The Power of Looking Back and Taking Control Over Your Own Thoughts | Byron Katie Doing The Work

The Power of Looking Back and Taking Control Over Your Own Thoughts | Byron Katie Doing The Work

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Foreign [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] How you doing Already waking up How many of you are a little surprised Not much huh What did you notice As you were filling it in if you stand We have microphones that we can take to You filling this worksheet what did you Become aware of Pretty much what you said that um My Being focused on a tough moment Um And being truthful about how I felt at The time and then writing it down Um Was I feel was was a feeling that I Gnored for some time just because it's Not pretty yeah And Um but it's true It actually happened in the past Yeah It's um It's really revealing isn't it It is yeah And very humbling for some of us Thank you Anyone else what did you yes

If you stand the micrometers know where To bring the microphone thank you for That My question is what if You don't want anything to do with this Person ever again going through this Process so I it's on on statement six I Would say what what do I never want to Um Experience again with that person I Never want to see that person again Right so ever ever earlier it says What Would In order for you to be happy well that Statement uh five no I'm sorry that's That I'm not sorry at all that's Statement four So if nothing she does whatever make me Happy again and I'm not even open to it Well it's Well we're talking about in that Situation that's not now That was what you were thinking and Believing then Okay you mean But now I still believe I want nothing Whatsoever to do with this person and That's for statement six okay that's the Thing you never want to experience again Okay excellent okay okay thank you Yes If you stand please oh well no you don't Have to that's what I love about life You never have to do anything

Uh does this process work if if this has If there's been a violation Uh nothing for me yes And that's an interesting question for Me to answer because before the work Violated after the work whoops I mean like if would you use this in any Circumstance I wouldn't hesitate and I Haven't Even in like the freedom is our Birthright Yeah anime says most damn fools are Starving to death and life is a banquet Anyone else what did you what did you Experience yes So microphone here Thank you So for for me it was very interesting When I started it was about the other Person What I hated and what I didn't want them To do And then when I ended it was like how I Should have not done something like I Didn't want me to get angry and I didn't Want me to get Error for me to ever get in that state Again so it's kind of bent from the Other person to me in the end yes and we Can all relate to that but look at the Thoughts you were believing That's what you've written on the sheet When you considered the thought you were Believing how could you not be angry

Not possible Yes If you stand they'll yeah Thank you Um I was just going to say that what I Feel it's the most after writing Especially six Or even five step five is stupid Like I feel well look at what you were Thinking of believing and statement five What were you believing That this person is Just name calling them unreliable dumb Flaky and that feels really immature to Say For you to write it down but it's on It's like we're going back we're taking Dictation of what we were thinking and Believed and believe in them now Um Um what did you just read read it again Unreli Jordan is unreliable okay have You met anyone since Jordan that was Also unreliable Yes it's gonna continue that's the life Of a believer No choice and if you need someone that's Is there anyone here that has never met Someone That was not unreliable I said yeah so it's like a universal Belief okay so look at the situation With that undesirable I mean that Unreliable person

Okay so that person is unreliable What was the situation So she she lied to you she made a Commitment to me and didn't keep it okay She made a commitment to you and didn't Keep it okay have you ever made a Commitment that you didn't keep Yeah yeah We we all know you You're unreliable You know what that leaves that leaves no Reliable people in this world So she's unreliable but how do we anchor That We see these image who would like to do The work Okay so this gentleman I asked who and Then this gentleman the first gentleman That stood up Would you like to do the work Let's do the work So I invite you to step into my parlor IDE So in in the meantime while he's on Being miked up to come here on any Questions I don't want to make not one Moment I just my time with you I just Value it so deeply you're free And then These thoughts cross your head and you See images of past and future and you Think that that's who you see and what You see and it's not it's it's Well it is if you believe it is

To the microphone right yeah Can you go into more detail about like In the case of someone who's been raped Like For number six you say you know I never Want to and what if the person said I Never want to be raped again and then at The end of the sheet you say go through The work and say to yourself I look Forward to as you're talking do you see Images of someone being raped yeah I'll Stop that Wait what I mean who brought up Look what's going on in your head Okay it's like I don't ever want to be Raped again have you ever have you ever Been fearful that you would be raped Yeah okay So when you look at what you're thinking And believing You see an image when you have fear Being raped you're watching That image of you being raped right yeah Okay so you see that image I haven't actually personally been raped So I don't well that wasn't the question We were answering you see that image of Being of you being raped when you're Fearful of being raped okay you see that Yeah okay yeah that image is that you No Good so now you know the difference Between reality

And fiction What's real and what's not But we watch it And it's so powerful we begin to fear it This this you know through our Mind's Eye it becomes so so Vivid and we don't realize we're Watching it and then we put it on Someone oh I'm glad I've never been Raped and oh that poor thing and I'm Talking about right or wrong here I'm Just going for the juggler because we Don't have much time we have Um We're going to work this all the way Through and I don't want to lead you Okay sweetheart so why don't you sit Here and and do you have your worksheet Um it's right there okay would you Uh-huh yeah let's get closer to that If and it's not rape that's too close to People it's it's like this one of those Like taboos but let's say if someone So sweetheart sitting right there and I'll join you and if someone If someone slaps me as hard as they can Why am I so happy I'm not crazy anymore I'm grateful I'm not grateful that let's say he hit Me I'm grateful it's over Now if I'm going oh Did you see what oh okay so Who what's happening in my head I'm

Keeping it alive that's not right or Wrong it's just that I'm believing my Thoughts I'm My Own victim and I'm Calling it him How many of you are okay with this so Far Oh good Okay and if you don't agree with me this Is a terrible person Then you can't be my friend for sure You're unsympathetic I mean I only hang out with people who Are sure it's a terrible It's a fearful world If it's a fearful world I Look to this The world is perfect it's what I'm Thinking and believing about the world That could use a little work and I don't Call this the work for nothing You lose your identity here Every time you sit in yourself Meditating on these questions Which we're about to Sit in Identity begins to Fall Away


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