The length of your right arm When you get to your hand Use your left hand to brush down the Length of your arm Visualize The release Of these emotions Pause for a moment And stay present in your body

Relax your breath Relax into your Sensations So they can move through you As you attend to the sensations in your Body You are giving yourself permission To release And let go You are sending an invitation for the Energy To move through And out of you All Sensations and emotions are welcome To be met with compassion and love [Music] Now begin to welcome a softening To come into your body Invite a sense of surrender To this moment Invite a sense of trust Let your body's tension seem to Melt Away As you exhale Creating a lightness of being [Music] Know that you are supported Know that you are safe Continue to allow the energy to move Through you As you remain present in your body With the intention to soften your body Even more now [Music] Begin to deepen your inhale through your

Nose Send it low into your belly And extend the length of your exhale as Long as you can [Music] Feel the movement of your breath within Your body Continue a few more long slow breaths in And extended exhales [Music] Allow your breath to rest to its natural Rhythm once more [Music] Take a moment to sense how you are Feeling Since the state of your mind and body There is no rush Slowly invite your awareness To move out to the space you are in And the energy around you When you are ready open your eyes and See your surroundings from a new state Of being I invite you to move to the anchoring Joy practice next

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