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Bringing mindfulness to a wide audience is the goal of Rob Beemer. As a teacher of mindfulness, Beemer has spent the last few years searching for ways to reach people who aren’t familiar with the practice. His new film, The Mindfulness Movie, is an attempt to reach this goal, and is packed with powerful messages about peace.

Peace is possible for individuals and communities

Whether you are a peace activist or simply looking for a way to bring peace into your life, mindfulness can be an effective tool. It offers a sense of inner peace, which helps the mind function optimally. This is a form of inner peace that is rooted in non-Western cultures and is characterized by a deliberate state of calmness.

Peace is a foundation for personal growth, community building and the survival of our planet. Several societies have been living in peace for decades. However, the pace of change is increasing and people are struggling to find a sense of mooring. In many communities, religious differences can be the source of divisiveness.

The first step in creating peace is the rule of law. This requires full participation by all residents of a society. It also requires a system of justice that can enforce human rights.

Another important contributor to peace is non-warring norms. These are often based on religion. The next contributor is economic interdependence.

Rob Beemer’s quest to bring mindfulness to a wide audience

Whether or not “The Mindfulness Movement” is the next best thing to come out of the mind, this schtuff is worth a gander. Unlike the rest of the aforementioned adolescent, Rob Beemer is a human being, not a machine gunner. The film is a well-executed, well-funded and well-produced documentary, and a fitting tribute to a well-educated man. It also has a few bleary-eyed blunders, and an unabashed bias to the cult of the mind.

While The Mindfulness Movement does not delve into the more mundane details, it does its best work in promoting mindfulness, and doing so in a manner that is both compelling and entertaining. If you have the chance, be sure to check out the film. There is no denying that the film is a worthy addition to the aforementioned’s trophy case. It also exemplifies that we are all human beings and that we are all part of the same family. That said, it is also a testament to the human condition that we have a tendency to make bad decisions.

It’s chock full of powerful messages

Despite its good intentions, The Mindfulness Movie fails to live up to its promise. Robert Beemer’s feature debut has great intentions, but the film’s post-production issues keep it from achieving its aims.

The film’s prologue is a repetitive informercial, and its main title card isn’t seen until eleven minutes into the movie. The anxious camera movements are out of sync with the calming subject matter, and the film’s aggressively mixed score distracts from interviewees. The film’s style also feels unorganic, and its choice of clips feels haphazard.

There are good people in the movie, including congressman Tim Ryan, author and consultant Deepak Chopra, and teacher Doug Dillon, but their stories are cut short and the movie is too long. There are also technical shortcomings, such as the use of stock footage, which is expected in a documentary film. The film’s overall style also feels unorganized, and its choice of clips doesn’t seem to fit in with Beemer’s style.

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