The Best Meditation Apps

There are a lot of apps available for meditation. We’ve looked at Headspace, Insight Timer, Calm, and Simple Habit. Each of these apps has their pros and cons, and each will offer something unique. Then we compared them and made a list of the best meditation apps.


If you are looking to learn the basics of meditation, you should download the Headspace meditation app. This app provides a number of different meditations, each with its own benefits and goals. Once you download the app, you can sign up for a free trial or choose a subscription to access its full library. The app comes with several different types of courses and can be subscribed to on a monthly or yearly basis.

The Headspace meditation app has already been downloaded by more than 40 million people worldwide. The app allows you to track your progress and create a map of your journey. It also rewards you for your progress in terms of overall health and wellbeing. There is even a buddy system available for users to work with a friend to keep each other motivated.

Insight Timer

The Insight Timer app is a social platform for meditation. It offers a variety of bells and other sounds that help you calm your mind. It also boasts of good audio quality. Using this app, you can customize the sound for a better meditation experience. There are a variety of bells available for this app, including a high-pitched singing bowl called a basu.

The app comes with over 140,000 meditations and continues to add more daily. Tristan Harris has even called Insight Timer the “happiest app in the world.” The app guides you through the process of choosing a meditation and has a built-in mood tracker. It also includes a library of meditations, talks, and music passages, all of which can help you achieve a relaxed state of mind.


Calm is an app that aims to help people meditate. It was founded by Alex Tew and Michael Acton Smith in 2012. The app provides a wide variety of meditation and relaxation options, as well as various bedtime stories and courses. Users can also find a faq section for additional help.

The app has been downloaded by over 100 million people. It has been described as a ‘lifestyle guide for healthy sleep and meditation’. The app’s popularity has led to a number of awards and accolades. It has been named one of the world’s ‘top grossing health apps’ and the ‘world’s happiest app’.

Simple Habit

The Simple Habit meditation app helps busy people to meditate on their own terms. It records meditation minutes in Apple Health. It allows you to turn the meditation recording on and off manually. It also comes with an audio guide that guides you through the meditation process. Whether you meditate regularly or just once in a while, this app is great for busy people who want to improve their quality of life.

The app offers more than a thousand guided meditations that users can choose from. Each meditation focuses on a specific goal or symptom. Users can even save their favorites and track their progress. They can also view the total time they have spent on each meditation. Each meditation can be as short as five minutes, and the app encourages users to do at least one meditation per day.

Waking Up

The Waking Up meditation app is a helpful guide for those new to meditation. It provides a wealth of resources for different styles of meditation, including short nature-based meditations and longer courses such as The Course of Awakening. In addition to a comprehensive library of meditations, the app also offers timers and reminders for meditations.

Designed for beginners, the app is divided into Theory and Practice sections. The Theory tab has lessons about meditation and mindfulness for beginners, while the Practice tab has 28 guided meditations. The app also features a Conversations section, which is like a podcast and answers common questions.

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