The 6 Phase Meditation | 10-Minute Guided Meditation By Vishen Lakhiani

The 6 Phase Meditation  | 10-Minute Guided Meditation By Vishen Lakhiani

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Foreign [Music] [Applause] As I guide you through this this is Going to take 10 minutes okay everyone Ready So let's begin Listen to the sound of my voice Feel yourself going into a relaxed State Of Mind Take a deep breath in And breathe out [Music] We will start this exercise with phase One [Music] Imagine yourself surrounded in a bubble Of white light Fill this bubble With a feeling or an energy of Compassion and love [Music] Feel yourself surrounded by this energy Of love and compassion [Music] You're now expanding this bubble To Encompass everyone in this room [Music] Feel everyone in this room surrounded by This energy of love and compassion [Music] As you exhale the bubble expands further And now encompasses everyone In this city block

[Music] Feel everyone in the city block Feeling love And compassion As you exhale Imagine this energy permeating the Entire city [Music] Now the country Now see a vision of the Earth in front Of you And as you exhale see this energy Encompassing the entire Earth Feel yourself connected To every living creature Plant animal and human being On Earth Feeling energy of love and compassion Radiating from you To Earth We now go on to phase two I want you to think about anywhere from One to three things in your personal Life that happened in the last 24 hours All past few days that you could be Grateful for It could be a delicious cup of coffee A hug from a loved one It doesn't have to be anything elaborate And as you bring back to mind and memory This moment Feel that little feeling of joy that you Had when you experienced it [Music]

Now think about your career and your Livelihood Think about anywhere from one to three Things that you're grateful for that Have happened in your career Could be a project gone well a raise A business project that's blooming Bring back to mind the feeling you had When you experience this Now think about yourself Think about anything from one to three Things that you truly love and adore About yourself Feel a feeling of pride And gratitude For having these qualities Or opportunities Foreign As you do this it helps if you can Recreate in your mind the emotion that You experience when you first experience These things Now we go on to phase three forgiveness Bring to mind someone It could be someone recent someone from The past whom you feel you still have a Charge that you need to forgive See them in front of you And repeat mentally after me I forgive you [Music] And I ask you to forgive me We now go on to phase four I want you to see some aspect of your

Life three years in the future Could be you experiencing Your ideal body and health Or your ideal love Or your ideal career Or Adventure Or growth Or contribution Any one of these And feel the joy you would feel as if it Were already happening Play around with this for a few seconds If everything could go well for you if You had incredible luck and support What would that aspect of your life look Like three years from now Feel the feeling you would have As if this were true Now bring your attention back to today As we go into phase five Visualizing your perfect day I want you to think about What you have to do today And visualize each hour of the day Unfolding In the most perfect possible way You could visualize it Or you could simply make a statement Such as I'm going to have an amazing lunch with So and so Foreign That you have power Over how your life and your day is going

To unfold And you could direct things To appear unfold and flow to you simply By your thought Just pretending it's so tends to give You a sense of control and power That often leads to you having more Positive experiences Throughout the day And now we move on to the Final Phase Six You visualize yourself three years in The future you've decided on how your Perfect day is going to unfold I want you to now imagine As if there's a higher power Above you It doesn't matter what your religious or Spiritual beliefs are The important thing is as if you feel That there's an energy or higher power Supporting you In all your visions and intentions Imagine A beam of light flowing down from above To the top of your head Feel this as a warm positive loving Supportive energy And feel it gently flow down from the Top of your scalp Down to your forehead Your eyes Your face Your neck

Your shoulders Your arms all the way down to your Fingers Your chest Your abdomen Your hips Your upper legs Your knees Your calves And your feet all the way down to your Toes [Music] Imagine yourself thinking this higher Power or the support of energy And see yourself ready empowered to face Your day At the count of five I'm gonna count you awake One Two Three coming out slowly now Four five Eyes Open Wide Awake feeling fine and Perfect help feeling better than before How did that feel So you see how fast it went right it Didn't take a really long time and many Of my entrepreneurial friends love it Because you don't have to clear your Mind now some argue that this isn't Really meditation it doesn't really Matter it's simply the act of going Within and consciously Fine-tuning different aspects of your

Human being hacking yourself in other Words so that you have an optimal Experience in this particular life now You can download this on It's free just sign up and and you can Download it Um that's that's these are some of the The various apps and stuff that my Company has out there you can download Om bana on your iPhone or your Android And this particular meditation is free So just click on free tracks and you'll Get it for free the beautiful thing About it is they're things that you will See consciously happen when you do this There are also things that happen Unconsciously one of the most Interesting unconscious bits that I Noticed when I started doing this was is What I call the two mind effect it Almost seems as if my mind would split In two and when I'm about to react in a Bad way to something let's say someone Cutting me off in traffic this other Mind would appear a wiser more astute Calmer mine and it would kinda calm me Down it would say relaxation you're just Going through fundamental attribution Error So there are numerous unconscious things Which I noticed were happening to me as I started adopting this practice but Overall I would credit it as the number One most effective thing I do every day

In my life and I hope this is my gift to You I hope that you get to take this Back experiment with it feel free to Hack it in any way you want write to me If you find a really good variation of It that's working for you because I'm Always looking to refine it get it Better and get it out to as many people Thank you


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