Top 5 Best Meditation Apps

Many of the best meditation apps combine visual and auditory cues to help you focus and relax. They also provide a variety of different features and can help you stay motivated to practice meditation regularly. Some of the apps include guided sessions, music, and even videos to guide you through the process. You can choose from a number of free or paid options to suit your needs and budget. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran meditator, there’s an app that’s perfect for you.

Insight Timer is a top pick for those who are just starting out, with hundreds of thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers. This app offers a wide selection of free content and the option to subscribe for a full year. There are more than 3,000 meditation sessions, with new ones added each day. The app’s library has a 4.9 average rating from more than 260,000 user reviews. It is one of the most popular meditation apps on the market.

Calm is a meditation app that combines rich features, including a huge library of guided meditations, with flexible timers. Each of the meditations is around three to 25 minutes, which can be easily adjusted depending on your schedule. Aside from its vast library of guided meditations, the Calm app also includes a large library of music. Users can record their favorite sounds and mix them together. For added relaxation, users can use the white noise feature.

Breethe is another app that offers an array of meditation options. This app is a blend of meditation, hypnotherapy, and sound sleep exercises. The app’s founder, Martin Wikfalk, says the app helps people meditate in their everyday lives and incorporates meditation into their daily routines. It has subscription plans starting at Rs 189 per month, and a seven-day trial is available.

Waking Up is a meditation app for beginners. It’s not passive, however, so it’s best suited for those who don’t have a lot of experience with the practice. During the 28-day Introductory program, you’ll learn how to meditate and how to become more intentional.

Another popular meditation app is Simply Being. It offers voice-guided meditations and a library of dozens of meditations, though it doesn’t have as many themes. Like other meditation apps, Simply Being has a free version, as well as a premium membership that costs $60 a year. One of the perks of a premium membership is access to a library of teachings by mindfulness experts. However, the app lacks the flexibility of WhiteNoise. Rather than mixing your own white noise to create the right ambience, you can choose from 40 pre-recorded sounds.

Calm is another app that features a calming design. The app includes a variety of background sounds, such as chirping crickets, rippling water, and snow-capped peaks. Additionally, the app tracks your mood and records your stats. To help you get the most out of the app, you can set reminders for meditation. And the app is easy to navigate, too.

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