Top 5 Mindfulness Blogs

Creating a mindfulness blog is a wonderful way to share your own experiences with others and to educate people on how to become more mindful. While many blogs provide advice on how to start practicing mindfulness, others provide tools to help you develop a deeper understanding of your own meditation practices.

Embracing Simple

Embracing Simple is a blog that helps people create a more meaningful life. It is a collection of articles and tips on self-development, money management, and creating a fun lifestyle. You can sign up for a free four-week course to get the ball rolling.

The blog is run by a mother and daughter team who are experts in mindfulness. They are passionate about living a simple life, and they share what they have learned along the way. In addition to their blog, they also created a book, The Mindfulness Based Eating Solution. The book is available free through Kindle Unlimited.

Everyday Mindfulness

Whether you’re new to the practice of mindfulness or you’re a seasoned practitioner, following everyday mindfulness blogs can help you discover how to make mindfulness a part of your life. Many blogs are written by practitioners in the field, and you’ll find a wide variety of topics and personal stories here.

Mindfulness is a form of self-awareness that allows you to experience your life in a more intentional way. It helps you declutter your mind, reduce stress, and improve your overall well-being. You can learn more about the practice at the Mindfulness Project’s website, which provides information on how to use mindfulness in your daily life.

Tiny Buddha

Founded by Lori Deschene, Tiny Buddha is a blog about using wisdom to make your life better. The site is a treasure trove of enlightening articles about the best way to live your best life. While it’s not for the faint of heart, the blog has earned a reputation for making users feel better about themselves. Founded in 2009, the site has a community of more than six million subscribers. To top it off, Tiny Buddha has an active forum where you can interact with other users, and a staff of highly knowledgeable editors.

Zen Habits

Having a hefty number of visitors per month, this top of the line website has earned its place among the top tier of top blogs on the internet. It is not hard to see why it nailed the top spot. Its plethora of content is a testament to its quality and the esoteric nature of its creator. The aforementioned duo has also made it a point to engage in regular social media schmoozing with readers, fans and foes alike. With over two million page views per month and an impressive array of followers, you can bet the best is just around the corner.


Whether you’re looking for guidance on how to develop a more mindful life or you simply want to read some inspirational articles, these Shambhala mindfulness blogs are sure to have what you’re looking for. The articles cover topics like how to meditate, how to be more mindful in daily life, and how to avoid being distracted by your cell phone. You’ll also find links to free meditations and audio recordings.

Shambhala Publications is the largest publisher of Buddhist literature in the world. They continue to bring the teachings of the Buddha to modern culture. The blog offers daily wisdom posts that include essays written by Shambhala authors.


Whether you are just beginning your meditation practice, or you’re looking to deepen your current practice, Wildmind is a great resource. The blog offers guided meditations, articles, videos, and an online store. You can find information on Buddhism, yoga, and other practices.

The main goal of the Wildmind blog is to cultivate a more mindful state of mind. This is achieved through the practice of Buddhist meditation. The blog also offers articles on other aspects of mindfulness, such as gratitude and mindfulness in everyday life.

The site also offers an online store, where you can buy books and meditation DVDs, as well as incense and meditation tools. Wildmind also offers meditation courses to help you get started and learn more about the practice of Buddhism. The site also offers a forum where you can discuss your meditation practice and receive advice from other people.


Founded in May 2009, Patheos is a non-denominational, multi-faith website. It provides commentary and information from various religious perspectives. Its mission is to be a place of stimulation and dialogue, bringing writers and faith leaders together. Patheos has 450 blogs in 11 Faith Channels. It also publishes ebooks on religious topics, provides creative content development, and provides technology facilitation.

Patheos hosts a monthly symposium called Public Square. It invites contributors to shape responses to one question of general interest. Its past topics have included Civil Religion, America and Civil Religion, and Future of World Religions. Patheos is also home to the Patheos Book Club, which provides book reviews, author interviews, and roundtable discussions.


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