Vishen Lakhiani’s 6 Phase Meditation | Actively Engaging Your Mind

Vishen Lakhiani’s 6 Phase Meditation | Actively Engaging Your Mind

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Foreign [Music] [Applause] Meditation right I'm going to tell you About these six faces and and how we're Going to do them so First phase is compassion followed by Gratitude forgiveness Future dreaming visualizing the perfect Day and then the blessing compassion Gratitude forgiveness future dreaming Visualizing the perfect day and then the Blessing it could take 10 minutes it Could take 20 minutes depending on how Deep you want to go I often do it in Just 10 minutes when I'm in a rush now The first phase is compassion and it's Not guide you through this let me Explain what I'm going to make you do Okay so Compassion is expressing the intention Of moving from judgment to caring from Isolation to connection from Indifference or dislike to understanding Basically this phase is about is about Feeling connected to other people and Having a sense of compassion towards Them this is really important there was A really famous study done at Harvard Called the very happy people study and They wanted to find out what is the Thing that correlates most to happiness Now it wasn't warm weather or you know Meeting your friends at the pub after

Work or having amazing great sex it was The strength of your human connections It had a correlation of 0.7 it was the Only thing that seemed to correlate Really well with happiness yet if you Look at the way we live the life right Now we often forget that okay you guys Ready for another bizarre experiment Face someone Just face someone find a partner okay Now with the count Now at the count of three I want you to kiss them on the lips no I'm kidding I'm kidding don't do that Just seeing if you're paying attention I Want you to instead look them in the eye Just just look them in the eye Now if this person is a stranger you'll Immediately notice how difficult this is Just staring someone in the eye Creates this feeling of discomfort Because it creates connection but Connection we are trained Is uncomfortable sometimes especially With a stranger Okay now Stop you two go find a room Face face here again Is about teaching you to connect better Okay so we'll we'll go deeper into it Compassion now the second phase is Gratitude gratitude is one of the most Powerful ways to up your levels of Happiness sign shows that it causes more

Energy High emotional intelligence for Giving attitudes less depression less Anxiousness more feelings of being Socially connected better sleep fewer Headaches and all of that good stuff It's super super super simple in this Space You're simply going to think about Three things that you're grateful for in Your personal life three things in your Career and three things that you're Grateful for about yourself it's that Last bit that I found many people forget We often expect love to come from Outside sources but we fail to truly Truly truly love yourself so in this Particular gratitude practice you think About your personal life your career but Finally you just love yourself and think About what you're truly grateful for That makes you you Then we go on to the third phase which Is forgiveness this is one of the most Interesting ones I learned about this Because I was Um at the invitation of Tony Robbins at His Island in Fiji on a nine-day retreat Meditating with with monks and Forgiveness and getting away of charges That come up that you have inside you Towards other people whom you perceive May have wronged you is such a big part About getting yourself to operate at Peak efficiency at Peak States so Science has shown that when you learn to

Forgive all of us carry some sort of Like charge towards someone it could be Something from years ago or a waiter who Screwed up your order this morning but Science shows that when you learn to Forgive interesting things happen in one Study people with back pain their back Pain went away much faster it leads to Greater happiness better heart health or When you learn to let go of these Charges so this really interesting thing About how we work as human beings right It's called fundamental attribution Error uh primitive reptilian brains are Always used to looking for danger So we have this tendency where when say When traffic and someone cuts us off we Immediately go into defensive mode and We start assuming that they're a Freaking But if we do the same thing we assume That it's only because well a kid dear Little Billy boy was late for school or We had to get to work because there was An important project to you see when Someone else does it we assume it's Their character when we do it we assume It's circumstance And about 10 years ago I saw this in Myself I was in San Francisco I was Walking down the street there was a lady In front of me who was eating an Oreo And she dropped the wrapper on the Ground and me being a righteous uh

Guy picked it up went up to her dropped It in front of a bin directly in front Of her so she would see me and I went oh Ma'am you dropped this and then she Turned to me and she started crying and I turned around and she says why did you Have to do that and I go I was picking Up your garbage what do you mean why I Have to do that and she said I had a massive fight with my husband This morning my life seems to be in Absolute ruins I'm sorry I dropped that My mind just wasn't on it I just wanted To eat this Oreo because I needed to Relieve the pain you didn't have to be Such an And I realized and I realized what I'd Done I'd I had assumed that she was Someone who didn't give a about the Environment was a litter bug in fact it Was her circumstance that caused her to Do it now we make these judgments about People all the time all of you are Judging me right now And judging each other the problem is These judgments often create charges They create false ideas about another Person we carry them with us and these Charges hold us back that's what this Space is about phase three forgiveness So in this phase you're going to bring To mind someone whom you feel may have Wronged you and simply repeat this Statement I forgive you and I ask that

You forgive me that simple now we go on To phase four now phase four is about Future dreaming see so far everything That we've spoken about is about the Present it's about happiness levels in The present now we go to thinking about What's happening in your life in the Future so I'm a big fan of this space This is really what some people call Creative visualization Um I've experienced massive growth in my Entrepreneurial career and one of the Reasons I believe I've had that is Because I do this every single day that Used to be my first office in 2005. it Was an absolute Laughs I'm censoring myself because this is Wisdom too but but you know what I was Going to say that's my office now it Just It just in 2012 it made Inc magazine top 10 world's coolest workplaces but we did Now that was our Auditorium that's where We inducted new employees in 2008 You guys are laughing that's really mean But that's our Auditorium now it's Somewhat like this space but every Single thing I'd visualize years ahead And somehow it would seem as if my brain Would find the right answers the right Opportunities to get me to those Visions So I've always believed it as an Entrepreneur the single most important

Thing I did every single day was think About what I wanted to attract in my Life and visualize that in that Meditation so there's something really Interesting about your brain right we Tend to overestimate what we can do in One year but we underestimate what we Can do in Pre there was a study on this So when I'm visualizing and when you do This I want you to think three years Ahead And whatever you see three years ahead Double that Because your brain is going to Underestimate what you're actually Capable of it's a really interesting Phenomenon okay so that's what this Phase is about You're going to visualize yourself three Years ahead then we go on to the perfect Day but before that before I tell you About the perfect day a little bit about The visualization bit right in Spirituality there's this belief that You're meant to be happy and content Where you are right now and not have Desires or needs I think that's rubbish One of the greatest philosophers in the World right now Ken Wilbur he has he's The greatest living philosopher alive he Wrote a famous essay called egolessness And in that essay Ken said The great Saints Mystics and sages from Moses to Christ to patma sambhava they

Were not feeble-minded notos but movers And shakers From bullwhips in the temple to subduing Entire continents they did not live Their life based on some pie in the sky Piety but rattled the world To create change and in some cases Social movements that lasted thousands Of years think about that I think the Greatest people in the world the most Spiritual people in the world are people Like Elon Musk and Larry Page whom we May not perceive through a traditional Sense of being spiritual but you think About the good they are doing for the World because they have that Vision all Of us should be like that and that's why This Vision part is such an important Aspect of this practice okay but now Following the vision we go on to the Fifth stage which is where taking that Vision into mind you visualize how you'd Like your perfect day today to unfold You visualize starting your morning Alert excited Going to work having an amazing lunch Meeting with Incredible colleagues Enjoying what you eat having great ideas Come to you perhaps going home a little Bit early being able to have time to Play with your kid Now why does this work why does Visualizing the perfect day work so well Well some people think it's because your

Thoughts create your reality maybe Others say maybe it's the brain's Reticular activating system Maybe but what I found is this when you Tell yourself And pretend that you can influence the Outcome of your day that you can decide That you're going to have an amazing Lunch when things go wrong let's say the Waiter screws up your order or it comes Late or he spills water on your table You're less likely to focus on that and Instead you're more likely to focus on The Great Taste of the food or that Amazing conversation with your friend or The beautiful ideas you are getting as You are eating you're actually actively Training your brain to ignore the Negative bits and focus and embrace the Positive tips so whether you're Shifting The world with your mind or not you are Shifting your level of happiness and Learning to appreciate the good stuff in Life it's a powerful powerful powerful Technique and then we go on To the final stage which is what we call The blessing okay now in the blessing You're simply going to assume that There's a higher power that's supporting You now you could be religious you could Be an atheist it doesn't matter Pick whatever God you believe in or pick Whatever higher power you believe in it Could even be your future self if you're

Atheist and just imagine that your Vision your perfect day everything you Want out of life is being supported and You're going to imagine a a powerful Energy just flowing down into you giving You the strength and energy to wake up And kick butt and make that day happen That's called The Blessing okay now To summarize compassion gratitude Forgiveness vision for your future Perfect day and the blessing

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