“Teens and Social Media: Lessons From a Whistleblower & Parent” with Arturo Béjar

"Teens and Social Media: Lessons From a Whistleblower & Parent" with Arturo Béjar

Arturo Béjar, a whistleblower and parent, offers valuable insights on the impact of social media on teens. His in-depth knowledge sheds light on the important lessons that can be learned from the interaction between teenagers and social platforms.


The digital age has brought about a whirlwind of change, especially for the younger generation. With the rise of social media platforms and the constant influx of information, teenagers are facing challenges like never before. In the midst of this chaos, Wisdom 2.0 brings forth a groundbreaking video featuring Arturo Béjar, the former Integrity and Care Lead at Facebook. This captivating talk, held at the Wisdom 2.0 2024 event in San Francisco, delves into the crucial topics of integrity and care within the realm of social media. Let’s unravel the insights shared by Béjar and delve into the lessons learned.

Understanding Social Media Dynamics

In today’s world, social media has become an integral part of teenagers’ lives. The allure of likes, comments, and shares often dictates their self-worth and social standing. However, beneath the surface lies a complex web of algorithms and manipulative tactics designed to keep users engaged. Béjar sheds light on these dynamics, providing a behind-the-scenes look at how platforms like Facebook operate.

  • The Impact of Social Media on Teenagers
  • Strategies Used to Keep Users Hooked
  • Balancing Technology Use with Mental Well-being

Lessons From Arturo Béjar

As the former Integrity and Care Lead at Facebook, Béjar brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Through his talk at Wisdom 2.0, he shares valuable insights gleaned from his time at the tech giant. From addressing issues of misinformation to promoting online safety, Béjar emphasizes the importance of fostering a culture of integrity and care within social media companies.

  • Safeguarding Teenagers Against Online Harm
  • Building Trust and Transparency in Social Media
  • The Role of Parents in Navigating the Digital Landscape

Wisdom 2.0: Empowering Conversations

Wisdom 2.0 serves as a platform for thought-provoking discussions on mindfulness, technology, and society. By hosting events both online and in-person, Wisdom 2.0 aims to spark conversations that challenge the status quo and inspire positive change. Viewers have the opportunity to engage with content like Béjar’s talk and explore a wide range of topics relevant to today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

  • The Evolution of Wisdom 2.0 Events
  • Engaging With Thought Leaders Like Arturo Béjar
  • Nurturing Mindful Conversations in the Digital Age


In a world where social media exerts a powerful influence on teenagers, it is essential to pause and reflect on the lessons imparted by experts like Arturo Béjar. By promoting integrity, care, and responsible use of technology, we can create a safer online environment for the younger generation to thrive and grow.

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