“The Art of Becoming a Change Maker” with Tarana Burke

"The Art of Becoming a Change Maker" with Tarana Burke

She is a visionary activist and a leading voice in the movement for social justice. Her unwavering dedication to championing the rights of the marginalized has inspired countless individuals worldwide. This blog post delves into the remarkable journey of Tarana Burke, highlighting her transformative impact and tireless efforts in creating change as a true champion of equality and empowerment.

The Art of Becoming a Change Maker: A Review of Wisdom 2.0 Interview with Tarana Burke


In the bustling world of social media, the voices of change makers often get drowned out in the noise. However, there are moments when a shining light cuts through the chaos, inspiring and igniting the passion for creating a better world. One such moment was captured in a video by Wisdom 2.0 featuring an insightful interview with Tarana Burke, the renowned founder of the #metoo movement.

Inspiring Insights from the Interview

The interview, held at Wisdom 2.0 2024 in San Francisco, delved deep into the heart of the #metoo movement. Tarana Burke shared her journey, the challenges she faced, and the inspiration that fueled her mission to create a safe space for survivors of sexual violence.

Key Takeaways from the Discussion

  • Founder’s Vision: Tarana Burke’s vision for the #metoo movement was to break the silence and build a community of support for survivors.
  • Mindfulness in Action: The interview highlighted how Wisdom 2.0 aims to integrate mindfulness practices with discussions on social change.
  • Empowering Survivors: Tarana emphasized the importance of empowering survivors to speak out and seek justice.
  • Creating Safe Spaces: Wisdom 2.0 provides platforms, both online and in-person, to foster conversations and create safe spaces for healing and growth.

Unleashing the Change Maker Within

As the interview unfolded, viewers were taken on a journey of self-reflection and empowerment. Tarana Burke’s poignant words resonated deeply, reminding everyone of the power of their voices and actions in effecting positive change.


In a world where injustices often seem insurmountable, Tarana Burke’s unwavering dedication to supporting survivors and creating a platform for change inspires us all to become catalysts for a better tomorrow. The interview with Wisdom 2.0 truly embodies the art of becoming a change maker.


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