Transformation through Hypnotherapy [Special Offer at End] | Mindful Movement

Transformation through Hypnotherapy [Special Offer at End] | Mindful Movement

Have you ever wondered, “What are transformational coaching and hypnotherapy?” Today, Sara will unpack what she does in her 1:1 and small group sessions. Be sure to stay to the end to find out the details about how to apply for a free session of your own (and a free meditation download)

“Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our own being, we are enough.” – Ram Dass

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Recently I had a client purchase and Book a session with me they showed up For that session and they had no idea What to expect during the session And while I'm honored that that person Trusted me enough to do that it made me Realize that some people don't really Know what transformational hypnotherapy And coaching is and it maybe don't Really know what to expect with a Session or a three or six month Journey With a coach So today I wanted to share with you just What the process is that I use and I Work with clients through as well as Offer an opportunity to have a free Session of your own so stay till the end To find out the details about the free Session If you're new here welcome I'm Sarah Raymond from the mindful movement and I'm so honored that you're here and I'm Excited to share with you all of the Details about what I do who it's great For and how it is helpful So in a nutshell the transformational Coaching experience is designed to help You get from where you are to where you Want to be to fill in that Gap And it's about Self-actualization so reaching your full Potential And why is this important because at Some point in everyone's life they've

Recognized that they desire a change Whether it's a an emotion For example if I feel angry and I don't Want to feel angry all the time or if I Am in a career that I just don't feel Fulfilled I don't feel passionate about Those are opportunities to make changes It's this is where I am And this is where I want to be Transformational coaching is about Becoming a new or expanded version of Yourself Rather than simply just doing something Differently you may even think of it as A rewriting of your reality So all of this sounds great but how do I Get there how do I get from where I am To where I want to be well one of the Big questions that you can ask yourself Or that I might ask a client is who do You choose to be And discovering the answer to that Question is where the transformation Happens It happens in the journey the process of Learning and growing in order to become That version of yourself The coach and coachy relationship allows For a holistic deep Self-exploration we will look at beliefs Identities Expectations assumptions Some underlying paradigms that you might Have we will take a deep dive into your

Values And perhaps if you don't know what your Values are that process might look like Clarifying and identifying those values And part of the whole process is taking Radical responsibility so that means Recognizing your part In Where You Are So that you can see that you do have Choice Over you have choice about Where you want to be that end point that New expanded version of yourself So with this layered understanding of Your inner World inner experience You create an opportunity to transform And in my previous video I talked all About building more awareness of your Experience so that's a great place to Really start you ask the question who do I want to become Who do I want to be And then start to build more awareness Of who who you are so that you can make That change and I'd just like to point Out that transformation is subtly Different than change Or transition And the big difference is that Transformation is a shift in being Whereas change and transition Are a shift in doing Now one of my beliefs as a Transformational coach and

Hypnotherapist is that you And I and everyone else on this planet Has everything they need within them to Be that fully actualized Full potential version of themself So I approach The sessions with the belief that you Are not broken Nothing needs to be fixed you are whole And perhaps not complete yet But whole you have everything within you And I'm here to help you Learn to Resource yourself to get from Where you are to where you want to be So with that being said I feel that a Really important quality As a coach to have Is for me to be able to see your full Potential And to support you to also realize and See your own full potential So the qualities I like to believe that I bring to the table include creating a Safe space So that you know All of you are welcome All parts of you all emotions anything That you bring to the table is safe and That you can trust me So I bring compassion And non-judgment acceptance To all of our sessions I provide a nurturing energy yet I hold you accountable I'm firm

And I'll provide the push that you need So my invitation to you today is to Start to ask that question who do you Want to be Who do you choose to be And start to think about the answer Check out our other video about building Awareness and see if some of those Suggestions are helpful for you And as I mentioned in the beginning if You are interested in a free session With me what I would love to offer you Is the opportunity to be chosen to Receive that free session so I'm giving Away a couple free two-hour hypnotherapy And coaching sessions with the agreement That you are comfortable having your Session recorded So that others in our Community can learn from your experience They can learn what the session itself Is like and then you also receive a Personalized hypnosis recording to Support the continued growth and Transformation that you desire after the Session So if you'd like to apply to receive one Of these free sessions I've Linked In The description below a form that you Can apply and just for applying I'm Offering anyone who applies a free Download of a meditation recording to Help you open your heart and build Self-love


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