This is how we roll ๐Ÿ˜Ž

This is how we roll ๐Ÿ˜Ž

We had the chance to explore Red Rock Canyon just outside Las Vegas, Nevada with our Aventon E-bikes: Get yours today! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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Foreign [Music] Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas we got up bright and early with The intention to leave super early be Here for Sunrise but then as things go Everything took a little bit longer so 6 A.m out the door and here we are at Red Rock Canyon we're going to explore the Canyon today there's a really nice Scenic route it's a one-way route you Can go with the car with the bike with The skateboard scooter whatever you want We even saw someone with the one wheel The perfect opportunity for us to hop on The bikes and explore the entire Loop by Bike Thank you So nice of you brief for setting this Trailer up for me but I forgot to Mention that I didn't charge you bike What and you have to Pedal now no No you didn't [Music] [Music] [Music] Time for the break first stop here on The way one mile down 12 more to go at This point we also want to thank our Sponsor of this video aventon e-bikes They supplied us with these amazing E-bikes and also the child trailer Really incredible quality really fun to Drive the the shipment was really fast

And the assembly was super easy I'm not Uh a really handy person but the Assembly of the bike was really a simple Breeze bike was about half hour there's A video provided and also instructions In paper if you if you need it all the Tools are also in the box so you don't Need to have your own tools super quick And my bike is actually a folding bike And you can fold literally everything Needless to say the Assembly of my bike Was really fast and really simple the Folding bike that I have is called the Cinch the Cinch model the model at Brie Has it's called Adventure But it's ready for adventurous for sure As you can see the big tires and we Already when we saw the bikes we already Were thinking let's maybe take them to Burning man they would be the perfect Burning Man bikes so it's perfect to Ride through the sand and rocks and Gravel and all sorts of terrain the Range of the batteries is about 40 miles And the maximum speed is 20 to 28 so Depends on the model our models go 28 Miles maximum speed that took it the Other day on a trail near to our house And went pretty much off-road on a Hiking trail in the desert and yeah was Pretty hard a trail actually and the Nice thing is that if you get stuck you Just have to push the throttle and it Starts to accelerate you can get the

Bike out of your stuck situation and Then hop back on and continue you can Literally just hit the throttle And then it's like riding So I was moving my legs to make it look Like I was pedaling so Flo thought that I was actually working but I really Wasn't So with these bikes there's five Settings of pedal assist or speed assist You can choose I usually have it on like One or two because I really like the Paddling and I really like to move my Body and work but I think for Brie it's A bit different I'm also pulling the Baby trailer and the back Okay so Proudly riding a on level four right now Website too because you can pick out the Exact size and color that you like and There's also a sizing chart based on how Tall you are so I'm five foot nine flow Is six foot two so maybe that helps you With your decision with choosing your Bike you can also choose the bike having A single speed or a seven speed so you Can easily shift if you take the seven Speed if you're just cruising through Your city and you're just commuting and It's super flat and you're not going Anywhere in single speed maybe enough For you but also for burning man I think Single speed would be uh would be plenty Unless you want to really race through

The player and if the distance is so far That the battery eyes that you can still Puddle and use the bike normally as you Would and it's still an amazing bike With all the gears it's still very easy To ride the charge is actually so small I was surprised it's just like this size The charges I think fully in about five Hours for five hours fully charged and It's again so small so easy to use There's really really no reason to not Go with an e-bike on new commute Especially if the weather permits I Actually love the bike so much already That I ordered my own so I paid for one More Bike by myself to have it shipped To the east coast where I will spend Quite a significant amount of time to Attend the Bodywork and manual therapy At school and I will be commuting every Day about 20 to 25 miles with that bike It's just gonna be so much fun if you're Interested in learning more about Aventon e-bikes then please click Below In the description and check it out Thanks again to eventon for sponsoring This video and giving us the opportunity To be out here with ILO on this Grand Adventure today through the canyon oh There's sun coming onto my Face so let's keep going we still got a Lot to explore ready I know please do The right Kids

[Music] I never let go she saw the song you know How that go fatality my diamonds that Call Versace sharks I hit my back stock Knock on the door All I really take is a little taste I Like girl blue eyes with a low base here For the thrill I need a Chase Away nice little Cruise That was a nice nice ride barely Breaking a sweat a bed I may or may not Be riding it at level five I don't know Today is extra special because we are Celebrating ilo's half birthday six Months six months birthday and it's time To hydrate and take a break so I brought Lots of coffee I don't know if that's a hydration or Dehydration we made a lot of coffee this Morning Mark's oven coffee not yet Actually before you do it we should put A little bit of water in and then we can Have him have his first gulp of water so We didn't know this until we had a baby But apparently you're not supposed to Feed babies water until they're six Months old because the breast milk or Formula if you're using formula has Enough uh hydration in it So now he gets to try his very first Gulp of water And I've been actually pretty excited For this the last couple of weeks Because as you know water is the blood

Of the earth and it is the number one Healer that we have access to and so We'll put a little blessing and a little Prayer into this water for ILO and for All future Generations oops That they will always have access to Fresh clean Transparent beautiful crystal clear Water For your prayer [Music] You hold the cup He's actually doing it Licking it like a dog Did you like your water nice That was bound to happen I expected you To spill it on you not me Now we can finally hydrate Morocco Style [Music] Oh wow so the next spot is a very quick Walk and this will be the last stop on This trip this morning and then we will Do we will just head back straight back To the exit the park and into the Visitor center so I think it's another Six miles or so a bike ride but the stop We're doing now is a little walk towards The mountain where there's some some Very ancient Engravings in the wall and Very nice to imagine the kind of life People live when they were here when They lived here and they were traveling Through the kind of ideas they exchanged

And the things that were on their mind Back in the days especially if it's a Long time ago and depending on the area People live People were very Advanced I would say They were way further ahead than us Today Living with nature understanding nature And the universe and your place in the Universe yeah Where's your place in the universe So there's both Petroglyphs which is when it's carved Into the Rock and pictograph which is When it's painted on the Rock and the Last couple times we've been here we've Only seen the petroglyphs and then I was Here with my girlfriend Michelle and we Actually saw some of the pictographs Right there [Music] Oh the Flies are coming they remind us Of the Uluru in Australia where there were Thousands thank you so much for joining Us on our adventure today through the Park I think ILO had fun he ate a lot he Napped a lot he cruised a lot now you Want to keep moving he wants to sit back Into the comfortable Child trailer and Be sure for the round like a chariot and We got about seven more miles to go and It's getting warm now so we try to get Out of here now and finish the last

Miles in one go go back to the car and Then it's time for lunch it was a Fantastic morning thank you so much for Following along hopefully if you're in The Las Vegas area you go check out Red Rock Canyon and again thank you aventon E-bikes for sponsoring the video and Providing such dope bikes so we can be So Mobile in this park yes and we will Of course be filming a lot more with the Bikes as the years go on there's lots of Adventures ahead this is just the first One Absolutely hit the like button Underneath this video Hit subscribe to Support the channel and we will see you In the next Vlog very soon [Music] [Music]


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James is a content creator who works in the personal development niche.