The Buddha’s Five Daily Recollections (5 of 5): Karma – Mei Elliott

The Buddha's Five Daily Recollections (5 of 5): Karma - Mei Elliott

In this blog post, I will be diving into the final installment of The Buddha’s Five Daily Recollections focusing on Karma, shedding light on its significance in our daily lives.

My Intriguing Journey into Karma


As a firm believer in the power of meditation and mindfulness, I embarked on a profound exploration of the Buddha’s Five Daily Recollections. With each session, I delved deeper into the realms of self-awareness and spirituality.

Discovering Karma

One fateful day, I watched a live streaming Dharma talk from the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA. The talk centered around the intricate concept of Karma – the universal law of cause and effect. The speaker’s insights resonated with me on a soul-stirring level, prompting me to reflect on my own actions and their consequences.

Unraveling the Threads of Action and Reaction

The speaker passionately articulated how our thoughts, words, and deeds shape our present reality and future circumstances. By understanding the karmic cycle, I grasped the profound truth that every choice we make carries an inherent consequence. As I reflected on my past experiences through the lens of Karma, I gained a newfound appreciation for the interconnectedness of all beings and events.

Embracing Responsibility and Liberation

Karma, I realized, is not merely a punitive force but a transformative one. It serves as a compass, guiding us towards ethical conduct, compassion, and spiritual growth. By taking ownership of my actions and cultivating positive intentions, I embarked on a liberating journey towards self-realization and inner peace.

Supporting the Insight Meditation Center

The Insight Meditation Center offers a treasure trove of resources to support seekers on their spiritual path. From guided meditations to profound Dharma talks, the center’s website is a sanctuary for those yearning for wisdom and guidance. I urge fellow spiritual enthusiasts to explore the center’s offerings and contribute to its noble mission.


In conclusion, my exploration of Karma through the Buddha’s Five Daily Recollections has been a transformative odyssey. By embracing the profound teachings of cause and effect, I have unlocked the gateway to self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Let us walk the path of Karma with mindfulness and compassion, knowing that our actions shape not only our destiny but the destiny of the world.


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  2. How can one break free from negative karmic patterns?
  3. Can Karma be altered or transcended through meditation?
  4. Why is self-reflection essential in understanding one’s karmic imprints?
  5. How does Karma influence interpersonal relationships and societal dynamics?


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