Tools For Healing | Highlights of Podcast Interview with Freddie Kimmel | The Mindful Movement

Tools For Healing | Highlights of Podcast Interview with Freddie Kimmel | The Mindful Movement

This is the highlight reel of Les’ recent interview with Freddie Kimmel. Freddie is a biohacker, podcast host, and survivor of cancer, Lyme, and mold toxicity. This is Freddie’s second visit on TMM. Check out the first round here…

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What is it trying to tell me what what's The teaching what's the teaching moment I I view it all as a gift at this point And I've also chosen to call in lessons Going forward with ease and Grace like I No longer need to learn the value of The Human Experience through metastatic Cancer or Um chronic inflammatory syndrome or any More mold so that's where I'm at today I've been reinvigorated to explore how I Can expand movement and putting muscle On so I'm probably almost 180. I bet it Was like 165 when we did that podcast Yeah we both looked a lot a little bit Younger Yeah yeah yeah and and it's like uh I just under from my understanding of How the body works and functions muscle Mass is like extra battery power You know it's dense mitochondrial energy So Um most of the chronic illnesses that I Just listed have a root or a base in Mitochondrial dysfunction and there is No longevity hack like putting some Muscle and having really good Mobility I'm I don't know about you but I'll Often hear about people having like that One critical fall You know going and I was just listening To the stats of of what are the Instances that you Um once you reach the age of 72 and you

Follow and you fracture hip that you die It's super super high I can't remember The percentage but that just hit me and I just was like you know in this season Of my life from in my 40s I just need to Build that base Because all of the surgeries that I did It I I feel you know I've I've I'm very Functional but I didn't always feel like Very functionally strong so that's Something I'm really leaning into right Now another thing I've been exploring is Like The idea that a non-native Electromagnetic field from uh living in A city or living in you know under a Power line could have an effect on the Cell and why that would change Um how my body functions and I think Moving out of the city and and being in The country has also been um not really In the country it's Austin it's still a City uh but it feels like it feels like Rural America Um how that would change like Day-to-day cell function and it's really Interesting like again the the cell the Smallest unit In the body is a battery really you know It has a net positive charge on the Outside and that negative on the inside And that gradient that the differential From positive to negative is what allows Like those ion channels is is

Um sodium and potassium and calcium to Flow in and out of the cell through Those very specific channels and and That's affected by a non-native Electromagnetic field uh scientifically Proven to to do so and we could look at Things like the time between heartbeats Or nervous system tone or we could look At an ECG how the brain is functioning But you'll generally tend towards a Sympathetic dominant nervous system a Fight or flight or you'll you'll Dominate towards a almost like a Um anxiety driven Um ADHD brain when we're when we're Overly exposed and that's going to be The the prescription for that is Prescription nature the brain's belief System around what those fields are Doing to you is more important than the Field and that's pretty scientifically Backed up so if you believe it to be bad And you're being injured by the emfs uh You will be and if you create this Sovereign field again you know we start To get in a conversation about what is Reality and how powerful are our Thoughts and this physical body and Spirit uh the placebo is real I mean There's a reason they have to account For it in studies so it's really just Taking that and say well how do we use This to help you know how do we put this Into our back as opposed to interference

That's our power is managing Um the gap between stimulus and response And and I'm never going to control Outside world that's true across most Teachings but I do have I do have some Degree Um of power and how I respond so I think That's on a cellular level I think That's on a mental emotional level And again I think that keeps you in a Place of of active uh Power you've got Your hands on the steering wheel a Little bit you're not as much of a Victim yeah yeah you played a role in my Education of the amp coil when I went to Get it and now like I have I use that Every day with with my morning coffee Said like that's our routine start our Day with so I'm kind of curious and I Want to talk a little bit about that Without getting the weeds but also maybe Curious of what else you found that like Has that kind of impact For you Um yeah by attacking world since I know You you live in that world a little bit More than I do I'm sure yeah I mean I'm A you know it's like it's like Star Trek A little bit I love I love the gadgets I Love technology I think it's fun I think It's interesting do you do you use it Every day or do you take some some days Off I very rarely take a day off now I don't

Um but I'm usually only typically we'll Use it for about a half hour uh in the Morning yeah and then maybe once a week I'll take like a afternoon power nap and Use it again I know I know they Recommend like take a couple days off a Week I don't I mean I don't feel any Problem by using it every day I I 100 of the time feel a positive effect From it it's never unclear wishy-washy There's usually a moment about 10 to 15 Minutes into the 30 minute session where I feel a neurological shift Towards like an increased Parasympathetic response like I feel my Legs get relaxed I'll feel everything Just kind of settled in like okay now I'm I'm getting in tune Yeah it crushes heart rate variability That parasympathetic tone that you speak Of Is is my my expanded um knowledge of Like the technology and and what we're Doing and how it works has evolved over The the last two years even you know amp Coil delivers you know for for people That are just hearing this it's imagine You're pushing play on a song on your Spotify or your Apple playlist and You're gonna play one for a nervous System reset You're gonna get 30 minutes of of Frequencies that are a single tone Frequencies like one after the other and

They're all going to play anywhere from Like a seconds to like you know 30 Seconds to 90 seconds where we're going To work in a range of like four to Twenty two hundred Hertz So it'd be like Now all these tones they're inaudible We're taking these tones we're putting Them through an amplifier and we're Pushing them through an electromagnetic Coil And that coil is it's translating the Audible tone to an electromagnetic field Which is a felt experience and the Reason we use that delivery method and And really what it is it's sound therapy But the reason why we use the Electromagnetic delivery is that our Bodies your my body experience The electromagnetic waves in that pure Rolling sine wave very similarly If we were to do tone therapy every the Age of my brain the length of my Auditory canal earwax ear hair all that It's a variable the way we experience Sound is different so that's part of the Reason they use that as a delivery Method is to take out a variable and Then the other the other component is Because the sound is translated into an Electromagnetic wave my cells experience That is a signal to perform better so When we expose you know and if you're Laying back and you were to place this

Electromagnetic coil and for anybody who Hasn't seen it it's around almost looks Like a round slice of pineapple you know Roughly seven and a half inches in Diameter you place that on your body the Waves of electromagnetism roll through The body like a breeze through a leafy Tree and each cell it starts to Respirate so breathe better It it boosts its circulation It boosts its ability to make energy Which is adenosine triphosphate ATP These are just side effects of a smooth Rolling electromagnetic wave in that Form of a sine wave And If I were to put my hand up to a tree in Nature that's the tree is emanating as a Result of its density a sine wave and it So would a leaf or grass or a stone if I'm walking in nature I'm bombarded with These different waves that are that are An electromagnetic spectrum right if I'm In walking in nature so the idea is We've engineered our bodies into this Box you know sometimes I'll work from 7am to 7 pm I'm standing at a desk I'm not grounded On the dirt I'm not out in sunlight I'm I've I've I'm deficient You know in this exposure to information In the form of a rolling sine wave and Electromagnetism that is emanating from The planet in a in a healthy dose so we

Can almost look at like the intervention Of amp coil your your your Re-engineering that sound medicine or That electromagnetic medicine back into Your life and and it's it's people find It very helpful you know whether we it's Easy to say oh you know electromagnetic Fields are good or bad well this is They're all they're all a part of this Reality that's right that's we live in An electromagnetic soup So Um it's uh you have to look at the Downstream well what happens when you Play a session you know like you're Saying my body starts to relax I muscle Tension releases I my my heart rate Slows I'm kind of curious because seeing you After a couple years and we already Alluded to this that you know you've put It on some muscle and in in my field Like that's basically my uh primary Challenge I deal with customers it's the Whole conversations are are generally About like can we because they're They're generally middle-aged or older Clientele as I work with it's all about Putting on muscle like that's goal Number one Um and then I know you want to lose fat We could do that later so much easier Especially when we put on a low muscle Uh Enlighten the audience how what's

Worked for you how have you put on this Um This new this newfound muscle that I not Found that you created I I well consistency is King You know it's it's showing up for Yourself and and moving weight Um I think for me it's that balance of Mobility making sure that I'm I'm Continuing to Expand my range of motion and the Fluidity which it could just be some Something like walking and making sure I'm rolling heel to toe heel to toe Opening my hips up so I always look at The the pulleys and levers of the body Like the last thing you want to do is Have this very limited like lateral side To side or limited mobility and then Stack a bunch of muscle on those Um improperly balanced pulleys and Levers which is the skeletal system so Mobility is so important and then I Almost look at that first so I do a lot Of Mobility work and then I'll I'll try To do exercises that move me through a Functional range which is hard for me I I do a lot of this on um Instagram I'll talk about the scar they Cut belly to sternum on me and took out Everything and put it back we did that a Lot We did that you know four surgeries on

My belly so my hip flexors are so tight Just from like you know learning to move After you're like can you cut through Your abdominal wall a couple times it's Different so I'm I'm operating in a Unique container Um so my my Mobility is a is a priority And then you know the other thing that That I've Um I've done I use some technology that I work with that I I love course you do Okay I I've been working since I've been in Austin I have to tip my hat too it's Called ARX It's called adaptive resistance exercise Which is a Um there's two two machines the Alpha And the Omni and it's it's basically a Computer that's like a biofeedback System So as hard as I push on a leg press the Computer gives me more weight and and The computer always wins so it's like Imagine the sled coming back and then I Push back and then I could push back and Then it push back and and it and the Cool thing is each week I can see last Week's Curve how much weight I pushed so I'm Only ever trying to beat me I never Touch away I don't load the machine it Just remembers and it's always going to Give me as much as I want to put in I'm

Doing my Mobility I'm doing my Kettlebells a lot a lot of body weight Exercises I'm always trying to expand Um what about diet have you like changed Your diet during that time to facilitate Um more like muscle synthesis I you know The two things that I do I do a an Essential amino acid I do Keon do you Know Keon yeah yeah they're a really Clean amino acid and then I do a little I've been micro dosing not consistently But creatine a split dose two milligrams In the morning two milligrams at night I Do see like really good benefits and There's good good cardiac benefits good Neurocognitive benefits associated with That Um I feel like we're increased why do You split it up I've never heard Somebody split it up like two and two Like that is there a reason is there do We you know can we only uptake a certain Amount of time yeah I've heard you can Absorb about two two and a half I hadn't been to a doctor in three years I just take I know it was great like Literally from the pandemic like before The pandemic was like my last doctor's Visit so what it's like almost 2023 now So that was like 20 the beginning of 2020. just for the audience out there That for a second here how old 44. 44 Metastatic cancer Lime toxic mold

Emotional stuff I'm sure too a little Bit Yeah feel great now and hasn't been To a doctor in a few years like just a Glimpse of what's possible Yeah if you're asking the right Questions Um like you know whether it's why you do Anything you do like your hierarchy of Priorities or whatever like if you Reframe your questions and get maybe Different answers than what the Maybe the Western model typically asks Like man there's some really amazing Possibilities I love to see it love to Hear it yeah yeah I I feel like you know As I talk about this on a show that if I'm gonna do that I have to Um well I feel compelled to be aligned With the embodiment of the stuff I'm Doing and live it and walk it and Breathe it I would say my my meal plan Is protein forward You know and and more more red meat Grass-fed steaks ribs Um you know Heritage pork then then fish Or chicken chicken's also really tough Um but I do get this I do get a delivery Like a meat box I think it's called wild Pastures which is a great deal that was Just at an event this past or last Weekend and they were the sponsor yeah Great really great deal it's like 150 Bucks and I get this like huge box of Meat

It's huge Um so yeah I've been I've been doing That and that's I guess that's it really Focusing on sleep and down regulating I Really don't drink anymore I've never Been a big drinker period obviously you Know going through a bunch of Health Stuff but I'm really less and less Compelled to like uh touch alcohol I Just don't find a lot of benefit or Cognitive benefit or Joy what about and You could uh refrain from answering what About any other like what would be Considered drugs or plant medicines or Anything like like that do you play with That stuff yeah it's funny Um I feel I hear people talking about plant Medicine or other psychoactive compounds Like so nonchalantly now compared to how They used to be like their level of Acceptance is really broadened it's I Find it kind of refreshing Me too I think it's great I think There's Um I think there's amazing Potential I think there's amazing Medicine there I also think that with Great power comes great responsibility I Take pause in the Listen I'm in Austin Texas so you could You could say we're in this really you Know Progressive forward-thinking area And and it's eyewitness people do like

I'm doing medicine I'm doing medicine I'm doing medicine I'm like holy crap I and I've done my fair share of of Silicide but not you know not really too Many times a handful of really powerful Experiences I never feel called to do Medicine again because I just feel like I got what I needed I Know what that is and I personally am like I'm available to Pull really good lessons from the day to Day nice Um and I see You know again it's like I don't want to Put it on the wheel of good or bad but I'm watching this wave come in of Um this hopium around Plant medicine Being some sort of a savior it's it's a It's another way to do the Deep work Um it's quick it's powerful there is Definitely a lack of Education around The integration So I I'm personally am feeling really Called to like pump the brakes and then Give my why and why I see that I see Lots of people doing repeat ceremonies And not Changing I'm like oh look there you like you get Addicted to the To the tinkering with it into the Experience as opposed to like getting The actual benefits that like getting The long lasting benefits from The

Experience yeah yeah I was just talking To a woman yesterday that she was like She went away and did you know Ayahuasca and and I'm like how long did You take to reintegrate oh she was like I was back at work on Monday I was like how's that integration she's Like I choked it down Which is just you know that's the American way right it is the American Way so there's just uh we are not you Are not gonna escape yourself Um be it amp coil be it silicide and be It Ayahuasca be it whatever you want to Do you know wherever you go there you Are We're Not Gonna We're Not Gonna Escape it so it's at some point it's Going to be really painful to face your and you can you can do that you Know wherever you want to do it I don't Think there's a better way I mean there Is Magic In Ketamine therapy and psilocybin and all These things great but they're just a Tool and it's who's wielding the tool How long are you giving yourself to Integrate all that radical change if you Have a radical shift give yourself a Radical timeline to get back into your Life I don't know if you just said you Are not gonna escape yourself That's terrific man I don't think so I Mean I don't witness that happening for

People like there isn't not in there the Answer's still inside you it's just a Tool to access maybe more quickly uh Maybe get some interference out of the Way and access what you need to more Directly because it doesn't give you the Choice it puts it right in front of you But it's still you and you have to go Through yourself to get to kind of come Out the other side We talk about the the Beautifully Broken Podcast we talk about you know what it Is to be Beautifully Broken this this Human Experience so will often will be I Interview survivors of chronic illness I Do have a production team I have like Sound engineers and I have assistants And I have people that do videos for me So I do feel like there's a little Family helping this mission go forward And all the people that have been on the Show I feel like they're extended family So it'll be Survivor stories you know I Just interviewed a woman who went on a 30-day drive fast in Siberia she was Ready to do medically assisted suicide 30 days straight of a dry fast no she Did like 11 days and seven days and nine Days medically supervised with a doctor But she was gonna she was looking up Doctors to help her and her life because She was better and completely bedridden And she's totally completely cured Um I mean Wilds I just interviewed a guy

Yesterday who had been through cancer he Was in his sixth bout of cancer and Living at home In in a bubble you know he's in his Closet because he even his wife's They're like wiping down the mail and he Can't get a virus right now Um and he's been going through this for 20 years so just incredible stories and And you know it's really interesting to Pick those Um pick those stories apart and just Like listen and hear what are the what Are the overlapping truths I'm sure that Can inspire a lot of people so I'm very Grateful that you're doing what you're Clearly meant to do by sharing uh your Story and helping others share their Story Um I'm sure a lot of people out there Can can gain something from that so That's awesome man I appreciate you Thank you I appreciate you I appreciate Everything you're doing and Um it's fun to watch your growth and Your expansion and your Um ability to invite in new things Across your platform I'm really excited About you guys and and what you're doing And it's nice to see I love your I love I love that you had just such a Wonderful experience uh with amp coil Which is near and dear to my heart and That you continue to use it and you

Understand it and I wouldn't say I Understand it but I'm definitely hooked Yeah I definitely understand it a little Bit more every time I talk to you but um Yeah I know what's in it is real I know It's great I wish everybody could have One and I understand that uh you know That might not be possible but I think a Lot more people could be a lot better Off introducing it so anything I can do To be a conduit for that message I think Is is great um so for if people want to Find more the Beautifully Broken podcast Of shorts on all the podcast players Um your website you said it's Beautifully Broken dot world did I get That right yeah Beautifully Broken Dot World any other things you want to add For the audience if they want to find You or anything at all that you want to Say Um no that'd be that I'm I'm Freddie set Go on Instagram so I'm on there a lot if You If you uh what we could do is last week We can drop a a meeting Link in like the In the video somewhere and so if people Want to get on talk about AMP coil and Then they can just have a direct meeting Link to to me if they want to like Explore is this a technology that you Might want to Um try or something you might want to Bring into your home and then they can

Just say where they where they found the Um where they found the link in the Podcast oh that'd be great yeah okay Well uh Friday I want to thank you again For taking the time and I look forward To I think uh I'm gonna come on your Shows early next year sometime might Make the trip out to Austin do it in the Per in person and for the listeners out There always grateful for you guys Tuning in and listening I hope you got Some value out of this and I hope Everybody out there has a terrific day


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