Three Benefits of Chair Meditation at Work

Many people do not have the luxury of a dedicated meditation space at work. To practice chair meditation, you may need to find an empty conference room or car to sit in during your lunch break. However, desk chair meditation can be done anywhere, including the staff room, park bench, airplane seat, or even a public bench. Here are some tips on how to make chair meditation a reality at your place of business. Let’s start with a simple chair meditation routine:

Yoga bolster

A yoga bolster is a firm cylindrical cushion filled with buckwheat or a hollow fibre. These cushions are often used in restorative yoga and meditation as well as general relaxation. Regardless of the type, they provide firm support for the spine and help the practitioner attain the proper yoga poses. The following tips will help you select the perfect chair bolster. Aside from improving your home practice, you can also use a yoga bolster in a public yoga class.

A yoga bolster is available in nine different colors. The most popular colors are black, bright blue, dark gray, off-white, purple, sage, and pink. Some even have blue or purple embroidery. If you’re looking for a bolster that is aesthetically pleasing, you can buy a bolster with a stylish tote bag. These bolsters make the practice of chair meditation easy and comfortable.

A yoga bolster is an important accessory to have for chair meditation. This cushion will help you stay in the correct posture and will keep your body comfortable. Moreover, it will help you to feel more relaxed and refreshed. You can also use a yoga bolster for chair meditation to relieve stress. If you’re not sure whether or not you should purchase a bolster for your chair, make sure that it’s comfortable enough to support your body weight.

Alternatively, you can choose a pillow made of natural buckwheat. The buckwheat filling is eco-friendly, and is firm and durable. The Brentwood Pranayama pillow, for instance, is an eco-friendly option. It is 26 inches long, has a scalloped edge, and a sturdy carrying handle. As a bonus, it is easy to store and transport.

A good bolster cushion is made of eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. It comes with a cotton carrying bag and is machine washable. Its two-layered recycled foam core is soft and absorbent, and its covers can be machine-washed. Both the cover and core can be hand-washed or dry-cleaned if necessary. And it weighs 15 pounds. That’s not a bad weight for a chair meditation cushion!


When you sit in a chair for chair meditation, it may be helpful to have a thin cushion to support your lower back and add height. Choose an appropriate cushion height, which can range from five to twenty-three centimeters, or two to nine inches. If you do not find the perfect height, you can always remove the cover to create a shorter cushion. However, if you suffer from persistent pain or discomfort, it may be worth seeking medical advice before making any changes.

A zafu is one of the most popular choices for a zabuton-style cushion. These cushion sets come in several different sizes and styles, and can be used to support the legs and seat. Many meditators prefer to use a zafu-zabuton set, which combines a traditional round zafu with a rectangular zoosh, or cushion. The set includes a floor cushion and is made of chemical-free kapok fiber.

Another type of cushion to try is a buckwheat hull cushion. It is a budget-priced option that provides support and elevation during chair meditation. Cushion Lab’s cushion is machine washable, but you may want to avoid dark colors. This cushion costs $43, and is available in several different sizes. Reviewers of this cushion love its firmness and size. If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can always purchase a buckwheat hull cushion instead. This type of cushion comes with a zippered cover for easy cleaning.

If you want a comfortable seat, consider getting a BackJack chair. This chair is designed to give your back the support it needs, while the kapok supports your lower back and creates the normal “S” curve of your spine. A cotton yoga mat can provide a basic foundation for comfort, and a yoga bolster can help raise your knees and back, so you can focus on your meditation without sacrificing comfort.

You should also consider the type of filling for your cushion. Different people need a different filling, and your choice of fiber will depend on your preferences. Buckwheat hulls are the most popular among modern practitioners. This type of filling conforms to the shape of your body and has little give. You can choose a pillow with either one of these options. Ideally, you should choose a cushion with a firm filling.

Floor chair

Meditation is an ancient practice that requires focus and elimination of physical distractions. One of the biggest distractions for new meditators is back pain. While sitting on a floor is ideal, hardwood floors are uncomfortable for some people. It’s best to sit on a floor chair to minimize discomfort and improve posture. This type of chair is lightweight and portable, making it easy to bring along for travel. Here are three benefits of floor chair meditation:

Comfortable chair – A comfortable meditation chair is essential for effective meditation. Make sure you have a chair that has proper back support and lumbar support. If you have back pain, look for a chair with a back. If you have any physical limitations, it’s best to consult a doctor before trying out a floor chair. A floor chair can make your meditation practice more comfortable, allowing you to focus on your breath and mindfulness.

Comfortable seat – A floor chair made with memory foam is extremely comfortable. A bowling pin-shaped center helps your hips maintain proper posture while sitting in a floor chair. This chair’s back is adjustable to 14 positions and features a soft plush fabric covering. It also comes fully assembled and folds flat for easy storage. It is an excellent choice for pregnant women or people who have back pain. A floor chair that is comfortable, and adjustable, is a must-have for the home.

Comfortable backrest – For beginners, a floor chair with 3 inches of foam padding is ideal. A floor chair that is easy to adjust is more comfortable than a hard seat, and a soft pillow will not disturb your body’s natural alignment. Many floor chairs have a recliner, which allows the backrest to be adjusted to the shape of your back. The floor chair also offers great support for the hips. You can choose the right floor chair for your posture by using measurements before buying one.

Comfortable – The perfect floor chair for meditation is soft, provides excellent back support and is comfortable. Its ergonomic design ensures a good posture. The downsides are that floor chairs are generally expensive, only having one position, and some users have reported complaints about poor quality carrying cases. If you’re looking for a floor chair that can serve your needs in the home, you can check out Original BackJack Floor Chair. Its simple design makes it a comfortable chair for meditation and is sturdy enough to stand on.

Vipassana chair

When you decide to practice meditation, you may wonder if a chair is right for you. The Vipassana chair is made of foam and softcover and is large enough to accommodate tall people. It may not be very stylish for other uses, but it has similar benefits as the #1 chair. Here are some reasons to buy one:

The chair has a hammock style seat. It is lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to adjust the seat height to accommodate your body’s needs. Its adjustable Velcro closure provides plenty of support for your entire body and prevents bad posture. While sitting on a Vipassana chair, you won’t be hunched over or slouched, which is important for a productive meditation session.

The chair is also a good option for people who cannot sit for long periods of time. A study of 36 individuals found that this meditation technique significantly improved their well-being and was associated with an improvement in heart function. Another study found that meditation helps improve brain plasticity, which is a type of brain reorganization that may increase mental functioning. The benefits of this meditation practice are numerous. It is also beneficial for those who suffer from depression and anxiety.

One of the best chairs for meditation is the Friends of Meditation Vipassana Chair. Its padded zafu and zabuton cushions are ideal for cross-leg postures such as Vajrayana. The padded chair comes with 2 inch foam for the legs and additional padding on the backrest to promote a natural posture. The chairs are made of 100% cotton suede and have a durable steel frame.

The Vipassana chair is a great investment for meditation. A sturdy steel frame provides support for the back and seat, and dense foam cushions provide comfort on the bottom. Depending on your needs, you can purchase one with 9 or more chairs. If you’re trying to get a meditation class started or are just interested in having a beautiful chair in your home, a Vipassana chair might be just the thing for you.

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