The Life and Research of Ellen Langer

Ellen Langer is an American scientist and author. She began her career as a chemist. She was friends with Philip Zimbardo, the famous Stanford professor who was notorious for his experiments with prison guards. While the experiment failed, Langer and Zimbardo remain friends. This article explores her life story and research. Also learn about her impact on the field of aging. You can also read her book “The Age of Wonder.”


Researchers have used many forms of mental imagery to study how the mind affects the body and aging. Langer’s Counterclockwise Study, first conducted in 1979 and later published by Oxford University Press, is one such example. It forms the basis for reminiscence therapy. The research was replicated in England and South Korea and was even mentioned in an episode of the Simpsons, Havana Wild Weekend. This is a fascinating study and worth reading.

Professor Ellen Langer is an expert on mindfulness. She wrote the bestselling book Mindfulness 25 years ago and has since published hundreds of articles and books aimed at both academic and lay audiences. She has also been awarded numerous academic honors, including a Guggenheim Fellowship and the Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest. In addition, her research has inspired many leading behavioral scientists to create their own mindful education programs and initiatives.

Life story

The Life story of Ellen Langer began as a chemistry major at N.Y.U. but she had her eye on med school. She decided to switch her major after taking a psych 101 course. The professor who taught the class was Philip Zimbardo, a famous professor at Stanford University who conducted experiments on obedience and authority. Using prison experiments, Zimbardo studied human behavior and made it interesting to the general public. Langer was so interested in Zimbardo’s experiments that she enrolled in his psychology class.

The life story of Ellen Langer has a remarkable background and accomplishments. The renowned Psychologist was born in the Bronx and earned a master’s and PhD in social and clinical psychology from Yale University. She is considered one of the most influential Psychologists of our time. Here is a look at some of the interesting facts about Ellen Langer’s career. A Psychologist in the field of psychology, Langer is the author of more than a dozen books.

Impact of her work

While Ellen Langer has been feted as a ‘genius’ by some, the fact is that she has earned skeptics. Despite the fact that her empirical studies have appeared in leading scientific journals, she regularly describes in-progress studies, making it impossible to judge their validity independently. However, this does not mean that Langer’s work is invalid. This article explores the issues surrounding her work.

The work of Dr. Langer turned cognitive theory on its head, demonstrating that the human brain learns from our actions. This paved the way for future studies and reversing the aging process. The impact of Langer’s work on human behavior is far reaching. It has even inspired the work of several young scientists, including Dr. Alia Crum. With the help of her research, a new generation of female scientists is emerging.

Impact on aging

It is easy to see why Langer’s impact on aging research has broad appeal. She is five-foot-three and possesses a gravelly voice, as well as the frenetic energy of her native New York City. Her lectures have drawn audiences as far afield as Malaysia and even at Tony Robbins’ Fiji resort. Langer has written 11 books, five of them for general audiences. Her book Mindfulness (written in 1989) is an international bestseller.

Langer’s groundbreaking work on aging includes multiple studies. One of these studies, called the Counter Clockwise Study, took place in the early 80s and was published by Oxford University Press. It later became the basis of reminiscence therapy, which is now popular among older people. The Counter Clockwise study was replicated in England and South Korea, and even made its way into the Simpsons episode Havana Wild Weekend.


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